Your Red, White, and Blue Style Guide

Your Red, White, and Blue Style Guide

Last updated on : July 03 2016

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The Fourth of July is upon us so it’s that time of the year to put on our reds, whites, and blues. Displaying a bit of patriotic pride is part of American tradition. However, wearing stars and stripes is not the only way to incorporate the American flag into our Independence Day styles.

Whether your family goes to the park for a BBQ near a lake or enjoys the holiday poolside - what you wear should be breezy, patriotic, and sexy.

If you opt not to put on a fabulous bandage dress consider a sexy playsuit or romper. Check out our post on The Best Dresses and Rompers for Your Body Type for style inspiration. We’ve compiled this style guide for your Fourth of July celebrations but it is also ideal for Memorial Day and Veterans Day looks as well.

How to Pull Red, White, and Blue Going Out Outfits

The best part about dressing up for Independence Day is that the three colors are quite practical and versatile. Having said that, you do not need to look like a human flag to weave patriotism into your Fourth of July going out outfit.

Whether you intend to celebrate Independence Day by going on a family picnic, watching fireworks with a lover, or head to a party to paint the town red (white and blue), comfort and style are key when it comes to dressing for this day.

Most holiday celebrations are likely to involve a lot of walking and movement. What you choose to wear depends on your personal style but these tips create a stylish and unique Independence Day look that works for most fashionistas:

Mix and Match

Remember to keep it simple. Overdoing your outfit means an overload of stars and stripes—a big no-no. Instead, choose one piece of clothing with prints of the national flag. Team an American flag crop top with denim dungarees and white sneakers for a relaxed yet trendy look. Alternately, go for an American flag-print pair of leggings with a plain classic t-shirt and simple wedges.

Bandage Dresses

Consider color blocking or style that honors independent colors, if you prefer colors that are simple, muted, and balanced. A bandage dress in bold red or blue pairs nicely with white pumps or sandals.

Bandage dresses are exceptionally versatile. Add denim, leather, or a sun hat for a look that is bright, fresh, and relaxed. Elise, from A Piece of Elise, styled our Deep V Midi Bandage Dress, it was soft, feminine, and park ready. See her complete style review here. If you want to keep it simple, an American flag inspired shawl or neck scarf works well.


As we’ve mentioned wearing a romper for Fourth of July is a simple and trendy style that shows off your legs and flatters most body types. Rompers are ideal to wear to a low-key, family get-together, picnics, and ball games.

Pair a white lace romper with red and blue accessories, and a pair of stylish flats. Avoid combining too many prints and choose either stars or stripes. Solid rompers are excellent choices that allow you to bring in your patriotism with accessories such as a striped belt and star earrings.

Add lovely floral embellishments to your romper or just go for a floral romper with a more modern and neutral style.

Miscellaneous Style Ideas

If you have your set on wearing red, white, and blue to show your patriotism consider using your accessories to achieve your style goals. Your accessories are easily able to handle most of your patriot style needs.  


Wear an all-white, red, or blue outfit and pair it with socks that have the flag printed on them. Other ideas could be to pair your sexy white heels with one red sock and one blue sock. Embrace polka-dots as well.


A pair of colorful sunglasses are always a go to events that are being hosted outdoors. Choose ones that are trendy, oversized, and stylish to compliment any outfit. Choose frames in shades of red, blue, and white or even a combination of these colors. They work with most outfits and faces, and you can grab a pair from the supermarket if you do not want to invest in expensive shades for the day.


Experiment with lovely hats to add an edge to your look while also keeping yourself protected from the sun while outdoors. Floppy, wide-brimmed hats go perfectly well with stunning bandage maxi dresses giving you a breezy look. It is ideal fashion wear if you plan to go for waterside activities. Pair a red-and-white striped hat with a blue or white short flared bandage dress, sandals, and black sunglasses.


Independence Day celebration generally means lots of outdoor parties, cook outs, and barbeques. When it comes to footwear, comfort is the key. Wear a pair of stunning high heels, but rethink your choice if you intend to be on your feet throughout the day and consider wedges or gladiator sandals. Flats in shades of red, blue, and white or even sandals with the national flag work great when worn with a simple, breezy romper.  


Accessories do not mean just shoes and hats. Show your patriotism with statement fashion jewelry such as an Independence Day charm bracelet, bead necklace, or red stud earrings.


Refrain from introducing too many additional colors into your already colorful look when it comes to combining red, white, and blue. Instead anchor your look with a more neutral bag. While a neutral black bag is definitely not the solution for all your tricolor outfits, a summer inspired bag in a color that compliments your dress or overall look is your best bet.

Makeup Choices

Using your makeup to show your patriotism on the Fourth of July is another way to add patriotic colors into your look for the day. You do not have to go all-out; some colorful makeup with a single-toned outfit does the trick equally well.

Use aqua-colored eyeliner for a playful yet patriotic look, combined with a floral, white-based summer outfit. If you are attending daytime celebrations, color only the top lashes. For the evening, all you need is a swipe of the aqua liner on your bottom lash line to kick your look up a few notches.

You can add a pop of red to your look by temporarily coloring or highlighting your tresses in the hue before the Independence Day weekend arrives. Red lipstick is the go-to beauty product when it comes to makeup options for the Fourth of July weekend. It is in keeping with the patriotic theme, and can liven up any summer outfit.

Display patriotism on your nails as well. If you love nail art, there are plenty of options when it comes to painting your nails in red, white, and blue. Either stick to a single tone or play around with all three. Tiny white stars on a blue background look great too and a layer of glitter gives you the girly feminine touches we all love. If you prefer bold styles, paint different shades and designs on each of your nails for a quirky look.

Poolside Style

Perhaps no Independence Day celebration is complete without a trip to the lake or other bodies of water. Whether you want to go swimming or just sit waterside, be sure to dress the part. After all, half the fun lies in that! There are a few ways to use your swimwear to celebrate the birth of the nation.

If you prefer something functional and simple, one-piece swimsuits in single tones work great with a vibrant sarong wrapped around your waist when you are not in the water. Opt for a vintage red-white-and blue bikini complete with oversized sunglasses and a hat to rock the retro look at the beach. A high-waisted blue bikini bottom with a tiny, strapless red bikini top enables you to show off with sizzle.

Ideal for poolside tanning, walks on the pier, and backyard pool parties, quality bandage swimwear is the way to go if you want to display your feminine curves to perfection. Coordinate your red, blue or white bandage swimwear with your bandage dress in the colors of the flag and flit between the poolside and party area effortlessly. White hoop earrings, a broad-brimmed hat, and classy sunglasses are all you need to complete your very own signature look.

Every year we all gather around family and friends for the Fourth of July celebrations. Be sure to keep your style neutral, sexy, and tasteful to avoid offending grandma. The key to evoking the tradition of the Fourth of July holiday with your outfit is to keep it fun, light, and playful. Explore various colors, match your makeup and accessories, and seriously consider your shoes prior to heading out to avoid blisters.

Happy Fourth of July - from all of us here at the shop.

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