7 Reasons Why Women Should Ride Motorbikes

Last updated on : April 16 2023

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It is common for people to comment on the unsafe consequences of riding a bike. There are risks, we all agree. But there are real benefits too, ones that contribute to both your mental and physical health.

Let's dive into these benefits without delay because we know the thought of bike riding gets the adrenaline pumping - jump to the section you want by using the links below. 

Women And Motorbikes

Benefits Of Riding A Motorbike

1. Enhances Your Brain Power

2. Sets You Free

3. Improves Your Physical Fitness

4. Burns Extra Calories

5. Connects You To The World

6. Helps Conquer Fears

7. Woman Are Sexier Than Men On Bikes


Frequently Asked Questions

Women And Motorbikes

'Dirt is my makeup. Race fuel is my perfume.'

Why do women ride motorbikes? For transportation, yes, but also because we look good on one, and want all the benefits that bike riding brings. From a sense of freedom to weight loss, bike riding is an activity we should all consider.

A woman on a bike is not alone anymore. A recent Motorcycle Industry Council survey revealed that one in every five motorcycle riders is female. This revelation shifts societal expectations and mindsets altogether. Women are allowed to ride motorbikes, and we are good at it too. 

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Benefits Of Riding A Motorbike

It is common for people to comment on the unsafe consequences of riding a bike. There are risks, we all agree. But there are real benefits too, ones that contribute to both your mental and physical health.

Let's dive into these benefits without delay because we know the thought of bike riding gets the adrenaline pumping.

1. Enhances Your Brain Power

Riding a bike needs some serious concentration. Ensuring a safe and secure ride to your destination stimulates your brain. Anticipating dangers, braking distances, speed, navigation, avoiding cars, and obstacles are just some of the challenges your mind needs to outwit.

The ability to make quick decisions within seconds helps improve our cognitive functioning. On an open road, to navigate your bike, you need to be alert the whole time.

The Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and Ryutu Kawashima Lab of Tohoku University jointly researched the relationship between motorcycle riding and brain stimulation. The outcome confirms the benefits of improved cognitive functioning in motorcyclists by up to 50%. So, if you think you are getting smarter, give your bike some credit.

Furthermore, riding can help boost your confidence. Motorcycles are powerful machines. Being able to control one gives a woman a sense of self-confidence. We need to acquire knowledge of its mechanisms and to have the ability to handle the bike on our own.

Learn how to ride a motorcycle and see yourself, how it can uplift your confidence within months. The more you become an expert, the more you gain trust in yourself. Improved morale can further help you make better decisions about other situations or problems in life.

2. Sets You Free

Riding a bike gives you joy, happiness, and for some, a break away from life's daily chores and negativity. The burden of today's demanding world is real. We all need our own 'me' time.

Riding gives you some alone time and space to think. It enthralls you and provides a great sense of satisfaction. Controlling a beautiful and powerful machine fills you with pride and a sense of joy, leaving you feeling free.  

Endorphin neurotransmitters in our body produce natural 'feel-good' chemicals when we ride - and a boost in these chemicals improves mental health too. It's a better high than eating your favorite dish or chocolates or even exercising.

If riding a bike gives you happiness, you don't need to look for other options to elevate your mood. 

3. Improves Your Physical Fitness

Bike riding improves your physical fitness through a strengthening of your core muscles, specifically your abdomen and back. Balancing the bike and yourself against the forces of the road and weather keeps these muscles activated, making them more durable. In turn, this improves your posture and overall body stability.

Exercise your neck through the position you adopt on the motorcycle and the wearing of a helmet. Your riding posture depends on the bike model. Each has a different impact on your neck and body, and together with the weight of the motorcycle helmet, make a perfect, albeit unusual neck workout.

Riding, over time, helps strengthen your leg muscles. Your knees and thighs are always in use, active on the brakes and gears, but also in keeping you balanced. It's a non-impact and mild exercise without placing unnecessary strain on your joints or tendons. 

Try riding a motorcycle to strengthen your bones similar to weight and resistance training. The activity sends vibrations through your skeleton structure, from the engine and the movement of the bike on different road conditions. This vibration is beneficial for every rider but especially for women since we start to lose bone density from our late 30s. 

4. Burns Extra Calories

Yes, riding a bike can burn extra calories.

Motorcycling needs the rider's body to balance the machine safely. These efforts, especially on uneven terrain, burns a large number of calories - music to any girl's ears.

Most of us don't get enough time to visit a gym, so replace lost work out time on a motorbike to burn up to 150 calories an hour. It's an easy and enjoyable exercise to help you lose weight with minimum effort.

And as unlikely as it may seem, a long ride improves insulin sensitivity - because the exercise is low impact and continuous over some time. Insulin is a fat-storage hormone, and improved levels have a significant effect on weight loss, discouraging your body from storing too much. 

5. Connects You To The World

Our having command over a machine on an open road with exciting destinations to get to brings immense happiness and satisfaction.

Bike riding connects you to an adventurous world and alights your imagination with the journey to come. As women, we love this adventurous feeling - it shows that we are no less deserving than our male biker friends, and fills our instinctive urge to stand equal to them.

Not to forget, riding gives you a chance to build a whole new circle of friends. Join a group of women riders and explore the world together. And help pave the way for other women, encouraging them to learn to ride with enthusiasm and vigor. 

Bike riding connects you to a very different world. One undoubtedly distinct from the 9 to 5 corporate world most of us live within - and might offer you the opportunity to become a digital nomad. So step out and explore on a bike, and expand your community for the benefits it brings to you.

6. Helps Conquer Fears

If you're new to motorbike riding, then you'll be familiar with the fears it brings - the concern of falling off and injuring yourself or worse - especially for a female rider. 

Fear holds us back and restricts progression in several fields of life. Riding a bike is a great way to conquer fear generally, helping you remove the roadblocks you have elsewhere in your life.

Bike riding is a simple activity to learn and become proficient. With a little bit of practice, you will soon dissipate the initial fears you have and gain real confidence with your new abilities. A new spirit you can use at work, in relationships, and anywhere else lacking.  

The passion for riding opens your mind towards the positive side of life. If you fall, you will get up and try again. Improvements bring a level of calmness in you as you learn not to react hurriedly. Whether it is cornering a motorcycle or grabbing the front brakes during an emergency, you will do them all with proper technique and without fear.

This new-found positive attitude helps conquer other fears and attain self-belief that you can do anything you want in life.

7. Woman Are Sexier Than Men On Bikes

It's true. There's just no competition. A woman on a bike, although more and more common, is a juxtaposition that alerts the senses and intrigues the mind. Women are powerful creatures, especially when on motorbikes. 

Plus, biker gear and clothing suit us so well. 

girl at sunset posing near a motorbike


As a rider, you will find the attachment you have to your bike unexplainable. And often, when on an open road alongside some beautiful scenery, you will end up finding an extraordinary serenity.

It is correct to say motorcycling is a form of therapy. It changes the way you look at life, helping you resolve problems from a different perspective.

And if motorcycling can improve both our mental and physical health, we owe it to ourselves to give it a try. Being cautious, though, because throughout our adventures in life, our safety, after all, is the top priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions most frequently asked by our readers.

1. Is it safe for women to ride motorbikes?

Riding a motorbike can be dangerous, but with proper training and safety gear, it can be a safe activity. Women can take steps to minimize the risks, such as wearing a helmet, protective clothing, and footwear and practicing defensive riding techniques.

It's also essential to choose a bike that's appropriate for your skill level and experience.

2. Do women need special motorbikes?

Women don't necessarily need special motorbikes but may prefer lighter, lower, and easier-to-handle bikes. Some manufacturers offer models designed with women in mind, such as the Harley-Davidson SuperLow, which has a low seat height and easy-to-reach controls.

3. How can women get started with motorcycling?

Women can start with motorcycling by taking a training course like the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic Rider Course. They can also talk to experienced riders, visit dealerships and events, and read books and online resources. It's essential to start with a bike appropriate for your skill level and experience and practice in a safe and controlled environment.

4. What are some common misconceptions about women who ride motorbikes?

Women of all ages, backgrounds, and styles ride motorbikes. Many ride for the same reasons as men - for the sense of adventure, freedom, and community that motorcycling can provide.

Some common misconceptions include that women who ride motorbikes are reckless or tomboys or only ride as passengers.

5.How can women stay safe while riding a motorbike?

Women can stay safe while riding a motorbike by following safety guidelines and taking precautions such as wearing protective gear, obeying traffic laws, avoiding distractions, and being aware of their surroundings.

Women can also improve their riding skills through ongoing training and practice and by learning defensive riding techniques.

6.What are some tips for women considering riding a motorbike for the first time?

Some tips for women who are considering riding a motorbike for the first time include starting with an introductory rider course to learn the fundamentals of motorcycling, choosing a bike that fits their body size and skill level, wearing protective gear and comfortable clothing, and finding a supportive community of riders to connect with.

It's also important to take time to practice and build confidence before venturing out on busy roads or highways.

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