15 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Level

Last updated on : September 13 2020

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Life can get pretty hectic, leaving you feeling down and drained. And if this kind of feeling seems like an everyday thing, then you’re in dire need of a natural pick-me-up to increase your energy level.

Here are natural self-care ways to power yourself up and regain the energy you lost so you can do more and be more:

1. Get More Sleep

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When you feel as though 24 hours isn’t enough to finish your to-do lists, you tend to scrimp on sleep. It seems more important to meet an urgent deadline, run an errand, or complete your daily chores. Chronic lack of sleep can make you feel grumpy, sluggish, and tired. Fortunately, you can make it up to your body by sleeping for a minimum of seven hours every night. 

It would be best to avoid screen time before going to bed. Studies have shown that this habit reduces your quality of sleep and adds to your tendency to feel sleepy during the day.

2. Drink Coffee

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Coffee can energize you, and it’s all thanks to caffeine. It helps keep your energy up because it is a mild stimulant that increases the exchange of messages between the body and brain. Drinking coffee can make you feel alert and awake, so if you have long days ahead of you, start preparing 3 – 10 cups of coffee per day

What’s even better about coffee is that you can feel the effects start to kick in within 5 to 30 minutes of drinking it. Depending on your metabolism, body mass, and caffeine tolerance, the caffeine’s effects could last up to 12 hours. Just avoid adding syrup and sugar to your coffee to make the most out of its health benefits. 

3. Master the Art of Napping

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According to the study, ten minutes of nap time is enough to boost your alertness and improve your cognitive performance for up to 155 minutes.

Did you know that you can also combine your love for coffee with your belief in the power of napping? It’s called a coffee nap, wherein you will drink coffee before taking some shut-eye. Researchers suspect that a dose of caffeine before a rest may increase your energy levels since sleep reduces adenosine in your body. Adenosine is a chemical that encourages sleep. 

Make sure to plan your coffee nap during the time of the day when you feel like dozing off. Sleep may improve the energy-boosting effect of coffee by preventing adenosine from reaching your brain’s receptors, helping you feel less drowsy.

4. Don’t Forget Your Breakfast

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According to studies, people who always eat breakfast show fewer signs of stress and fatigue than those who choose to skip it.

But it would be best if you also were selective in what you eat as your first meal of the day. Eat more fiber-rich foods like oats than pastry because the former can keep you fuller longer. And when you’re full, it helps keep your energy levels up.

5. Drink Up

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The human body consists of a large amount of water, which you release as sweat and urinate. You have to make up for that loss by drinking more water, or you’ll get dehydrated. And when you are, it will ruin your mood, energy levels, and mental function. 

If your daily activities cause you to sweat a lot, you’ll have to be extra conscious about staying hydrated. Don’t make your body and energy levels suffer by ignoring the signs of thirst. You don’t need any complicated drink to bring your energy up when you can fill up on water.

Aim to drink eight glasses of water daily. If you’re still not used to drinking that much water, get used to downing liquid by getting sugar-free, fruit-flavored water. Eventually, you will establish the habit of staying hydrated. 

6. Exercise

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Get your body to move more to counter low energy levels. Exercise does not only reduce your risk of chronic diseases, diabetes, and being overweight. It also boosts your energy. 

If you feel down, take a short walk around the block instead of grabbing your go-to high-sugar snack during break time. Even a short walk can increase your energy for up to two hours.

Hit the gym to sweat it out after a hard day’s work. Make it a point to get from your desk and walk around as much as you can. 

Physical activity is even more critical now that a lot of people are leading a sedentary lifestyle.

7. Eat Healthily

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Replace that sluggish version of yourself by watching what you eat. A nutritious diet can positively impact your energy levels and help you feel better throughout the day. If you feed yourself something delicious and healthy, your body will have enough fuel to keep going until it’s time to hit the bed. 

If you’re the type to skip meals and not follow a regular eating pattern, your body might react to this by feeling tired. It would be best to eat breakfast and establish a routine when it comes to eating your meals. An eating routine will help keep the fatigue at bay and improve your overall health as well. 

8. Cut Down on Drinking and Smoking

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Smoking can leave your lungs overworked as it fills up with tar and toxins. These harmful chemicals can lower your lungs’ capacity to circulate oxygen throughout your body, increasing your fatigue. If you don’t want to feel zapped of energy, stop smoking. Get rid of the habit slowly by smoking e-cigarettes or chewing nicotine gum.

The same thing goes for alcohol. Cut back on your drinking if you don’t want alcohol to affect your good night’s sleep. You might feel as though a nightcap can help you doze off faster, but regular alcohol consumption can end up disturbing your sleep. The more you drink, the more you’ll pee during the night, in the middle of your sleep.

If you cannot avoid alcohol, start with limiting yourself to one drink (for women) or two (for men), but don’t drink it close to bedtime. A drink is around 12 ounces of beer or 5 ounces of wine.

9. Stock Up on Nuts 

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If you love to munch during the day, choose nuts. These are rich in folate and magnesium, which promote cell production and improve energy levels. Eat more almonds, hazelnut, and cashews. Men can eat as much as 350 mg of magnesium, while women can indulge up to 300 mg. 

10. Limit Your Sugar Consumption

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Aside from expanding your waistline and adding to your weight, a high-sugar diet can leave you feeling drained after giving you a sudden rush. Sugar can cause an energy spike, but it is so short-lived that it’s not worth feeling sluggish afterward. If you still need something sweet for your food or drinks, look for natural alternatives. It could be coconut sugar, honey, maple syrup, and date paste.

11. Reduce Stress

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When your busy schedule weighs you down, you end up stressed and overwhelmed. Stress can manifest in the form of physical distress, making you feel tired. Find ways to de-stress and feel your body regaining some of the energy you’ve lost.

Some of the easy ways to minimize stress daily are meditation, exercising, reading, taking a walk, or playing with your pets. These can distract you from the source of the stress and help you relax physically and mentally as well. Make the conscious effort to carve time out of your day to engage in these de-stressing activities until you feel energized again.

12. Bask in the Sun 

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It comes as no surprise that you’d feel drowsy when cooped up in the office under fluorescent lighting. If you can, find an excuse to get out and bask in the sunlight for 15 to 20 minutes.

After taking adequate precautions, the sunlight is perfect for you and can boost your mood and energy so you can power through your tasks for the day. 

13. Make Time for Tea 

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Aside from coffee, you can also get small doses of caffeine from tea. Studies have also shown that the active compound found in green tea called EGCG helps in weight loss. When you’re not feeling sluggish and heavy, you’d have more energy during the day. So, pamper yourself with some tea time in the middle of the day.

14. Socialize

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You can always enjoy coffee and tea time with friends, plan dog walks with neighbors, and find healthy eating buddies. Connect with high-energy people during your break and feel their energy rub off on you, too. Socializing with people who can lift your mood can also raise your energy.

15. Get Up

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Don’t let your body feel too tired by sitting down the entire time you’re at work. Get some of your energy back by standing up and walking around. Squeeze in some stretching too, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Stretching can prevent your blood vessels from constricting during a long stretch of inactivity in front of your desk.


There are a lot of health issues that people face and no matter how busy you get, take better care of yourself to avoid such problems. Get more sleep, stay hydrated, indulge in coffee, eat healthily, and make time for exercise.

Choose healthier snacks, get some sun, and do the rest of the activities mentioned above to improve your energy the natural way. Not only will you feel better, but increased energy levels will likely boost your immune system too.

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