7 Must Have Beauty Products Every Trendy Woman Needs

Last updated on : June 27 2021

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Core beauty trends are timeless - soft and lustrous skin, long eyelashes and thick but natural eyebrows, are consistently beautiful. But what beauty products are worth investing in today to accurately capture these looks and keep you on trend?

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Beauty Trends & Products

Today's Must-Have Beauty Products


Beauty Trends & Products

Core beauty trends are timeless - soft and lustrous skin, long eyelashes and thick but natural eyebrows, are consistently beautiful.

Foundation sometimes strong and other times creamier remains a reliable addition to your beauty arsenal. And makeup, whether full coverage or not will always work for you if you keep it natural, or paired with something bold like a bright pink color on the lips or an intense blue eyeshadow on the eyes.

But what beauty products are worth investing in today to accurately capture these looks and keep you on trend?

Today's Must-Have Beauty Products

Here are our top 7 recommendations. 

1. Milky Jelly Cleanser

Cleansing is an essential part of your skincare routine, and so the Milky Jelly Cleanser from Glossier gets our endorsement. 

It's a gentle face product that freshens and invigorates. And it doubles as a face cleanser, and makeup remover, that gently removes makeup and dirt. 

The gel-like formula includes a skin conditioner leaving your face feeling soft and healthy. Apply some moisturizer afterward, and you’re good to go. The product is minimal effort, maximum effect.

An added plus - the ingredients are all hypoallergenic and paraben free and also free of fragrance. And the cleaning agents in the formula are the same ones used in contact lens solution, meaning that your eyes won’t sting when removing any stubborn mascara or liquid liner.

2. Clinique ID Moisturizer

For our moisturizer pick, we've taken a moment to appreciate our modern world - an ever-increasing digitalized era, where AI and fully customizable are increasingly the norms. 

If you can get custom made jeans, custom made mascara and foundation, why not some moisturizer too?

Clinique's ID moisturizer is a custom made face product to fit your skin.

Create your moisturizer by picking the base of your choice - from moisturizing lotion to hydrating jelly and oil control. Then add one of five active cartridge concentrates, each of which targets a specific complexion type. 

Clinique's innovation is Custom-Blend Chemistry Technology that isolates the active concentrates in the cartridge. This technology combines the exact dose of base and actives before each use, so you get optimized results with every pump. Pretty nice, huh?

Nowadays, we want to know what is in our products, and we also deserve an inexpensive product to fit our needs - Clinique's custom made moisturizer is a positive step in our direction and within a reasonable budget too. It comes with our recommendation. 

3. Clarins BB Cream

We continue the perfect skin theme with an excellent foundation formula - because we want our flawless skin to look as natural as possible.

Foundation formulas have significantly improved over the years but we like Clarins BB cream so much we decided to share it here.  

BB Cream from Clarins has a feather-light texture for perfectly balanced skin. Their multi-hydrating BB Skin Detox Fluid SPF 25 offers ideal opacity without a masking effect and lets your skin breathe. 

At the same time, the product brings the skin into balance, revives it's charisma, ensures a uniform complexion and protects the skin. 

The result: a complexion that radiates vitality, but looks creamy and natural at the same time. Also, investing in a product that doubles as skincare is a win for us.

Best practice application

To achieve a creamy satin finish that doesn't look too cakey, make sure you use a dry makeup sponge and apply foundation starting from the middle of the face and only in the areas that need it. 

A fluffy brush may be used afterward to lightly spread the foundation towards the edges of the face diffusing the coverage. 

To finish, apply a dash of bronzer and a subtle but pigmented highlighter, and you’ll look fresh and radiant.

4. Too Faced Clover and Peaches-and-Cream Palettes

A pastel and glitter combined palette is quite challenging to find, and given the combination remains a striking trend we recommend the clover and peaches-and-cream palettes from Too Faced. 

Pastels are not just for Easter and glitter is not just for the winter holidays. They’re for spring and summer too.  

Leave those washed out eye shadows at home and instead opt for stronger and more saturated. Think rusty pink or an intense blue or green. Soft gold with blushy touches or bold dark glittery smokey eyes - wherever your imagination takes you.

5. MAC - Oh Sweetie Lip Color

Makeup artist Bobbi Brown got it just right when she said: "Find a lipstick that looks good on your face when you are wearing absolutely no makeup."

We recommend testing out her theory with a MAC lipstick. MAC has a habit of producing timeless appeal, and their lipstick glides effortlessly over the lips always leaving a distinctive color.

Try out their Oh Sweetie Lip Color line for some seriously bold colors to match perfectly with current trends. 

If you’re not interested in a bright color, go to the opposite end of the spectrum and choose a subtle shade instead. Whatever shade you prefer, remember to match it to your skin tone - here's how

For best application - apply a tiny bit of lipstick on the lips and then, using a lipstick brush, spread it evenly to create an effortless and natural look.

6. Anastasia’s Beverly Hills Brow Brush #20

Thick eyebrows continue on trend and are here to stay. However, keep them defined in their shape and ditch the Insta-Perfect brow for a more natural look to wear them proudly. 

Aim for full but not too bushy and follow our guide on how to do eyebrows for styling tips.

Complement your natural but defined look by using a broad, soft and wide brow brush to apply your brow powder softly. Our recommendation goes to Anastasia’s Beverly Hills Brush #20. 

The queen of eyebrows herself advises you to use this square-shaped brush to create a clean look with defined edges that looks young and effortless. 

7. Kat Von D, Tattoo Liner

Our last recommendation is a precise eye-liner that gives you options, the Kat Von D, Tattoo Liner 

Use it as a standard eye-liner or to unleash any look imaginable - from graphic floating cat-eye to geometric shapes around the corner of the eyes or above the lid. All in bright, vivid or black eyeliner colors.

The Kat Von D, Tattoo Liner is the brand’s award-winning product with a highly pigmented, 24-hour wear formula which makes it perfect for a floating-cat-eye look or something similarly exciting. The precise brush glides across the skin in a silky smooth stroke and is ideal for everyone.

Pair your vibrant eye look with a creamy skin and barely-there highlight and contouring complexion to maximize the effect and to draw attention to the geometrical shapes that you just created.

But remember, being innovative is sexy if kept simple and classy. Today's statement looks might differ to yesterdays but keeping them soft and edgy is a reliable way to bring interest to those bold enough to wear them.


Lashes woman face eyes closeup

The right choice in beauty products keeps you looking great, and always on trend.

Now make the safe choice with the recommendations above and experiment with looks that are both bold and subtle at the same time. 

But remember that core beauty trends are timeless so don't be overly concerned about creating new looks or scared away with unrealistic posts on Instagram or the fashion catwalks of NY, Paris, and Milan. 

Instead, focus on freshness and vitality to maximize the beauty assets we have come to rely on overtime - soft and glowing skin, longer eyelashes, thicker brows and makeup that is either natural looking or blows you away with a wow statement piece.

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