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Choosing eyeglasses that would excellently match your face shape is a bit tricky. Eyeglasses are more than face accessories; as soon as you wear them, they become a coherent part of who you are. 

Many factors must be considered when looking for new eyeglasses, such as your face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle. This article will introduce the fundamental guidelines for selecting eyeglass frames based on various criteria.

How do you classify face shapes?

Facial features control choosing eyeglass frames. If you’re unsure about your face shape, pull your hair away from your face to better observe your overall face shape. 

Check your forehead width, cheekbones, and jawline length to determine which one of the following face shapes you have:

Best Frames For Square Faces

These are the features of square faces. 

Pronounced jawline

The most outstanding feature of square faces is the well-defined angular jawline. Due to the wide and tapered jaw line, square faces tend to be flat from the bottom with a receding chin, giving the face a unique look.

Pointed cheeks

People with square-shaped faces have pointed cheeks; the face is widest at the cheekbones area, which has a straight look compared with round cheeks. 

Broad forehead

A broad forehead is one of the indicators of a square face shape; the hairline is also wide. The broad forehead is usually of similar width in appearance to the jawline, making square faces relatively equal in length and width.

Due to the previous facial features, people with square faces are recommended to choose eyeglasses with round angles to avoid adding more point angles to their faces. 

Therefore, the best eyeglass frames for square faces are:

  • Oval Frames: these egg-shaped frames are one of the best choices to hide the pointed features of the square-shaped face. 
  • Cat-eyes frames: the round look of the cat eyes will hide square face sharpness; these frames have a unique shape with a flat brow line and rounded lower portion. 
  • Round frames: these frames don’t have any angles or pointers, so it helps add a nice balance to square face angular features.

Best Frames For Heart-Shaped Faces

Glasses with different brands

These are the features of heart-shaped faces:

Narrow jawline

Heart-shaped faces are also inverted triangles; they have a slender jawline since this face tends to have a slight slope down to the chin, giving a narrow, hidden jawline. The chin is small, narrow, and sometimes even pointed like a heart symbol containing two joined lines curves in one bottom point.

Prominent, raised cheekbones.

Wide, sculpted cheekbones are an essential characteristic of a heart-shaped face. However, some faces are more rounder, while others are more linear.

Broad forehead

The widest part of the heart-shaped face is the forehead, which gets narrowed down towards the jawline and chin, creating a unique heart shape.

This face shape has a mixture of lines, curves, and angles with a chin that is much thinner than the forehead. Therefore, for heart-shaped faces, people have to choose eyeglass frames that create the right balance between the chin and forehead’s width difference, such as: 

  • Rectangular frames: this is a great option to help smooth heart-shaped face curvy edges, make the forehead look slightly narrow, and draw attention to the high cheekbones.
  • Wayfarers frames: give the heart-shaped face a better look thanks to its wide design that takes the gaze away from the forehead and its rounded base, making the narrow chin appear more naturally.  
  • Oval frames: this is one of the best options that will take away people’s attention from the narrow chin, and since it doesn’t contain many angles, it won’t add more volume to the forehead. 

Best Frames For Round Faces

These are the features of round faces.

Rounded chin

The round-shaped face is easy to notice due to its rounded jawline that tends to have just about the same width as the forehead; the chin is also rounded with only a few angles or maybe none. 

Full cheeks

Cheeks are the widest part of a round-shaped face; because of their fuller appearance, soft curves, and smooth lines, people with this type of face usually have a youthful look.

Wide forehead

Another essential feature is a broad forehead with a hairline that has the same roundness as the face.

The most important thing you have to consider if your face is round-shaped is to choose eyeglass frames that will add angles and details to your smooth and soft features. 

Here are some recommendations to find the best frames for round faces:

  • Square frames: this is one of the best frames that fit round faces since this type of face is equal in length and width. A square with similar dimensions and sharp corners will add more angles to the round face, and it will also make a face look thinner and longer.
  • Cat-eyes frames: this is a perfect choice for a round-shaped face. The top frame edge will add a natural lifting effect to the face, making it look thinner and adding more length to it, allowing face lines to look more prominent.
  • Rectangular frames: since round faces have delicate features, rectangular frames are a great option that will break up the face structures, adding more balance and angles to help the face features look sharper and less chubby.

Best Frames For Oval Faces

She is wearing eyeglass.

These are the features of oval faces. 

Slightly rounded jawline

Oval faces are similar to heart-shaped ones, but it narrows down to an oval chin with no hard lines instead of a pointed one. At the same time, the jawline is not as prominent as other face shapes. 

Wide cheekbones

Cheekbones are the widest part of an oval-shaped face; they are quite prominent compared to other features.

Slightly broad forehead

The oval face length is one and half times the width, and the forehead and jawline are about the same width, but the forehead is a little bit broader than the jaw. 

Oval faces proportions balance allows wearing almost all eyeglass frames, but that doesn’t mean randomly choosing any pair of glasses without considering the facial features; some of the best frames for oval-shaped faces are:

  • Round frames: middle-sized round frames are an excellent choice for an oval face, avoid oversized and tiny frames since they will make the face features look unbalanced. 
  • Square frames: are one of the most popular frames for an oval-shaped face; they will add more sharpness, providing an elegant look to the soft features and creating the right balance for the face length.
  • Aviators frames: due to their wide shape, aviators frames will make a face look shorter and balance the features. Moreover, it will draw the attention away from the forehead towards the cheekbones. 

How to choose the correct width?

Deciding on the frame design is not the only thing you must think about before buying a new pair of eyeglasses; choosing the correct width is also essential for well-fitting eyeglasses.

  • The frame width should be less than the face width
  • The frame’s lower edge shouldn’t reach the cheeks. Otherwise, it will irritate, rubbing against the skin
  • The frame’s top mustn’t be higher than the eyebrows line

The following measurements are essential to choosing an eyeglass frame better:

  • The lens diameter represents the lens length at its widest point in millimeters. You can calculate the correct lens diameter by measuring the distance between the temples and converting it to millimeters.
  • The bridge width is the measured distance between the lenses. Measuring this distance will help to get a well-fitting eyeglass frame.
  • The frame’s arm length.

After measuring these three numbers, find the perfect width by adding the sum of both lens widths to the bridge width and calculating the total. This number is the best fit for your face, and there might be a few millimeters difference by +\-3mm between various frame models.  

Choose Colors That Complement Your Skin.

The last step in finding a matching eyeglass frame for your face is to determine which color suits your skin tone the best and makes you look more attractive. 

There are three main skin tone categories: warm, cool, and neutral. And there are two ways to determine the skin category you belong to:

  • Notice the color of your veins: try to examine your veins when facing the sunlight. Are they green or blue? If they are purple or blue, you have cool-toned skin. Green veins mean you likely have warm-toned skin, but if you can’t tell precisely the color, it is safe to say you are neutral skin toned.
  • How your skin is affected by the sun: if your skin is the type to burn quickly, you are cool-toned; if it turns to a golden brown, then your skin is warm-toned.

The best colors for warm-toned skin include brown, honey or gold, warm red, and olive green. On the other hand, colors that suit cool-toned skin include blue, purple, silver or gray, and pink. As for neutral skin-toned people, no need to worry about the frame’s color since all colors fit their skin perfectly.


Finding the best eyeglass frames requires many preparations. You have to know what your face shape is and what frames suit you the best; choosing the correct width is also essential to get a well-fit pair of eyeglasses, and finally, picking the color that matches your skin tone will add a bonus to your look.

Now that you know all the details, and back to the dad’s joke introduction at the top, worry no more if an elephant sits on your eyeglasses because you can easily pick a new one that suits you the best and matches your facial features.

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