How Your Mattress Affects Sex - Really!

Last updated on : June 17 2021

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How To Have Better Sex in Bed

What if I told you that your mattress was the one standing between you and mind-blowing sex?

After all, your bed choice does not only affect your sleep quality. It can also ruin (or save) your sex life.

Let's look at how your mattress might affect your intimate moments and what makes an excellent bed for sex. 

Memory Foam: Friend or Enemy?

Memory foam mattresses are famous for their hugging properties. 

Many users choose these mattresses because they are looking for pressure relief and instant relaxation.

And while memory foam can be excellent for sleep, having sex on it comes with both advantages and challenges. Yes, you can have great sex on a memory foam mattress, but you might have to make a bit more effort or use a couple of tricks, which you can learn about here.

The reason why sex on memory foam can be challenging is because of its properties. 

First off, this material typically has zero or minimal bounce, which can be an issue for some couples who prefer more response during sex (to complement their movements). 

Memory foam tends to trap movement and can often feel like quicksand. This feeling means you and your partner might end up feeling stuck during your intimate moments. It might also make it hard to change positions (and let's admit, that's way less fun).

Additionally, memory foam mattresses are notorious for their heat-trapping qualities. So, if you don't want to drown in your sweat, opt for a cooling mattress that uses gel infusion or has a breathable open-cell structure.

Here's the deal, though:

Memory foam isn't that bad. There are some perks of having sex on a foam mattress, and discretion is probably the biggest one. You see, memory foam makes zero noise when there's movement on top. 

It can be a perfect solution for couples who want their intimate moments to remain as private as possible (for instance, someone sharing their apartment with other people or parents who want to keep their kids in the "safe zone," to say so).

Latex: the Golden Middle

Latex mattresses are similar to memory foam due to their close conforming and tension-relieving properties. 

However, latex is more responsive than foam and might make it easier for users to move around and switch positions. It's also naturally temperature-neutral and shouldn't make you and your partner feel uncomfortably hot.

At the same time, latex isn't as bouncy as, let's say, innerspring beds, which might still be a problem for some users. 

Additionally, these mattresses are quite expensive, and even though they offer incredible durability for the money, they aren't such a popular choice because of their price tag.

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Innerspring: King of the Bounce

We consider spring beds to be among the best ones for sex. 

And the reason for that is quite simple. Innerspring mattresses are extraordinarily responsive and resilient, which allows users to move and change positions almost effortlessly. 

Spring beds are also breathable and help regulate temperature during intense activities. Another cool thing about these mattresses is their reliable edges that can give you and your partner the freedom to choose more positions.

On the downside, many spring beds can be squeaky, especially if we're talking about low-quality coils. 

In this case, you might want to choose individually wrapped coils that tend to be quieter.

Additionally, low-quality spring mattresses may lose their integrity quite fast, which can cause discomfort (or distractions) during sex. After all, no one wants to bang against a protruding metal spring while enjoying themselves with their partner.

Hybrid: the Best of Both Worlds?

Hybrid mattresses usually combine a coil support system with foam or latex comfort layers. 

We believe these beds offer the best of both worlds and deliver a balanced combo of support and gentle tension relief.

When it comes to sex, hybrid mattresses can be considered an average option. They are bouncier than foam and latex but not as responsive as innerspring beds. 

Hybrids typically have sturdy edges but tend to be quite tall, which can limit the position options you have. They don't usually produce much noise, but some light creaking may be present. 

It seems like hybrid mattresses are a relatively "mellow" option that can be quite good for sex if you don't mind some minor drawbacks.

Airbed: Adjustability at a Price

An air mattress can be the right solution for someone who wants to control the firmness of sleep and sex. 

By merely inflating or deflating your mattress, you can adjust the feel according to your preferences and current activities. 

However, let me warn you: sleeping on an air bed might not be ideal for your back health (and overall comfort). 

The thing is, not all air mattresses can deliver the right level of support and pressure relief needed for comfortable sleep and your back health.

Also, keep in mind that most air mattresses are quite slippery. This factor means your sheets are likely to move during sex, which can be quite uncomfortable and distracting. 

Also, air beds can be noisy and will make your intimate activities less, well, intimate. 

So, What Makes a Great Mattress for Sex?

If you think about getting a new mattress and don't know what to look for, allow me to give you a few pointers. 

Here's what you should consider when choosing the right mattress for sex:

  • Bounce. Most users note that responsive, bouncy mattresses are great for sex. Such a bed will not restrict your movements and might even complement them.
  • Noise levels. While you might want to be loud, your mattress should not accompany you. Therefore, you should steer clear of low-quality springs (especially non-wrapped).
  • Thickness. Keep in mind that an unsuitable mattress thickness can limit the list of available positions.
  • Temperature regulation. Excessive heat or sweating can be a giant mood killer, so you might want to stick to breathable mattresses or those models that use cooling components (like gel, for example).
  • Edge support. Sturdy edges can do two things: prevent you and your partner from rolling off when things get hot and offer you more options in terms of available positions.
  • Durability. The right mattress should be able to withstand both regular sleep and dynamic activities.
  • Size. A larger mattress will give you and your partner more freedom (and options), so going with King or Cal King might be more fun.
  • Also, get environmentally friendly with an organic mattress


Girl in bed with roses

There you have it. You didn't realize how important your mattress is not only for your beauty sleep but the health of your sex life too. 

So take these useful tips into account if you're looking to buy a new mattress or solve any issue you have getting it on with your partner in an uncomfortable bed.

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