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How to Wear White

Posted on September 06 2016

how to wear white

Who would not want to dress in an outfit that exudes sophistication and charm? An elegant and well-cut white dress fits the bill perfectly. Most of us steer clear of wearing white simply because we think that it is a very tricky color to pull off and rightly so.

The way we look in white reminds us of clouds and plain flat paper. However, knowing just a few styling tricks behind wearing white may help you pull off white for a high-impact style that makes you the cynosure of all eyes at any occasion.

Coco Chanel, once said, "Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” 

In this article we talk about how to wear white that flatters your body type and gives your style the perfect harmony that Chanel speaks of. We cover how to choose the best accessories and which dress styles in the color are right for your body type. 

How to Wear White According to Your Body Type

The secret to making the color white work for you is to know which outfits are designed to suit your body frame and which ones work to highlight your best features. Let’ see what kind of clothing goes best on the different body types. Alongside the style of clothing we also recommend that you pay close attention to fabrics.

Curvy. A curvy figure is perhaps the most sought-after figure today.  If you are curvy-figured woman who is not sure about wearing a white outfit, put your doubts away, and give the ensemble a shot with these tricks. The goal is to dress clever to balance out your shape.

Avoid wearing white on white, instead play around with shades and textures. Opt for flared jeans with a horizontal band to draw focus to the curve of your waist or go for a dress with vertical seams and darts. A tight bandage crop top  (either the top or pants) paired with a light shrug or jacket in another color looks chic for a day out.

Boy-shaped. If you have a thin, athletic frame, there is a risk that white may accentuate your angular lines. But this does not mean that you should never wear white, because there are plenty of ways to make the color work for you.

Go for different textures and clothes with embellishments so that it lends a soft look to your body and gives your body the illusion of curves. If you are wearing a top with pants, tuck in the top in order to create the illusion of a feminine waistline, longer legs, and larger bust.  

Bottom-heavy or thick waisted. For women with this type of body, wearing white is easier as you are able to add layers without making it seem bulky (unlike other colors). Layers allow you to camouflage your midsection in a clever and stylish manner without losing your shape.

If you are wearing a white outfit that has two separate pieces, an A-line skirt that skims the hip gracefully or skinny jeans work great and give a sleek and polished look to your appearance. When you choose to wear a little white dress, opt for one that wraps around or has heavy draping to avoid additional attention at your tummy area.

Small-chested. If you are fretting over your petite bust line, fret no more. Make the color white work to your advantage by wearing white tops with ruffles or details on the neckline. This body type is excellent for such styles even on dresses as you are able to wear embellishments on the chest area without the fear of seeming too bulky. 

wearing white dress

How to Use Accessories to Enhance White Outfits

If you love accessorizing the outfits you wear, wearing white serves as the perfect canvas to display your latest stylish buys. However, with accessories you must be very careful to balance your look from head to toe.  Some may work great for a dress while others may not be the best choice for a particular white outfit. We’ve compiled a list of the top accessories recommended by stylist to pair with your white ensemble.

Scarves. Perhaps there is no accessory that provides as much versatility as the humble scarf, and it is an excellent way to accessorize any white outfit. Throw a scarf of another color casually around your neck to make a stylish, elegant addition to any little white dress.  

The key to pulling off scarves is to always experiment with the way you wear it; there are enough ways to try a new wearing style each time you wear it until you find one that is both comfortable and satisfying to your fashion palette. Play around with colors and patterns depending on the occasion, or you even tie one around your waist as a striking belt for a playful look. If you love a little retro style, use a colorful scarf as a headband.

Metallic Jewelry. Metallic accents are one of the hottest trends around, and using such pieces to add a bit of texture to you simple white outfit is always a good start. Whether you are wearing a white shirt or a summer dress, adding a shiny or glitter accented bracelet, necklace, or even a clutch in metallic hues gives your look a soft femininity that is stylish and chic.

Try a stack of gold bangles on one arm or experiment with bracelets of different sizes. A statement necklace or chandelier earrings in gold work equally well with white for a bold, stylish look. Just remember when wearing white less is more; one statement piece is good enough.

Bags. Unlike other colors, with white you do not need to worry about ensuring that the color of your handbag goes well with whatever you are wearing as you pull off almost anything with white. To break up the monotony of an all-white outfit, go for a clutch in a vibrant color (think reds and yellows) or a metallic clutch for dinner. Tan handbags look elegant when paired with white, or even go for a textured or patterned white bag.

Shoes. If you are going for a summer inspired or beachy look, choose wedges or sandals in skin tones. If understated elegance is more your style, nothing works better than a pair of strappy heels or pumps in nude or beige. Silver pumps or stilettos do the trick when you are hoping to add a touch of glam to your white outfit.

However, we recommend staying away from white footwear as these can visually ‘chop you up’ and make you appear shorter. If you can’t stay away from those white sneakers, add color to your outfit (such as a white top paired with denim shorts) rather than sticking to an all-white theme.

white bandage dress

Tips on How to Rock Wearing White

True, white and elegance is considered synonymous, but nothing is a given in fashion. Pulling off white takes planning, balance, and experimenting to get it just right. Here are the top tips stylist recommend as you plan your next white party inspired look.

  • This is, perhaps, the most important rule of wearing white: choose for nude or flesh-colored undergarments. The trend of wearing white underwear with white clothing has long been revised. Match the shade of your bra and underwear as close to your skin tone as possible for that neat, seamless look. Yes, the lines of your undergarments may still show, but wearing nude colors make them less noticeable because they blend with your skin. Opt for seamless pieces if you have options, and leave those lacy bras for other days.
  • While getting dressed, apply your makeup and perfume after you have finished putting on your clothes so that you avoid smudging lipstick or mascara on your clothes. Ensure that the product you are using has dried completely before you pull on your top or dress; the bottom line is, do not hurry or your white dress may not remain all white. Consider covering your white outfit with a loose t-shirt or robe. When it comes to perfume, it is a good idea to go for deodorants that prevent sweating in the armpit area, so that you do not have to deal with sweat stains on pristine white (especially on hot, humid days).
  • One of the main reasons why women think twice before wearing white is the transparency issue. Always check the material of whatever you are buying by just placing your fingers under it. If it seems too transparent or flimsy to carry off with confidence, ditch it. Fabric integrity is everything when wearing white.
  • Lastly, refrain from wearing all-white at weddings, no matter how tempting that dress looks. It is the special day for the bride, so let’s not take that away from her (unless you are the bride or part of the bridal party). If you must wear white consider wearing white on your top combined with a pastel skirt or break up the tone with other colorful pieces.

Wearing white does not need to be limited to celebs and women with the perfect figure. Anyone is easily able to pull of wearing the color by just making a few smart choices. Now that you know what you need to do, go ahead and bring out all those whites to make an unmissable style statement wherever you go.

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