How To Wear A Sexy Red Dress

Last updated on : December 17 2022

Passion, sex, love, and obsession - these are feelings we trigger putting on this bold and fearless color. Red refuses to blend in. It can be challenging to pull off, but it is lovely.

Regardless of how you feel, we challenge you to wear and indulge in it!

In this article, we refer to sexy red dresses as bandage dresses. This style shows off your curves. And it's the purest definition of "hot" you can wear.  

What Color Shoes to Wear with a Red Dress 

Try black or nude - because they match and come in a variety of heights and styles. Elaborate heels with bling, glitter, or two-tones work with simpler dress designs. Subtle platforms are complementary too.

Go with patent leather for a glossy finish. Fabric styles for a timeless touch. Or a combination of the two for a modern and chic approach.

shoes to wear with red dress

Your posture plays a significant role in pulling off a sexy dress in red. With this in mind, it is best to steer clear of flats or heels under 2 inches.

Go for heels with a hidden platform to give you height, and improve your posture and confidence. Hidden platforms make heels more comfortable to walk in and help you balance better.

What Makeup to Wear

Deciding on makeup for a red dress takes a bit of forethought.

If you plan on wearing your dress at night, it is best to glam up and sparkle - because your face competes with the bold color of the dress. Go for the most decadent makeup style that your personal preference will allow. Keep it neutral in tone to avoid clashing.

Browns, golds, silvers, blacks are all neutral tones that will go with the color red. Stay away from bright non-neutral colors like blues, greens, purples, oranges, and yellows. 

Watch this excellent video tutorial by Makeup Geek. It explains the concepts above. 

What Lipstick Color Works

It takes confidence to wear red lipstick with the same color dress. But it can look stunning, especially in a sexy tight-fitting outfit. So we recommend you at least try.

Nude is a safe and secure option and will work for a daytime look. 

red dress lipstick

Our glamor model Heli above shows how seductive red lipstick can be in a red dress.

What Color Nail Polish is Best 

Try nude, pink, silver, or gold. We don't suggest red nails if you're going for a similar bold lipstick look. Nude or pink is, of course, the safer option, but check out these 15 holy grail nail polish shades for excitement.   

How to Accessorise your Red Dress

You have endless options styling a red dress. So we thought it best to give you some examples of how we might do it.   

niecey nash red dress - how to wear a red dress

Niecey Nash, above, wears this strapless dress above for the Emmy awards. Her hair is free-flowing for a look that is glamorous and lovely. She paired her dress with classic statement flesh-toned heels, hoop earrings, and two index finger rings. Her bright matching lipstick is fantastic, offset by safe pink nail polish - a perfectly styled dress and outfit.

red dress with leopard print bag

Jess above is from Elegantly Dressed and Stylish. She pairs her strapless red dress with a leopard skin clutch and vintage bead necklace. Her black two-toned heels complete the look. It's a look that works for dinner dates or a day in the office.

Her loose golden hair is magic, creating a lovely contrast with the dress — one worth exploring for all red-haired girls.

red dress with black jacket

In this look, Amber from All-The-Cute has turned rock chic with a black moto jacket and stiletto lace-up sandals. She is proving how versatile a red dress can be. Her metallic clutch adds pep and oomph to this hot look. She's ready for a night on the town!

The moral of the story is that red is versatile and worth trying. It's a natural color to accessorize!  

What Other Experts Say About Red

We've spent some time researching the subject of red and how to wear it. Here are some excellent reads. 

How To Wear Red Based on Your Complexion

"Your Style Vault" admits that red is a delicate color to pull off. But it has some excellent advice on how to wear it. Their article covers how to wear this color based on your complexion. 

It's about two things: your hair color and your skin tone.

Wearing red next to your face looks best when you have darker skin tones, like brown and olive. If you have pale skin, red next to your face can be too shocking.

Red looks terrific with brown and grey hair but can look too harsh on blondes. And on black hair, watch the contrast between the red and the black. 

An exception would be black hair with dark skin or olive.

How To Wear Red Based on Your Personality

Beth Price Style has a great article on how to wear red based on your personality type. She admits that many women are wary of red, but under the right circumstances, everyone can wear it. The article explains how.

Can You Wear Red To A Wedding  

"Who What Wear" tries to answer the question, "can you wear red to a wedding?". The website polls fashionistas in the know, for views and answers. Read the article if you're unsure whether you can or can't.

Wear Red and Get Noticed! 

Wear red and get noticed, says The Conversation. The article covers some of the psychology behind colors. They've found studies that say men find women attractive in red, and have it backed with data. There's some truth in it for sure. If you're curious, give the article a read.  

Men Like The Color Red

The Shape confirms, men like the color red, but not for the reasons we think. We thought men are attracted to red because of the "redness" of the female genitals. Well, it turns out this isn't why at all. Are you interested? Read this fascinating article.  

Wearing Red Makes Women More Attractive 

Metro says, wearing red makes women attractive. They go on to explain. However, a sting, you need to have at least the foundations of some attractiveness for it to work. Luckily everyone is beautiful, indeed in our eyes.

Attract Men By Wearing Red 

The Mail delves a bit deeper, saying that a way to attract a man is to wear red. They looked at a few studies, each with different theories. Some of their conclusions that women tend to wear red when ovulating or on dating sites.  

Do Women Wear Red To Attract Men?  

Psychology Today refers to the power of a red dress - they consider whether women wear red to attract men. Their conclusion? Yes, we do! Women tend to wear red on a date or to meet a good-looking guy. That makes complete sense! 

Why Are Red Dresses So Sexy?

Red is often associated with passion, love, and desire, which may contribute to the perception of red dresses as sexy. In Western culture, we often associate red with the female gender, and red dresses may symbolise femininity and sexual attractiveness. Additionally, red is a bold and eye-catching color, and a red dress may draw attention and make the wearer feel confident and attractive. Ultimately, whether or not a red dress is seen as sexy may depend on the context in which it is worn and the personal preferences of the observer.

red bandage dress by the pool

Six Compelling Reasons To Wear A Red Bandage Dress

This bonus section explains why red bandage dresses are the sexiest red dresses. 

Sexy and Figure Flattering

Let's get the most obvious reason out the way first. Red bandage dresses are the most beautiful and most influential pieces of clothing you will ever wear. They function as a second skin, hugging your body and accentuating the right curves. And they fit like a tight bandage wrapped around your body. Like shapewear that pulls you in, smooths away bulges, and lifts your booty.


Wearing red is a little like putting on red lipstick - it inspires and uplifts. Combine red with a form-fitting dress for a severe boost in confidence. Built to 'suck in' any bulges and accentuate your curves, you will also be invincible in one.


The thick material smooths away any blemishes for a coveted feminine profile. The stretch factor gives you incredible comfort and ideal wearability.


These dresses come in many styles, including mermaid, sequin, and lace. Choose the right one for the occasion and look a million bucks.

For formal events, try a long sleeve with heels. For a day outing or brunch with the girls, try a cute strapless style. Wear pumps or strappy heels to highlight your legs.

For a date, try a sleeveless style to knock the socks right off of your love.

For a cocktail or evening party, or at the club, try darker shades. Add a plunging neckline with short mini length to turn up the sexy quotient.

Customers also wear these hot and classy dresses to weddings (dry weddings or not) and the prom.  

Cold weather approved

These dresses wear well in the cold. Customize your look with scarves and stockings for a gorgeous winter style. Layer-up as necessary.

Wear with cardigans, tailored blazers, and oversized jackets for a sexy look that keeps you cozy and warm. Try maxi, long or midi versions for coverage and protection from the cold. 


It does not cost a bomb to look like a red carpet celebrity.

These dresses help you stick to your budget by giving you many looks for the price of one. They work well with what you have in your closet. From your denim blazer to your leopard print stilettos, you get many looks and styles.

Add a sexy red bandage dress to your wardrobe makeover, or your closet. 

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