How To Stop A Man From Cheating On You

Last updated on : November 10 2021

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Being cheated on by someone you gave a special place in your life is the worst thing that can happen to many people. Even after segregation and time apart, the bitter feelings of betrayal and sorrow never leave you alone. 

Getting cheated on by your partner not only leaves you alone but can severely impact your mental health, with many long-lasting impacts on every sphere of your life.

As a result, it's better to focus on growing your relationship successfully rather than expose it to the risk of cheating. 

This article discusses nine core behaviors that make your relationship least vulnerable to a third person breaking it. 

1. Get Emotionally Attached

While you don't want to be needy and dependent on your man, you don't want to be a cold sack of potatoes. He does want to know you are emotionally involved and value him. 

Emotions play a central role in our lives. Our connection with the people around us is strong through emotions. If you don't feel emotion for someone, they will notice and are unlikely to reciprocate or open up towards you. 

And the good thing is that no matter how old your relationship is, emotional bonds never fade. 

So get emotionally connected with your partner. Share your life experiences and your secrets with him. Make him feel trusted, needed, and valued. Listen carefully to what he says, praise and support him with his endeavors and respond to him sincerely and honestly. 

The emotional bond you create through these behaviors will build a sense of faith and trust in each other, putting your relationship on a solid footing. 

2. Be Loud In Your Opinions

Don't think that staying quiet and accepting what your partner says will make your relationship strong. 

You don't need to argue or insist on getting your way, but you must have ideas and opinions of your own to be seen and respected as an individual. 

And know that respect for each other is so vital for a long-lasting relationship.  

Your opinions are your personal choices that help you make the right decisions. And contrary to popular belief, opinions are not something we speak from the top of our heads. Our opinions help us differentiate ourselves from the billions of people out there, they make us unique, and they make us loveable too. 

There is a real danger if we start to second every thought and opinion of our partners to stay loved and desirable. This behavior will make your relationship dull for him and could have him losing respect for you. 

So work on your passions and opinions and make sure you stay true to them while at the same time respecting your partner's views. 

3. Never Try To Put Him Down

They are angry to each other

Don't try to put your man down by picking up his flaws and weaknesses. You met your partner, you chose him, and now you both are equals. 

Respect each other's likes and dislikes. Don't try to impose your likes on your partner or expect him to behave in a certain way. Allow him to be himself, and don't try to change or mold him into someone you prefer. 

If you're seeking to change your man's behavior, consider whether you've made the right choice in a lifelong mate. Because you'll never be happy until you can accept him for who and what he is and even celebrate him for what he does. 

So catch yourself before you try to put him down or change him. He'll hate it if you behave this way and love you immensely if you don't. 

4. Be Honest About What You Feel

You might have already heard the adage that "Honesty is the best policy." And although honesty is a tough job when you are in a relationship, it's a cornerstone of a successful and long-lasting one.  

If you are not honest about your relationship, you will always try finding ways to conceal your true feelings from your partner. If you're settling for someone you are not interested in, don't expect them to stay interested in you.

Equally, if you're hiding things from your partner, expect this type of dishonesty to be noticed. And ultimately to lead to the end of your relationship.   

What can you do to stay honest within your relationship? Are there any rules that you can follow to keep open with your partner? Yes, there are many ways you can keep the honesty flowing between you.  

Be all ears to your partner's complaints. Give him a chance to express what he feels without fear of retribution. And likewise, tell what you need. Don't stay complacent only because you are happy or don't want to upset him.  

Above all, create a secure environment that will allow honesty to thrive and often thank each other for being honest and open. 

Honesty will succeed if you practice it often enough and openly. And when it does thrive, you'll have an extraordinary relationship valued by both of you. 

5. Prioritize Your Partner

Think about what's essential to you? Is it your job or the personal things in your life? Do you value your desires over everything else? 

If you don't think of your partner as the most important person, the chances are that you are neglecting him and not giving him enough of your time and attention - a recipe for relationship disaster. 

You might have noticed that relationships are beautiful in the beginning, but this beauty fades with time. 

When you start a relationship, you are clear about your priorities and your partner's worth in your life. You value them; you listen to them and show gestures of love and care to them. 

But as time passes, your priorities change, and so do your ways of expressing your love. 

If you're falling into this trap, then take some time out for your partner. 

Prioritize them over your tasks and revive your precious old memories by repeating the activities you enjoyed together at the start, like watching movies, cooking together, and finding time to date.

6. Find Common Grounds

There are times when we start feeling wrong about the most influential persons in our lives. We disagree with them on several occasions. We start feeling that they are not caring about what we think and how we want to do things. 

Such thoughts can separate even the most passionate lovers. 

If the thought of dissonance gets stuck in your head, you will have no reason to stay together with your partner, nor your partner with you. 

An excellent solution for this problem is finding common ground. 

The reality is that humans are always different from each other, and there might be times when you will find it hard to keep up with the difference of opinions. 

But it's your job to think about the things that keep you connected and help each other be positive. Fighting will get you nowhere, so focus instead on the positives. 

Think about all the movies that you have watched together. Relive the moments when you and your partner talked about all the exciting things for both of you. Focus on the intimate past when both of you enjoyed the company of each other. 

Find what keeps you together, not what can separate you. Learning not to fight but love instead is a skill both of you can develop to keep your relationship flourishing.  

7. Learn From Others 

There are always people around us who outperform us. Your life might be full of people who did things better than you. 

Think about your competitive colleagues, teachers, peers, friends, or even your siblings who might have achieved more than you in many aspects.

Now take a look at their relationship with their partner. If they are living a healthy life with their partner and enjoying their time together, there might be something that you can learn from them. 

Think in great detail about how they behave with their partner and what keeps them together. 

There's nothing wrong with taking inspiration from happy couples who enjoy great chemistry. If someone in your close friends and family can teach you about enjoying every single moment with your partner, then you must go and seize this learning opportunity. 

Find how successful couples around you are living their lives to improve your bonding with your partner. Even better, go on this journey of discovery together with your partner - developing new love skills together can only strengthen your bond.  

8. Make Sex A Priority

She is sexy in bed

Sex is a mainstay of a solid relationship, so do not ration it out or look to avoid having it. Instead, work with your partner to enjoy a wholesome, healthy, and complete sex life. 

Learn what he loves and encourage him to be adventurous with you. As the female, you are the gatekeeper to sex in the relationship, so ensure you keep the opportunity for sex constant. 

After all, if he's having excellent sex with you, he's unlikely to be seeking the same with anyone else.       

9. Seek Expert Advice

Doing things ourselves seems so exciting before you start working on it. However, you might find when you try doing things yourself or with your partner that you cannot do it without the help of others. 

You might have read tons of helpful advice about saving your relationship already. But what if you are trying to act on all the practical guidelines but always end up missing your desired outcome and achieving the success you want? 

A great solution in such a case is seeking expert advice, especially if you both agree with it.  

Couple counseling can help both of you figure out your problems. Good counselors will spend time with you to help you pinpoint what bothers you the most. 

Then, with their great understanding and vast experience, they go on to provide you with actionable advice that helps you get closer to your beloved partner. 

Bonus Section - When Everything Fails

If you've tried everything, but your relationship remains toxic, and you find yourself susceptible to your partner and doubt his loyalty. Then it might be best to deal with the situation rather than keep beating yourself up.

After all, your happiness and mental health are at stake when a relationship becomes toxic, and complications will arise if there are children. If your man has cheated on you already, he might likely do it again. 

Under these circumstances, you might want to hire a private investigator for a cheating spouse. Collect evidence against him and get yourself and your children out of the situation as soon as possible. 


There are no gimmicks or quick solutions that might help you stop your man from cheating on you. You can't physically tie him down or hold him emotionally hostage to your desires. 

However, you can focus on creating a loving, trusting, and fun-filled relationship that leaves you both feeling secure and valued. Under these circumstances, there are no incentives for either of you to cheat or find happiness elsewhere. 

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a serial cheater, you are better off putting an end to the relationship and finding a man who values and is deserving of you. Never forget that moving on, especially when you are profoundly unhappy, is always a solution open to you. 

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