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Last updated on : June 20 2021

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All ladies want to put their best foot forward on a date. Whether you're meeting someone new or making some quality time with your partner, you want to have a good time while ensuring he stays attracted.

If you crave for the night to lead to the bedroom, there are ways to layer on the seduction and sex appeal. An alluring scent is one of them.

Here's how to smell seductive on dates - click on the links to learn more.

Shower Before The Date


Use Antiperspirant

Fresh Breath Is Key

Choose A Fragrance

Scents He'll Like

Applying Fragrance

Put On Lotion

Avoid Sweaty Activities

Wear Breathable Clothing

Use A Shoe Spray

Prepare A Freshen Up Kit


Shower Before The Date

The smell of your second-day hair isn't going to cut it. This fact is a no-brainer, but you need to take care of your hygiene before anything else.

Wash off all the sweat, dirt, and oils that you've accumulated throughout the day. Take a thorough shower and wash and condition your hair. Be mindful of the scent of your toiletries and how they might pair with other products.


If you plan to go heavy on the seduction, bring out your trusty razor and start shaving.

Not only will shaving make your underarms and legs silky smooth, but shaving will also help your body wick off sweat so you can avoid body odor.

Use Antiperspirant

Depending on how much you sweat and whether you live in a more humid area, it might be handy to put on antiperspirant.

You want to nip body odor at the bud if you plan for the night to get all hot and sweaty.

Fresh Breath Is Key

More than just brushing and flossing, take the extra steps to make sure your breath stays fresh. Avoid smoking and ordering smelly food for dinner.

You might want to pack a mint in your purse, too, just in case.

Choose A Fragrance

You'll be surprised how much scent can lead to seduction. According to a poll conducted by Cosmopolitan, 84% of men believe that scent has the power to turn them on.

If you already know your partner, choose your date night fragrance based on what he likes. If you're heading to a first date, choose something subtle yet sexy for a safe bet.

Did you know that there's a difference between cologne and perfume? The latter is more concentrated, and so the scent will last longer on your skin.

For date nights, you'd want to go for a perfume rather than a cologne to keep the smell for longer. Scent can be seductive foreplay, so you want to make sure you choose the right one.

Scents He'll Like

No two men are exactly alike, but these scents work as an aphrodisiac, according to science. Pick a fragrance with these scent notes, and you'll have a better chance of seducing your date.

A. Vanilla

Food scents aren't the sexiest on either men or women, but vanilla is the one exception. It is often associated with feelings of warmth, softness, and caring.

Vanilla is also believed to increase feelings of lust and is a universally well-liked scent.

B. Musk

You'll find that many fragrances labeled as seductive will have musk in their scent notes. While musk did have a mysterious origin, today, it is made with synthetic chemicals that give your perfume its woodsy and earthy scent.

Most of us consider musk to be soft, subtle, and sexy.

C. Amber

The scent of amber is exciting because it combines the scents of benzoin, labdanum, and vanilla. This mix creates a warm, powdery, sweet, and woody smell.

It is a calming fragrance that sensually entices at the same time.

D. Bergamot

Bergamot is a citrusy scent that has a unique spicy kick to it. It derives from the bergamot orange and is commonly used in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety and fatigue feelings.

The intoxicating aroma is light and fresh and is enticing to many people. It is often used as a headnote in fragrances to give that initial impression of allure.

E. Ginseng

We've long used ginseng as a sexual stimulant, since ancient China.

You'll find it an ingredient in traditional medicine marketed to enhance arousal and erectile function, and even improve sperm count to treat infertility.

As a scent, ginseng is very earthy and has a bit of spicy, woodsy smell.

F. Patchouli

Patchouli earned its reputation as an aphrodisiac from its use in Ancient India in Tantric sexology. Patchouli is strong, sweet, spicy, earthy, and musky. You'll see it as a base scent in many perfumes in the market today.

At the right amounts, you can regard this complex scent as exotic and sensual.

G. Ginger

Ginger acts as an aphrodisiac when ingested, and the scent of the herb itself stimulates the circulatory system, which enhances sexual desire. This spicy root with a sharp and peppery scent is warm and aromatic.

It's extra sensual for men and will energize and turn on your date.

H. Jasmine

You might find this surprising, but many floral notes don't appeal to men. Jasmine is one of the few exclusions.

This tropical floral is subtly sweet with a musky undertone. According to Dr. Craig Warren of Sense of Smell Institute, jasmine is the most sensual of all notes.

I. Ylang Ylang

Another floral scent universally liked is ylang-ylang. Often described as a subtly sweet, spicy, and fruity floral scent, you'll find ylang ylang in many top rated perfumes.

Studies have shown that smelling ylang ylang increases attentiveness and alertness while relaxing the subject and decreasing blood pressure and pulse rate.

This relaxing effect caused by smelling ylang ylang is said to elevate the mood and improve sexual stimulation and even the sexual experience.

J. Sandalwood

Sandalwood, as an essential oil, has relaxing and comforting properties. As a deep woody scent that is soft, sweet, creamy, exotic, and slightly floral, you'll find sandalwood in a lot of sensual perfumes.

The aphrodisiac properties of sandalwood have to do with how it inhibits stress and anxiety, which then sets the tone for sexier times.

K. Peppermint

The cool minty fresh scent of peppermint might not seem sexually enticing, but research shows that the smell of peppermint oil energizes and enhances feelings of excitement.

While it's more of an aphrodisiac for women, when you feel sexy and confident, chances are you'll translate and ooze that energy towards your partner, too.

Applying Fragrance

Once you've chosen your weapon for the night, it's essential to know how to apply fragrance so you can smell seductive on dates properly.

Coco Chanel once said that you use perfume, "wherever one wants to be kissed."

Add a dab of perfume either on your neck, wrists, chest, or all three. But make sure to control the amount as over-perfuming is a no-no.

Put On Lotion

You'd want to moisturize your body and be as smooth as possible for a hot and steamy date, so slathering on some body lotion is essential.

Be mindful of the scent of your lotion. Either go for a scentless product or one that layers nicely with your perfume of choice.

Avoid Sweaty Activities

Maybe you're going for something more active than a dinner date. That's fine and fun. However, do try to avoid activities that will make you sweat like camping or a gym date.

Chances are, you'll be using up all your energy towards the date, and seduction will be last on the list when you're both tired.

Wear Breathable Clothing

You might get nervous on the first date and start sweating it out.

Cool, breathable fabrics avoid moisture from getting trapped, which is where body odor arises.

Rather than that sexy silk dress that looks great but can emphasize sweat pools, maybe go for a safer fabric like cotton or linen - in a sexy red.

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Use A Shoe Spray

We're human too, and we get it. If you have sweaty feet, using a foot spray beforehand should help you eliminate the sweating and the odor.

Try to avoid closed shoes for the night and unbreathable materials that can exacerbate the smell.

Instead, put on a pair of sexy open-toe footwear. They're also more comfortable to remove later on when the date starts to get hot and steamy.

Prepare A Freshen Up Kit

If your plans to stay fresh and fragrant fails, make sure you pack essentials that you can use to freshen up for your date.

Bring some wet wipes in your purse for easy freshening up and cleaning. Powder also helps you absorb sweat and prevent foul odors. Decant your perfume in a travel atomizer and reapply as needed.


seductive couple hugging

With all these techniques, you can't help but smell great. More than just being attractive to your partner when dating, smelling good is one way to feel sexy and boost your confidence, and up your sexy quotient.

Science says that sex and smell are undeniably connected. Your scent is a way to communicate without words, and the fragrance is, no doubt, a powerful tool in the art of seduction. If you want to send your date a message that you're ready to move to the next step, your scent might hint at that even before your words and actions do.

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