How To Impress A Guy On The First Date

Last updated on : October 13 2021

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It can be hard to impress a guy on the first date. It's harder than ever before, and as a "searching" woman, you have to put in the time and effort to find a man who is interested in you. 

If you want to stand out from the other women he's been meeting from different dating sites, you should equip yourself with unique dating ideas.

And for a good reason–you can't rely on your looks or style like you could sometimes back when attracting a man was a leisurely pursuit, and the competition has never been more challenging.

But don't worry – we're going to give you some clever ideas for dating that'll help you impress a man on your first date. 

Read on to learn more.

1. Pick a Perfect Dating Location

Whether you're dating a younger person or an over 50-year-old man, helping select the perfect first-date location is one of the vital top dating ideas. 

Most first dates are usually weird and embarrassing, especially if you meet at the wrong place. So, unless you know the type of activities your partner likes, it's always wise to meet at a neutral, low-pressure zone.  

It's an excellent idea to meet at a calm local bar, restaurant, coffee shop, or similarly casual venue for an adult date like yours. 

A simple dating spot will conveniently allow conversation with less pressure to dress fancily or order an expensive meal. 

Help your new date choose the perfect place if he asks you what you like and enjoy. Doing so will take the pressure off him deciding for you. 

It will also have you end up on a date that'll give you ample time to concentrate on knowing each other and connecting better.

All in all, if the first dating location idea isn't comfortable, you're free to explore other nearby options, maybe after the first drink. 

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2. Be Punctual

Being punctual is one of the most critical dating ideas for him to get impressed with your conduct—punctuality shows that you're responsible and respectful (two attractive qualities to men). 

Punctuality is vital in all aspects of life and can make or break the mood of an evening. 

Being punctual is also a more prominent sign that says, "I care about our dating future" and shows your man how much he means to you. 

Being late shows that you're not committed to meeting up at all times during your dating period; it also reflects poorly on your character. 

If something comes up and you need to cancel plans, call ahead to tell your date why he doesn't need to wait around for you. Don't leave him hanging without any idea what's going on- it's rude and inconsiderate! 

It's all about respect which is not given freely; you must earn it. 

Showing up on time is an excellent dating idea to help you impress the man and gain his respect by letting him know how much you care about him.

3. Prepare for an Engaging Conversation

First dates can be some of the most exciting and nerve-wracking moments in someone's life. 

You know the person, and he seems to like you and vice versa, and you're both interested in the dating idea. Now what? Well, it's time for some engaging conversation. 

You not only need an idea to make a good impression, but you also want to keep things fun, exciting and ensure your date is satisfied with the conversation. 

Remember, an engaging chat is also one of the foundational dating ideas for long-distance relationships.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to engaging conversation topics when dating. So how do you make an interesting conversation or have great double dating ideas? 

First, let's talk about what not to do on a first date. 

The number one mistake you should avoid is talking too much and asking lots of questions about your date. 

These two behaviors often lead to the other person feeling like they're being interviewed for a top-secret government job. 

So below are some fun dating ideas to help you have an engaging conversation on your first date:

  • Show genuine interest in your date.
  • Ask purposeful questions
  • Share the whole talking 50/50
  • Respect and don't criticize, impose, or judge
  • Don't lie
  • Avoid too much ex-partner (s) talk
  • Don't talk negative things about yourself
  • Ask about his job but don't ask about how much money they make
  • Don't make your date conversation a therapy session

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4. Be a Good Listener

It's a good idea to be an attentive listener on your first date. 

It shows that you respect the other person and their opinions. Don't just tell your date who you are but show him. 

You can easily claim that you'll always be attentive to your partners' needs, but if you aren't focused on your first date, he'll doubt how the relationship will last. 

However, the idea of being a good listener doesn't mean you should take the back seat during the conversation. It's a great idea also to listen and share your opinion and story. 

Additionally, don't seem lost or robotic or tend to hold on to your smartphone, scrolling through until it's your turn to speak. 

Being a good listener is a perfect dating idea to impress your date and stand out from his ex-partners. 

The idea of good listening will also help you hear essential information about your date and understand what he's looking for in his next relationship.

5. Smile

There are many clever ideas for dating, but most dating experts agree on the importance of smiling.

Smiling is infectious and makes others feel happy in return. It also indicates confidence and happiness, which are two qualities that everyone loves about themselves. 

Studies have shown that people who smile more often are perceived as happier and more attractive than those who don't. 

If you want to make the best first impression and make your date think kindly of you, smiling will be the best dating idea.

A smile might seem like the most obvious idea during dating, but sometimes we forget to put on our happy face when it matters most. 

Even if you're not feeling confident while dating him, remember how much it'll mean to your date when you flash a genuine grin. 

Smiling is a dating idea that'll not only help you make a great first impression but also will portray your self-confidence. 

A smile will help you relax and be more at ease during your date, and it will light up your face and brightens someone else's day.

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6. Check Your Attitude

If you want to impress a man on the first date, one of the top ideas for dating him is to check your attitude first. 

Teenage or young-adult dating customary involves the ideas of fantasizing and romanticizing before meeting for the first date. However, past the age of 50, the man's experiences have shaped him, so you should try and hold off on preparing for a whirlwind romance. 

It's a good idea to think logically with more mature and grounded reasoning, no matter who you are dating.

If you've recently undergone a breakup, divorce, or loss of your beloved, you should ensure you're in the right attitude and state of mind when meeting on your first date. 

It's always a wise idea to avoid subjecting your new date to memories of your past. You shouldn't compare your new date to your ex-partner or keep reminding him about the things you did in your previous dating.

Don't meet him thinking he'll treat you like your ex-spouse but instead show him an attitude that allows him to have a fresh and comparison-free dating/relationship.

7. Get A Perfect Dating Outfit Idea

Dressing for dating success isn't always easy, no matter how many fancy fashion ideas you have in mind. 

Not only do you want to look great, but you also want to feel comfortable and confident in your dating outfit. 

It would help if you had a unique dating outfit idea to show him that you're confident in the way you dress. Your appearance will play a significant part when it comes to impressing a guy. 

Start with your outfit, followed by your hairstyle, then makeup and other small things to transform your look. 

Overall, ensure you choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and impressive, which will attract your date.

Bottom Line on the Best Dating Ideas to Impress a Guy 

Impressing a man on the first date isn't hard as long as you understand what men want and the right things to do to make a great impression.

If you already know what you want in a man, then use the dating ideas discussed in this article to impress him on your next date. 

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