How To Get Perfect Summer Hair With Balayage?

Last updated on : February 28 2022

Pastel balayage shades with dark roots


There is nothing better than bright and warm temperatures in Summer. The perfect summer includes lightening your tresses and embracing sun-kissed hair using balayage. 

Balayage hair has become the trend of today. You can see it getting crazily viral on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. And it has every justified reason to do the same.

The freehand hair color strokes of balayage look naturally attractive, making the volume and depth of your hair grow by N number of times.

If you want to spend summer lying by the beach and sunbathing with your sun-kissed hair, use balayage hair extensions for the ideal summer appearance. 

In this article, we take a look at precisely what balayage is, why it might be better than regular highlights, and some stunning examples of how you might use it in your hair. 

What Is Balayage Hair - The Sun-Kissed Glow

Purple balayage hair

 Balayage is the beautiful French word for "to paint." 

Balayage is the technique of applying hair highlighter to your natural hair. Unlike regular highlights, the lightener is applied by hand to the strand surfaces. This technique results in smooth and natural highlights without prominent lines or streaks. 

Balayage uses light and dark shades for a natural-looking depth and textures for the perfect sun-kissed glow.

Alternatively, use a perfect balayage extension that matches your hair roots' shade. You can wear the extensions right away for extra thickness, length, and texture for your ideal summer style. 

How Balayage Hair is Superior To Regular Highlights?

Bright blue hair for the summer

The debate about regular colored hair highlights and balayage hair might be at a fever pitch these days - because of a general lack of knowledge. 

Let's try and clear up this lack of knowledge here. 

1. Application

Balayage, unlike highlights, is applied to the hair's surface rather than being saturated through the strands. 

This technique is where balayage shines over regular highlights because it makes the application look natural and stylish. On the other hand, highlights can look too thick, streaky, and obvious. 

And with balayage hair extensions, you will have a smooth transition from dark shade roots to lighter shades at the ends. As a result, balayage hair extensions look naturally multi-dimensional. 

2. Color Hues

Balayage offers different tones, allowing you to tailor the effect to your hair color and chosen style. 

Balayage hair extensions and summer are the ideal duos for the perfect hairstyle because Balayage simulates the sun-kissed hue and lightning that the sun provides. The result is a striking summer look.

3. Maintenance 

Balayage is also less maintenance compared to other hair color trends because you won't have to book regular appointments at the hair salon. The sun enhances and improves the appearance of balayage hair extensions as the summer progresses. 

4. Summer Friendly 

Wearing balayage hair extensions is an excellent style for the summer season because you can be as daring or as low-key as you want. 

We recommend going for lighter highlights if you want to look like you have already spent the entire summer in the sun. for a more natural look, we recommend keeping the difference small between your base and the highlight color. 

5. Works For Darker Hair 

Balayage is often associated with blonde hair. However, it can also be a couple of shades lighter than your natural hair of any color. This application creates dimension and movement to your hair.

Using dark brown balayage extensions is also an excellent alternative for people with dark hair for a natural look.  

Balayage looks the best on medium and long hair. However, if you need a little help in the hair length department, you can use balayage tape in hair extensions to get the summer hair.

6. Lightens Your Hair Color

Balayage gives your hair a natural glow which brightens up your look. The color not only lasts longer than regular highlights but also fades naturally.

7. Blends With Your Old Highlights

Already have old highlights on your hair? Balayage can help you with that. Balayage blends well with your previous highlights into a new color without the jagged appearance. Also, using a balayage hair extension is better than dying your natural hair.

8. Enhances The Depth of Your Hair Color

The Balayage technique adds dimension to your hair in a natural manner. Using 16-inch balayage extensions is a great way to change the hair color without commitment. 

With balayage hair extensions, you get both the color and length in a natural color and texture.

9. Suitable On All Hair Types

Balayage is exceptionally versatile on any hair type! Balayage will look great on every hair type, whether straight, wavy, thin, or thick.

10. Provides A Healthy Hair Appearance

Hair colors cause your hair strands to stretch, and using balayage hair extensions or highlights makes your hair appear healthier and fuller. This effect is due to the various color used and the dye placement. 

Example Summer Balayage Looks For Stylish Women 

Raven black to coffee brown hair

Try one of these stunning looks that most closely matches your natural hair.  

1. Raven Black To Coffee Brown Hair

As mentioned earlier, balayage isn't just for blondes. Subtle warm tones shine in the sun with modest balayage highlights on dark hair. Women with naturally black hair can just as quickly pull off the sun-kissed look. 

2. Mocha Balayage Hair Extensions-The Ultimate Sun-Kissed Look 

Mocha balayage hair

A warm shade like mocha brown hair appears particularly beautiful when coupled with a light blonde balayage. This look enhances the warm color and gives brunettes a flawless sun-kissed finish.

3. Chocolate Brown Balayage- Campfire Queen

Chocolate brown hair

Chocolate brown has warm undertones, but caramel balayage will bring those stunning warm tones out for a glowy appearance. 

Want to lighten up even more with dirty blonde balayage color? Opt for roasted marshmallow balayage over chocolate hair for the campfire queen look. 

4. Bronde Hair

Bronde hair

Bronde is a beautiful hair color cross between blonde and brunette. A bronde balayage is extremely versatile. You can experiment with a plethora of tones and colors for balayage. Who doesn't love a good dirty blonde highlight on blonde hair?

5. Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage hair in a crown braid


Need to revamp your naturally blonde locks for the summer? Get a platinum or gray blonde balayage hair extension to enhance your natural hair color and give your hair a multi-dimensional finish.

6. Underlight Brunette- Brunettes Have More Fun

Brunettes Have More Fun

The warm chestnut color emphasizes your natural undertones. Soft, multi-tonal brunette hair color is lighter and less severe than one-dimensional deep dark hair color, making it ideal for sunny days spent outside.

7. Strawberry Blonde- The Vintage Hair Art

Strawberry Blonde

Get hair that looks like Rapunzel hair. 

Strawberry blonde balayage is an all-time favorite summer hair color making a solid comeback. The beautiful light red copper blonde color is to die for and the ideal combination of ginger and gold.

8. Blorange Balayage- Summer Hair

Blorange Is The New Black

 Blorange is the new black.

Blorange balayage hair is a combination of blonde and orange. The soft tangerine color is incredibly cheery, and it fades to a stunning peachy tint for a simple, elegant growing-out procedure.

9. Teal - The Color Of Sea

Magnetic Ocean In Your Hair

Try putting some magnetic ocean in your hair.

Not sure whether you want to rock blue or green hair? Why not have both? This turquoise hair color gets us yearning for a swim in the sea.

10. Sand Tropez - The Sand Shore Balayage

Sun-Kissed Sand Tropez Balayge

Sand Tropez is yet another inspiration from mother nature. 

This unique golden bronde hair color has a signature summer tone among other beautiful hair colors. It's an excellent warm sandy blonde hair color.  

11. Revamp Your Look With Shadow Roots

Shadow Roots

There's no need to make a salon appointment if you don't have one. The simplest method to update your style this summer is to use root shadowing, a technique in which a deeper shade of hair color is applied directly to the roots for gentle, seamless contrast. 

Although this look is frequently seen with balayage highlights (imagine blonde highlights with dark roots), you can achieve it with any hair color.


Balayage is not only a beautiful French word. It is also the perfect way to get the sun-kissed look without baking under the UV rays. 

Having balayage hair is no longer limited to going to expensive salons and sitting there for hours to get your hair done. 

Today you can quickly get gorgeous balayage hair extensions from brands like Halocouture, supplying 100 percent virgin human Remy hair extensions.

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