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Last updated on : June 27 2021

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So, you've stained your favorite clothing piece with makeup. Don’t worry, because we likely have a solution for you. 

Every lady has, at some point, faced the horrors of makeup spilling on their clothes. This unfortunate event always happens when we are in a hurry and finally deciding to wear a gorgeous new dress.

There is no need to panic anymore. Here’s how to keep your makeup on your face, not on your clothes - click on the links to learn more. 

Hair Drier & Makeup Remover For Powder Stains

Rubbing Alcohol Or Shaving Cream for Oil-Based Stains

Makeup Wipes For Quick Fix Fresh Stains

Other Techniques


Wrapping up 

Hair Drier & Makeup Remover For Powder Stains 

Suitable for: Powder-based makeup like eyeshadow or blush

If you notice your makeup in any powder form, such as eyeshadow or blush, has touched your clothes, do not try to brush it away.

We’ve all been there. And we know that cleaning away makeup like this will cause a more prominent makeup spot on your clothes. Even worse, you could rub it deeper into the fabric. 

Instead, blow the makeup away or use a hairdryer to remove it. Afterward, if there is still staining, use some of your makeup remover (a drop of liquid on a cotton ball) and gently clean it away. Alternatively, use old nylon tights to rub away the stain.  

When done, put the stain under some cold running water to cleanse it thoroughly. 

Rubbing Alcohol Or Shaving Cream for Oil-Based Stains

Suitable for: Oil-based stains from lipstick, liquid foundation, or self-tanner, causing a messy problem.

How many times have you put on your shirt smearing your lipstick and foundation along the collar? Well, now you can try either alcohol or shaving cream as a solution to this unwanted problem.

Remember to spot-test first. 


Use a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and gently pat the stain until it goes away. It might take a while, but slowly and surely, you will get there.

Alcohol works best on oil-based stains, like those caused by lipstick, liquid foundation, and self-tanners. Try this trick on other oil-based stains you get on your clothes – think sauces or dressings, for instance.

As an alternative to rubbing alcohol, try a hairspray with alcohol as an ingredient (most hairsprays but not all contain alcohol). Apply hairspray to the stain leaving it on long enough to dry. Then remove with a wet wipe.   

Shaving cream

Removing makeup with shaving cream could never be more manageable. 

Apply a dollop of shaving cream over the top of the stain, gently pat it in and allow to rest for a few mins. Then rub it into the stain firmly to remove any last traces. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water, and repeat if necessary.   

Makeup Wipes For Quick Fix Fresh Stains

Suitable for: A quick fix to immediate staining from most makeup types, but spot test first. 

Easily use makeup wipes or baby wipes to clean fresh makeup off your fabrics. Place a wipe in your hand and gently dab away any makeup which accidentally ended up on your clothes or fabrics.

However, make sure the stain is not too old or dry as this technique works best on fresh stains.  

Makeup wipes or baby wipes are great for removing makeup stains only when they are fresh, so get at it as soon as possible after you have noticed it. Also, ensure you spot test a hidden piece of the fabric to ensure you don't cause more damage.  

Other Techniques

These techniques are suitable for older or harder to remove stains. 

Ice Cubes

Grab an ice cube and rub it through the stain. Coldwater, particularly ice, lifts the stain allowing you to remove it more easily.

Soap and Cold Water

For this technique, wet the stain with cold water and apply a tiny bit of hand or dish cleaning soap. Then rub the fabric together over the stain, providing enough gentle friction to lift it.    


Similar to the hand soap and cold water technique above, use a gentle detergent instead. You can use either a handwash detergent formula or a detergent pen or detergent wipe. 

If the stain is still not lifting, soak it in the detergent solution overnight before trying to remove it again. 

Professional Cleaning

If all else fails, professional cleaners often work wonders. Speak to friends or relatives for the recommendations as it's best to use a reputable cleaner, especially if the item you need cleaning is a prized possession. 


Hot Water

Avoid hot water for spot treating minor stains as the heat can cause the stain to fix, making it much harder to remove.

Paper Towels

Avoid using paper towels to rub a stain or any cloth or sponge that might cause further damage.

Paper towels can flake off, leaving an unsightly mess on the stain. Sponges or dish cleaners (yes, you heard me) might damage the stained area more, mainly if they are rough. Other wipes might leave their color behind.     

Wrapping up

We listed the quickest tricks for removing makeup stains from clothes and fabrics, and some techniques for stubborn stains. Because you never know when this tragedy might happen, especially when you are in a rush. 

Make sure you clean your stains as soon as they occur, as dried marks might be challenging to remove. Older stains or very dark ones might only come off with professional cleaning products, but it is still worth a try with whatever you have available. 

Additionally, spot-test on an area of the fabric you can hide away before you go too far - this will avoid you causing more damage to materials that are not colorfast or might water spot. Using these techniques on silk could cause more damage; however, on cotton or similar fabrics, they work like a treat.

If you are short on time, these techniques should work great on your clothes and save the day, leaving you smelling of roses

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