How to Get a Bigger Butt In Six Steps

Last updated on : June 07 2019

how to get a bigger butt

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Follow these six steps for a bigger and more defined butt.   

Step 1. Understand The Science

Step 2. Lose Fat Through Better Eating  

Step 3. Exercise The Right Muscles Regularly

Step 4. Wear Dresses That Give You A Booty

Step 5. Use Underwear To Enhance Your Shape

Step 6. Consistently Apply These Steps For Lifelong Booty Definition


The good news is that getting a bigger butt is within everyone’s reach. It’s a matter of understanding what to do and then applying oneself correctly. It isn't complicated however requires some dedication. 

In this article, we remove all the mystery and supply you with the basics to move forward on your journey to achieve a shapely rear. We cover the science, the nutritional and exercise requirements, and the best dresses to show off your posterior in the making.  

Big bottoms are always in style - a thank you to the Black and Latino community who flaunt them with panache. Those who have them naturally are doing the right exercises, eating correctly and loving it. There is no doubt that a significant rear brings with it confidence and ease in the sexiest of bandage dresses.

Step 1. Understand The Science 

Your Glutes

Your bottom is made up of three primary muscles, the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus, better known as your glutes.

The gluteus maximus, the biggest and most important of the three, helps raise your thigh to the side, rotate your leg and thrust your hip forward. Movements like standing up from a chair or performing a squat, are powered by this muscle. 

The other two muscles assist the gluteus maximus, and together the three muscles are responsible for the shape of your booty.

The Need For Exercise

Strengthen your glutes with exercise, and you are on your way to a rounded and well-defined shape. It’s these muscles that provide the form, tone and larger size of your booty.

Rather like your abs provide your tummy with a six-pack, your glutes do the same for your behind. You might do sit-ups to exercise your abs, well your glutes need a set of similarly targeted exercises to grow. 

The Need To Reduce Fat

Even the best-exercised glutes will not contribute to a more significant and toned rear if too much fat covers them.

To make your shape stand out, you need to let your glutes shine through. Reducing the amount of fat on your behind to allow your glutes to be more visible is the answer. 

The Exercise Nutrition Regime

The balance of fat and muscle tone defines how shaped, and visible your glutes are. Most enviable behinds will have quite prominent glutes from exercising, with a lot less body fat concealing them. So this is an ideal goal.

Plan to lose fat on your behind by eating correctly and building up the size of your glutes through proper exercise. How big and perfect your shape looks depends on how far you go with this exercise and nutrition combination.

To estimate the task ahead, the article “what body fat percentages look like” allows you to visualize your body fat percentage. And how far you have to go.

In the remainder of this article, we run through each of these steps in more detail. 

Step 2. Lose Fat On Your Behind By Eating Better 

Reducing the fat on your glutes is about nutrition. It requires eating fewer calories than your body burns (a calorie deficit). And watching what calories you consume.

Look to increase your protein intake which is essential for muscle growth and reduce your carbs, which helps you lose fat.

Ensure that the total calories you eat are less than all the calories you are burning. Work this out by using a calorie counter, and some trial and error to find what works for you.

Eat enough to have the energy to live and for your workouts. This balance is essential, don’t overextend your calorie deficit. Eat properly and get plenty of rest.

Read more

How Many Calories Should I Eat To Lose Weight

Low Carb Diets Burn Fat

What to Eat

Your diet is paramount for a healthy, sexy body and watching what you eat is critical when you want a well-defined behind. Here are some foods to incorporate into your diet. All should help shed fat and tone your bottom. 

14 Ways to Blast Fat with Food

Yes, you read that right. Did you know that you can eat to lose weight? Simply changing or adding a few things to a balanced and healthy diet can help you fight fat, get lean faster, and give you a boost of much-needed energy. All positive factors in trimming the fat from your behind.  

Certain foods help you lose those unwanted pounds as they eliminate toxins, boost your metabolism, and trigger the right hormones. Start adding these foods to your shopping list today.

13 Fruits To Eat For Weight Loss

Fresh fruit is healthy and loaded with minerals and antioxidants. However many contain high levels of carbohydrates and calories, and therefore it pays to watch which ones you eat.

Some aid your weight loss goals and are natural fat burners. Our article on the 13 fruits to eat for weight loss will help you understand this better. 

Easy Prep Meals To Keep You Trim

With jam-packed schedules and ever-increasing to-do lists, finding the time to plan and cook meals is difficult. Settling for quick processed foods or take-outs every other day is not a healthy alternative because, well, mostly they are bad for you. A solution is to prepare healthy meals in advance because this is a great way to keep trim on the go.

13 Prepackaged Foods To Avoid

Delicious and easy-to-eat, prepackaged foods do more harm to your health than you realize. Foods that are pre-packed can contain high amounts of sodium, MSG, and artificial colors, and low amounts of fiber and nutrients. The cans or packages that these foods come in may also have harmful ingredients. 

8 Dinner Salads You Can Eat Guilt Free

Make your salad with a healthy leafy green and packed with vegetables and wholesome goodness. With some preparation, you can be eating the delights of an Apple and Cabbage Salad, Thai Citrus Chicken Salad or an Orange Pomegranate Shrimp Salad. All wholesome and healthy! 

How To Eat Well For Busy Women

Pay attention to what goes into your body to stay mentally and physically fit. You may not have the time to plan elaborate meals or try lengthy recipes every night. But a few smart food choices will help you eat well throughout your day. In this article, we share tips on what eating well means and how to eat better in the midst of your hectic schedule.

Step 3. Exercise Your Butt Muscles Regularly

Science requires you to build up your glutes. It's these muscles that ultimately give you shape and the size we all desire.

Combined with eating correctly, a targeted set of exercises will improve shape and size making you the envy of all girls. Target your legs, thighs, and glute muscles for the most efficient outcome. 

These articles provide insights into the best exercises for a booty targeting exercise routine. 

25 Exercises to Give You a Booty

If you want to improve the shape of your booty, then the activities in this article are valid things to do. A shapely toned booty is possible for all us - without injections or implants. These exercises have been proven to be useful in making your buttocks curvaceous and more defined.

15 Secrets of a Natural Tummy Tuck

Getting a natural tummy tuck is not about trying to look like a model or cutting back on all your favorite snacks. Instead, we take a more holistic approach such as drinking more water, reducing stress, targeted exercise, and eating a more balanced diet.

Follow this natural tummy tuck regime and reap the benefits of a pert behind.  

12 Reasons Women Need to Deadlift

Experts believe that the deadlift is one of the most suitable forms of exercise for those looking to build strength and fitness, and to boost overall health,  even rivaling the squat

It's also perfect for women who are after a toned and shapely booty.

11 Reasons To Do Squats

Cardio only takes you so far on the path to a perfectly proportioned body. Weight training exercises are crucial to help you build lean muscles and boost your strength.

While there are many weight training exercises to choose from, the one activity to rule them all is the squat. For quick and lasting results from your workout routine and for the perfect derriere, you should make friends with this dynamic exercise.

Step 4. Wear Dresses That Give You A Booty

shape your booty

Sturdy bandage dresses shape your most significant asset!

Bandage dresses are a figure-hugging style designed to show off your curves. We make them from a durable bandage material that shapes your sexy rear, and the rest of your body. Use them as a last resort when lagging on your exercise and eating regimen, because they are the perfect booty dresses.    

Baby Blue Bandage Dress

baby blue bandage dress shows off butt

The Baby Blue Bandage Dress is a two-piece dress set that features a sexy pencil skirt and off-shoulder bodice. The skirt hits about 2 to 3 inches below your knees, giving your legs the illusion of going on forever. The high waist design pulls in your tummy and shapes your lower body profile. It hugs your derriere like a taut second skin. 

The durable fabric supports and lifts your shape, while the material is stretchy enough to keep you comfortable as you move about and socialize.

Gold Embellished Long Bandage Dress

gold and white bandage dress

The Gold Embellished Bandage Dress has been a bestseller since we added it to the shop a few seasons ago. If you have to pick a dress for an upscale party that makes you stand out from the crowd, this does the job. The dress features gold accents and wide straps with a high waist skirt. The eye-catching design and gold accents add just the right amount of bling.

We made this dress from our luxury bandage stretch fabric to keep you comfortable for hours and let you move around freely without compromising your style. The form-fitting material ensures that your bottom is supported and shaped.

Silver Metallic Bandage Dress

silver bandage dress

Shimmer away in this glamorous bandage dress designed to be soft, thick, and stretchy. It offers the perfect blend of figure-hugging comfort. The sleeveless dress with spaghetti straps ends a few inches above your knees, making it a flattering outfit to flaunt both your arms and toned legs.

The soft-foil finish and the mix of rayon, nylon, and spandex make this dress our pick for events that demand us to stand out and shine. The stretchy fabric supports your body and pulls in any bulges. It accentuates your bottom providing a flattering definition.

Light Pink Off Shoulder Midi Bandage Dress

sweet pink midi bandage dress

Ultra-feminine, sexy, and sophisticated are the perfect words to describe this pink bandage dress. The dress compliments your body and slims your waistline. The lovely pink color adds a rosy glow to your skin. The midi hemline hit 2 to 3 inches below your knee for modest sex appeal that works at family-friendly functions and in the club.

The off-shoulder style provides just the right balance of modesty and sex appeal. Pair this little pink dress with high heels, and you are all set to look your charming best for brunch with the girls or any other special occasions.

Marilee Blue Cap Sleeve Bandage Dress 

blue bandage dress with booty

This bright blue bandage dress is the one to pick when you want to look stunning without being flashy. The hemline is short and hits about 3 to 4 inches above your knee for booty popping appeal. The cap sleeves and halter type neckline add to it's chic, sexy look and the high back ensures that you show just the right amount of skin. The stretchy yet strong material supports your body and hugs your buttocks, making your assets look well-rounded and naturally defined.  

Black Classic Cap Sleeve Bandage Dress

black classic bandage dress

Our Black Classic Bandage Dress is perfect for a night out or a date as it helps you balance style, class, and sex appeal. The textured fabric and bandage inspired wrap design gives the illusion of being more slender offering a sensuous look.

This dress features a shorter hemline. The fabric is designed to hug your body like a second skin so it will define your rear and show off your hips without rising as you move - ensuring you have no wardrobe malfunctions.

Gunna White Midi Bandage Dress

white midi bandage dress

Look beyond the LBD for the next party you have to attend and steal the show in this chic white number. We crafted this bandage dress from superior quality material to define your curves. The midi-style dress reaches just below the knee, making it perfect for formal occasions.

At the same time, the sleeveless style and square neckline give just the right amount of exposure. The dress eliminates the worry of being transparent (a typical problem with white outfits) as the thick fabric ensures no see-through debacles. The color is crisp and sure, making your bottom look more prominent and naturally more shapely.

Scarlett Sexy Red Bandage Dress

red bandage dress with booty

Paint the town red with this Kewl Shop bestseller that instantly transforms your look. We made this short red bandage dress from a stretchable, comfortable fabric that hugs your form for a defined derrière. It features a cross design on the upper body and an exposed back, while a soft glossy finish makes it even more arresting.

It is a sleeveless dress that allows you to flaunt your arms. Pair it with high heels, and you are all set to be the head turner at every party.

Cute Blue Sweety Flared Bandage Dress

blue flared bandage dress

This beautiful blue dress is a bandage dress with a twist as it features a slight flare in the lower body area. The A-line cut with a natural waistline, and sleeveless design gives you a slim, feminine silhouette. It features a layered style with ruffles that complement the bright color beautifully for a fun, flirty vibe.

The scalloped hemline ends above the knee and compliments the scoop-neckline. It draws attention to your legs and rear end. The material falls beautifully on your behind, highlighting the area, to give you graceful curves.

Stylish Black Backless Bandage Dress

black bandage dress with booty

Bold, sexy, and backless is what defines this short black bandage dress. The high-quality stretch fabric hugs your curves and shapes your tush. The low-scooped back and short hemline hit 3 to 4 inches above your knee for a fit that is sexy and flattering.

The overall design and style of this dress is versatile and works for a variety of events ranging from the club to an upscale lounge.  

Sakura Pink Off Shoulder Bandage Dress

nude pink off shoulder bandage dress

If graceful and chic is your style, you will love this bandage dress in nude pink that lends a sophisticated look for any occasion. The modest midi length ends just at the knees while the off-shoulder neckline and crisscross pattern keeps it stylish and charming.

Pair it with nude pumps to give your legs the illusion of going on forever. The entire dress has a horizontal texture and substantial stretch that tucks in any bulges and shows off only the right curves. The more extended hemline gives your bottom a defined shape and presents a curvy body and a feminine profile.  

Kelly Front Zipper Bandage Dress

sexy green bandage dress

For those who want to make a style statement with a classy, unique outfit, this bandage dress in an unusual dark green hue is a perfect choice. While the thick, stretch material gives you all the advantages of a typical bandage dress, the zip along the front of the dress makes it different from the rest. The short sleeves, V-neck, and the short hemline keep things sexy while the closed back ensures that you are not showing too much skin.

The color is flattering and profound. It works to give your body the illusion of being curvy and shapely.

Step 5. Use Underwear To Enhance Your Shape

When you are trying to accentuate your rear end, choosing the right lingerie with every dress becomes vital. Visible panty lines negate the sex appeal of the most stylish outfits. 

From thongs to g-strings to basic lace panties, choosing the right underwear plays a prominent role in how your booty shapes up in your jeans, pants, and skirts.

The Pros and Cons of Waist Trainers

Waist training helps to slim your waist and produce an hourglass figure. The result is flattering to your rear and puts it firmly on show. Be sure you understand the pros and cons of this technique before diving into it.

What to Wear Under your Dress 

Finding the perfect bandage dress is only half of our battles. Aside from the more visible parts of our look, like earrings, purse, and hairstyle we still have the challenge of finding suitable undergarments.

Depending on the dress you may be on the hunt for bras, seamless panties, or some Spanx to give you shape and support for the night.

Step 6. Consistently Apply These Steps For Lifelong Booty Definition

To get a natural and bigger butt takes some effort and strategy. Rather than haphazardly hitting the gym consider incorporating some of the exercise tips we’ve discussed in our articles. Pay close attention to what you eat and avoid foods that may cause your tummy to bloat. Then, to maximize your bigger and shapely curves wear dresses and styles that are booty popping. 

Miranda Lambert once said, “I don't mind having a big bottom - they're back in style. But I do a lot of squats to make sure my booty's not dragging on the ground.” A bigger behind requires time and effort to maintain. Don’t lose heart, stick to it, and patiently wait for your results.

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