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How to Get a Bigger Butt

Posted on December 05 2016

get a bigger butt

We all fell in love with Kim Kardashian in 2007 and we’ve been loving her ever since. Kim is one of the only socialites in the world known for her sexy figure and curves. Her confidence in her body and looks has inspired women around the world. One of Kim’s most admirable qualities is her booty. It’s big, shapely, and fabulous. So most of us want one just like hers.

A quick peek at Instagram and you are overwhelmed with ideas and tricks on how to get a shapely butt and figure. Women everywhere are considering everything from waist trainers to butt implants to get a Kim inspired derriere.

From eating the right foods to conquering how to do a proper squat, getting a bigger butt is within your reach. There is a common misconception that to get a bigger butt you must get implants or use specifically designed underwear.

Naturally at The Kewl Shop, we focus on natural remedies and approaches to getting the curvy figure every woman envies. In this post we have compiled all our articles that focus on keeping your waistline slim and your booty poppin’.

Getting a sexy butt ensures that you are confident in your clothes and love the way your body looks in everything from a sexy bandage dress to a simple pair of jeans.

Getting a Bigger Butt With Exercise

One of the most overlooked ways to get a bigger booty is to target your legs, thighs, and butt muscles. Beginning an exercise regime that specifically targets your butt can give it shape and lift. Butt exercises can also make your backside more firm and defined. 

These articles provide insights into the best exercises to incorporate into your exercise routine to get a more shapely and bigger butt. 

11 Exercises to Give You a Booty

Whether your unhappiness with your derriere is a result of having lost weight or simply because you are not satisfied with what your mama gave you - a shapely toned booty is possible for all us - without injections or implants. These exercises have been proven to be effective in making your buttocks curvaceous and more defined.

13 Effective Exercises to Target Your Waistline

A slim waistline adds balance to your body and helps it pop and stand out. Have you ever noticed that going on a diet and losing weight is not enough to get a slim and trim waistline? Your waist size is bound to reduce when you lose some weight, but a toned waistline requires a little more hard work, dedication, and targeted exercises. A well defined waistline gives you a feminine profile that is curvy, attractive, and ideal for showing off your gorgeous feminine proportions.

15 Secrets to a Natural Tummy Tuck

Getting a natural tummy tuck is not about trying to look like a model or cutting back on all your favorite snacks. Instead we take a more holistic approach such as drinking more water, reducing stress, and adding more fiber to your diet. Keeping your waistline and tummy slim is one of the first steps to getting a more defined booty.

12 Reasons Women Need to Deadlift

To put it simply, deadlifting is called so because it refers to lifting dead weights from the ground. Usually, equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells are used for this weight training exercise, and experts believe that it is one of the most suitable forms of exercise for those looking to build strength and fitness, and promote a toned and shapely booty.

11 Reasons To Do Squats

Squats not only tone your legs and thighs, but give your booty shape and definition. Squats are excellent because they are beneficial to your entire body and give you the perfect curves in any sexy dress. They are also easily done anywhere and require no equipment. Squats improve muscle mass and enable you to do your daily activities with energy and agility.

Styles and Clothes That Give You a Booty

What you wear plays a key role is your sex appeal, confidence, and body image. If you put on clothes that are too loose you risk losing shape and concealing your feminine proportions. Here are a few style tips and insights on what to wear to give your butt shape and definition. 

12 Bandage Dresses That Give You a Booty

A bandage dress is one piece of clothing that every woman needs in her wardrobe. It is a figure-hugging style designed to show off your curves and make a statement wherever you go. Celebrities and socialites alike have chosen to wear sexy bandage dresses to various events including awards shows, parties, and even on nights out on the town. The dresses are often spotted on Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, and Jennifer Lopez. At The Kewl Shop, we have bandage dresses to suit every body type and style.

The Pros and Cons of Waist Trainers

What exactly is waist training? Waist training is defined as a process of using waist trainers or cinchers to reduce your natural waist size and accentuate your curves. However, whether they actually help you or create more problems for you is debatable. So we did our own research to learn more about the trainers to help you decide if they are right for you.

How to Give Your Body Shape and Curves

If you have been trying to achieve a sexy figure with curves in all the right places (think Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian), there are certain exercises and diet tricks that may help you get there. Here are a few tips to get that lovely, curvaceous body and booty we all have begun to caveat.

Bodycon Dresses vs. Bandage Dresses: What is the real difference?

Bandage dresses are every woman’s best friend because they shape, smooth, and support the natural lines and profile of a woman. As the self proclaimed authority of bandage dresses for real women here’s a quick guide to help you recognize a bandage dress and how to find one that works for your body and defines your booty.

The Best Body Shapers for Women

When it comes to style and fashion we all turn to “helpers” every now and again (even if it is just a little bit). Whether help arrives in the form of our trusted falsies or an infallible push-up bra, finding your go to secret weapons to ensure your look is complete, sexy, and polished every single time takes patience and fortitude.

The Secret to Booty Definition  

Getting a bigger butt naturally takes effort and strategy. Rather than haphazardly hitting the gym consider incorporating some of the exercise tips we’ve discuss in our articles. Pay close attention to what you eat and avoid foods that may cause your tummy to bloat.

Miranda Lambert once said, “I don't mind having a big butt - they're back in style. But I do a lot of squats to make sure my booty's not dragging on the ground.” A bigger butt requires time and effort to maintain. In your pursuit of a bigger butt don’t lose heart, stick to it, and patiently wait for your results. 

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