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Flirting with a girl by text might seem complicated, especially with all the added craziness of modern-day dating. However, we're confident that you can have better, more enjoyable communication with the girl you like with these texting tips. 

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Introduction - Flirting By Text Is Hard

Essential Tips To Flirting With Women By Text

1. Find An Intro That Interests

2. Incorporate Warmth And Sincerity

3. Use The Right Reminders

4. Don't Act Entitled

5. Absence Of Arguments

6. Down With Overcrowding

7. Some Extra Emojis


Flirting By Text Is Hard

We've all been there.

You've got that crush who you're starting to get feelings for a lot. The suspense is building, and you're interested. 

Suddenly, that person sends you a crazy text that's entirely off the rails. It drops all those warm, intimate feelings down into a pile of confusion. Um, hello? Where did those weird texts even come from? If only they knew how to text you the right way.

It's essential to understand one crucial aspect of flirting with girls by text - text is written and is far different from flirting in person, where you can use your tone of voice and body language to convey so much more.  

With texting, it's easy to make mistakes, and so you should try to avoid it and instead find every opportunity to meet and flirt in person.

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Essential Tips To Flirting With Women By Text

Remember that written communication has specific characteristics that everyone from an essay-writing graduate student to a bodytite professional uses to communicate their thoughts and feelings. 

Subtle nuances in presentation and arrangement can either make or break a chat with a girl. So if you must flirt with a girl by text, here are a few essential tips that can help you.   

1. Find An Intro That Interests

Beginning your text with "hey" or "what's up" are things you might say to a friend. 

However, when texting a girl to flirt, you'll want to add elements of conversation to your introduction that give your text a little bit of intrigue and not put the weight of the conversation back on her with a simple "yo." 

She deserves more than just a bit of small talk or a one-word introduction that communicates little in terms of its depth of information.

Show the girl you're texting you're interested in what's happening with her and her life. Ask her if anything interesting occurred during the day. If you met on a dating app, respond to her profile to show that you have been paying attention.

You can also share something funny that happened with you, which you think that she'll enjoy. In turn, she might give great response and share part of her day (or night) with you. 

Putting a bit of care and effort into your text intro creates a more engaging conversation and leads to a more enjoyable texting experience between you both.

Texts to Try: 

● "Hello, how is your day going, is your Monday as exciting as you thought it would be?

● "Hi, there! I hope you had a good week. What mischief are you getting up to over the weekend? (smiley) 

2. Incorporate Warmth And Sincerity

If you're warming up to a girl, then you have hopefully learned something about her hobbies, interests, or life goals. 

Clear communication between individuals brings out more about ourselves. Perhaps you've learned about aspects such as her artistic talents or her taste in music or film that you wholeheartedly enjoy. 

If you do, then let her know! These are much more unique and sincere than typical compliments about looks, which most women get all the time. 

Compliments about looks are surface-level praises that don't speak to the deeper levels of talents, skills, and desires that your crush has. 

If you notice something cool about her character, then tell her during your text conversation.  

And if there's something particular about her looks that you've found more significant than other women, you can let her know in a more uniquely-shaped way. 

You compliment the color of her eyes or how her hair color shines in the light is much better than simply calling her "hot."  

Be sincere with your compliments, and they might have the girl you're flirting with warm up to you as well.  

Texts to Try: 

● "Your dog is adorable. How long have you had it?"

● "You've got such a vibrant voice. Do you sing?"

● "Wow, your eyes are such a beautiful shade of green." 

3. Use The Right Reminders

Mostly everyone enjoys being told that you were thinking about them or reminded of them somehow. 

However, you have to tell them in the right context. Messages that have good intentions but read "I thought about you today" can have an off-putting effect that does the very opposite of what you want. 

You don't want to come off as weird or give her a level of discomfort. Instead, text her that you've been thinking about her but in a gentle and approachable way.

Find something in your day that reminded you of her and use it in your text. These can be a multitude of topics: 

● A song or track from an artist that you both enjoy

● A movie or TV show that you think she'd like

● Great food that you think she'd savor

● An exciting topic or video that you'd love to hear her opinion about 

Using these ideas, in turn, sparks the conversation, leading to new areas of interest that will keep the dialogue going. 

Letting her know that you thought about her can add a smile to her face. And who knows: maybe you'll find more topics that you both can't wait to talk more about next time.

Texts to Try:

● "I love The Weeknd! Blinding Lights is definitely my workout anthem, lol."

● "You have to try the food at Savannah Blue! It's sooo tasty."

● "Hey, I saw that episode of Friends today where Joey and Rachel go sailing. lol, so funny 😂😂😂"

4. Don't Act Entitled

Not acting entitled with your texts is all about self-awareness. 

If you've not been talking to a girl for a long time, and haven't built up a sizeable conversational relationship with her, then do you think it's alright to start demanding "pics" or other things from her? Probably not. 

Maybe you both will get more intimate with your messages in time. But at the beginning point in a flirty conversation, the tone is a very casual one. 

Asking for pics, being greedy to hang out or go on a date - all of these are big no-no's. Take the time to build up your conversational experience by asking more about her, getting to know her interests, and having a light-hearted conversation in general. 

These questions will keep your conversation moving along and will be far more beneficial than awkward asks.  

Texts NOT To Try:

● "Okay, but pics???"

● "When we meeting up?🤨🤨🤨" 

● "Are you ever going to respond?"

5. Absence Of Arguments

How do you feel when someone tells you that you're wrong about something? Doesn't it feel even worse when it's in the middle of a conversation that's been going enjoyably well? 

No matter who the dialogue is with, a change in tone to the negative can be harmful to a conversation and your view of that particular individual. 

You may be a teacher, a professional in an area of business, or an expert in a particular field. Women like a man with deep intelligence. However, texts aren't the place to start handing out advice or, even worse, argue with women over a particular topic. 

Keeping the conversation fun and engaging is the best approach.

If you feel that you're about to have a sudden reaction to a topic she brings up or something she says, reel it in and keep the subject focused on the two most important things at the moment: she and you.

Texts NOT to Try:

● "No, you're totally wrong."

● "You would probably get more attention if you smiled more." 

6. Down With Overcrowding

Not texting too much is one of the essential tips you can have when flirting with a girl. So make sure that you aren't texting too much or crowding up the conversation. 

If the girl you're texting says "good night" or "I've gotta go," then that's your cue to say goodbye as well. 

Many men don't understand this and will try to keep the dialogue moving at their own pace without realizing that the conversation is over. That's an easy way to bring up a red flag and have her lose interest in you.

She might be busy, doing something else at the moment, or merely having a bad day (which we all sometimes have). 

Regardless, if you're getting a negative response from the woman you're flirting with, it might be a good time to exit the conversation. Ensure you're correctly assessing the situation and know when is the right time to stop.

And if she stops responding, then its best to do nothing, and wait.  

Texts NOT to Try:

● "Whatever, I guess I'm not important."

● "You know, you can just say you don't like me."

● "😡😡😡"

7. Some Extra Emojis


There are differing opinions about using emojis when it comes to flirty texting. 

Emojis are a function of every written communication in the digital space these days, from social media posts to online advertisements. Ignoring the presence of emojis and not utilizing them is like trying to run a sprint with your legs tied together. 

Emojis are a communication resource that portrays funny, sincere, or even sexy emotions you can use in your dialogue.

However, using too many emojis can hinder your flirting--especially if you haven't been talking to the girl for a long time. 

Putting in an extended amount of "peaches" or "kissy face" emojis while you're having a natural conversation with the girl you're trying to romance may have the opposite effect, as it may come off as being too forceful. 

The best tactic to use with emojis in texting is a balanced approach. Read the situation and use emojis appropriately.

Texts to Try: 

● "Hey there! 😊 What are you up to right now?"

● "Can't wait to see you tonight. 😘"   


Girl happily texting and flirting

Flirting with a girl by text might seem complicated, especially with all the added craziness of modern-day dating. However, we're confident that you can have better, more enjoyable communication with the girl you like with these texting tips. 

Knowing how to share your interests, be sincere with your admirations, and utilize the different aspects of written communication are ways that you can start building up a great conversation with the girl you have your heart set on. 

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