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Last updated on : July 29 2021

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What Is A Bush Doof - And What To Wear

For anyone that has never been to a bush doof before - an electronic music festival within a rural setting - it can be challenging to know what to wear.

Although not precisely a bush doof, the most well-known example of something similar is the Burning Man festival held in the middle of the Nevada desert. 

So any outfits or items of clothing that you have seen people wearing there are more than ideal for a conventional bush doof. 

So that you can look the part for the next bush doof that you go to, we have put together a handy list of does and do not - one for men and one for women. 

However, before we do that, let us look back at what partygoers used to wear when attending a bush doof and see how this has evolved into what people wear nowadays.

The History Of Bush Doof Clothing

Initially, people just wore whatever they wanted or had on them to attend a bush doof - there were no hard or fast rules for clothing.

In most instances where people did have a choice or cared about what they wore to a bush doof, they opted for earthy, easy to wear, and considered to be somewhat hippyish - these all fitted in with the vibe of the idea behind bush doofs. 

To get an idea of this look, think harem trousers and t-shirts covered in tie-dye. However, for most people, functionality was always more important than style. 

Then all of a sudden, bush doof fashion became a whole thing of its own, and people started to care more about what they looked like rather than how comfortable they felt in what they were wearing. 

As a result of this change, you may notice things like body glitter, decorative headpieces, and highly elaborate costumes on display the next time you go to a bush doof.

What Men Should Wear

Man wearing bush doof clothing

Going to a bush doof provides you with the opportunity to wear something that you would not typically wear in a typical day-to-day life.

However, rather than being like many blokes and going shirtless, why not wear some bright colored, patterned, or textured shirt. After all, you can always go topless at the beach if you want to show off your body. 

Take this opportunity to go a bit crazy. 

When it comes to headwear, if you decide on putting on a hat (recommended for the hot sun), make sure it is a bucket hat - everyone loves these. 

Denim is an excellent material for a bush doof and can be worn in the form of a shirt, a jacket, a pair of jeans, or a pair of shorts. The material is an easy option for anyone unsure what to wear but also wants to look good.

Whether it is sunny out or not, a pair of crazy sunglasses always go down well with other ravers at a bush doof. These do not have to be expensive purchases. Sometimes the cheapest, naffest sunglasses make the best purchase for this type of event. 

Also, if you do not spend much money on sunglasses, you do not need to worry about them getting broken or lost - both things that can quickly happen at a bush doof.

As far as your feet are concerned, it should all be about comfort. 

You want to be able to dance around and throw shapes long into the night, and you will not be able to do that with something on your feet that is causing you any pain or discomfort. 

A bright pair of comfy sneakers or some easy slip-on sliders are the ideal choices. 

The most hardcore bush doofers forget footwear altogether and go for the barefoot option instead, although this is something that we do not recommend; after all, there are too many creepy crawlies and things that can harm you out there in the bush. 

For this reason, we recommend that you always have your feet covered up with some form of footwear.

What Women Should Wear

Woman wearing bush doof clothing

Steer clear of the floral flower headbands - these have been done and done and are now at the point where they are just tacky. If you want to wear something on your head, then perhaps go for a bandana instead. 

Given the heat of a bush doof (and the potential for spilled drinks all over your outfit), you should refrain from wearing any leather, fur, or suede. 

These types of events are not the time nor the place for heavy layers.

It would help if you avoided high-heeled shoes. While they may look good and set off your outfit, they will not be kind to your feet while out in the bush. Plus, you want to dance freely, and in this type of footwear, you cannot do that. 

You want to make sure that you have a bum bag with you to keep all of your valuables on your person at all times safely and securely. Having something strapped around your waist, instead of on your shoulder or in your hands, means you have your hands free to dance and enjoy the experience to the max.

While many women that go to a bush doof opt to go all-natural and wear no makeup at all, if you are one of those ladies that cannot go anywhere without a bit of makeup on, then make sure that it can withstand the intense heat that comes with going to a bush doof. 

Your makeup should also be sweatproof, as things can get pretty hot and sweaty on the middle of the dance floor. 

Rather than conventional makeup, some women go all out for the occasion and don some face paint instead. 

Go to any rural festival for the day, and you will likely see several faces completely covered in paint.

Be Whoever You Want To Be

Now that you know what you should and should not be wearing, head over to the bush doof clothing online store where you can get your hands on some of these items of clothing for yourself. 

Whatever you decide to wear to a bush doof, remember that it says lots about who you are as a person, and for some people, this is an essential thing indeed. 

By dressing as your authentic self, you will attract others who are just like you, thus enhancing your festival experience. 

Do not forget that a significant part of the attraction of a bush doof is the freedom to go a bit crazy and do things you would not normally do in your everyday life. 

So why not let your hair down and dress a bit sexy, wild, or silly for a laugh. After all, everyone is there for the same thing (to have a good time), so no one at a bush doof is judgemental about how you are dressed. 

Try Popular Culture

One way of getting some attention through the clothes you wear at a bush doof is by opting for popular culture. 

So the next time that you head out to a festival in the wilderness, put something on from your favorite TV series or movie and have some fun. 

One great idea is to don some Mad Max inspired attire - after all, Mad Max was set within the Australian bush, so it is very apt. It is also likely to be a great conversation starter and gain you some new friends. 

However, it would help if you tried not to go too over the top, as at a bush doof, comfort is paramount. A balance between style and comfort is what you should achieve to maximize your bush doof experience fully. After all, you still want to dance around and throw some shapes even in 40-degree heat.


Bush doof party

The essence of a bush doof is coming together with others to have fun in a conscious and earth-centered way. 

Having fun means that if you use certain products, such as body glitter, then go to the effort of buying the more eco-friendly stuff - the flora and fauna that exist out in the bush will thank you for it. 

Another way of being more sustainable and earth-conscious is to ditch fast fashion and instead opt to wear some more longer-lasting items, which you can wear for multiple bush doofs. 

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