How To Do Eyebrows - A Style Guide For Perfect Eyebrows

Last updated on : June 27 2021

how to do eyebrows

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They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul.

Nowadays, your eyebrows and eyelashes are a big part of how others see your facial beauty - so it is essential to get your eyebrows as perfect as you can, and this article explains how. 

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Why Do We Have Eyebrows

How To Find Your Eyebrow Shape

Eyebrow Shaping Tutorials

How To Style Your Eyebrows At Home


Why Do We Have Eyebrows 

No one knows for sure, but the belief is that we have them to stop sweat and little bits of dirt falling into our eyes. This theory makes sense.

But did you realize that they are also crucial for how we communicate between ourselves? 

Raised eyebrows might mean you are surprised or are questioning something, whereas tight set, pulled together eyebrows usually indicate you are angry. 

So yes, eyebrows are part of your facial features that help you to express yourself.

Of course, here at The Kewl Blog, we think they are beauty assets and can make or break a look. With the right shaping and beauty techniques, you can work magic with them. 

Read more to learn.

How To Find Your Eyebrow Shape

eyebrow tutorials

Eyebrows vary from woman to woman. Some women have brows that are not precisely symmetrical, others too thin or unruly. 

Your eyebrows are comfortably shaped and styled with a little bit of direction, expertise, and care.

Your facial bone structure should dictate the shape of your eyebrows. 

If you are at a loss as to which eyebrow shape is perfect for you, consider your facial structure and these insights. 

Round Face

If your face is most extensive around your cheek area, with the length and width of your face being almost equal, you have a round-shaped look. Miranda Kerr has a round face shape.

Your focus is to give your face the illusion of being longer and leaner. So steer clear of rounded brows as they make your round face look even more round. Instead, create an eyebrow shape with a higher arch.

By creating a vertical lift, people's eyes will be drawn up and down, thereby giving the illusion of a longer and leaner face.

Oval Face

If you have an oval face, you have defined cheekbones, a full forehead, and a face silhouette that narrows gracefully at the chin. Oprah has an oval-shaped face.

Your eyebrow goal for your oval face is to keep them simple. 

Softly arched brows are the perfect way to achieve this goal. Avoid too thinly shaped eyebrows maintaining your natural shape for the most complimenting look.

Long Face

Long faces have an elongated shape from the forehead to the chin, similar to Brooke Shields and Julia Ormond.

If you have a long face, you may need to make your face appear a little shorter to restore balance. 

The best eyebrow shape is a flat eyebrow that works as a horizontal border to divide the face visually and make it appear more proportional.

Often long face shapes face the battle of a face that appears flat. By reducing the arch in your eyebrows, you will provide depth to your face and more definition.

Square Face

Perhaps the most prominent feature of a square-shaped face is a strong, bony, and square jawline. Angelina Jolie has a square look.

If you have a square face, the width of your forehead, jawline, and cheekbones are practically even. 

Your face may appear too hard without a counterbalance, so your eyebrows are essential. Your focus is to soften your jawline and restore balance.

Let your face dictate the ideal shape for you. Start with curved brows and gradually fashion a little more angle until the form compliments your jawline. In general, the stronger the jawline, the more angular you need to go.

A defined and clear sharp arch at the top of your eyebrows offsets your face's squareness and softens your appearance.

Diamond Face

This type of face shape is not very common. Highly angular curves in a face that is widest at the forehead characterize this shape. 

The focus with a diamond-shaped face is to make your temple area appear a little less broad. Do this with a curved eyebrow shape.

Heart Shape

If your face tapers towards a pointed chin, you have a heart-shaped one similar to Lisa Kudrow, Julia Roberts, and Madonna.

Heart-shaped faces also tend to have prominent foreheads. 

The goal is to balance your pointed chin and draw attention away from your forehead. 

The best way to achieve this goal is to create a rounded and curved brow with a soft, feminine low arch. Keep adding more volume to the brow till you feel like you have balanced your pointed chin and forehead adequately.

Start Minimal

Your face shape and bone structure play critical roles in finding eyebrows that complement your style and look. 

When working to achieve or find the perfect arch and eyebrow shape for your face, start with very minimal shaping at a time.

Avoid shaping in large portions. Instead, shape in small sections to avoid over styled eyebrows. Remove one or two hairs rather than an entire line.

Eyebrow Shaping Tutorials

Here are some video tutorials supporting the above. 

Tutorial 1 - How to find your face shape. This video lays out a few easy steps to see your face shape. 

Tutorial 2 - Eyebrow shaping tutorial for beginners. This video is for those who have never shaped or attempted to do anything with their eyebrows before.

    The tutorial covers the following steps in some detail:

    • Brush out your brows properly.
    • Outline and draw the shape you want with eyebrow pencil or eyeliners.
    • Trim away or pluck those areas outside the shape you drew
    • Shade in the areas that might be a little thin

    Once you have found your perfect form, you need to style your eyebrows. 

    How to Style Your Eyebrows At Home

    eyebrow tutorial and guides

    Follow this high-level process if you're styling your brows at home.  

    1. Never Over Pluck

    Never over pluck should probably be written in capital letters. Always strive to keep the shape of the eyebrows close to their natural form. 

    Over plucking is one of the most common mistakes that leave ladies in the wrong shape. It is the reason some people are walking out there looking surprised, angry, or sad when they are not.

    For full effect, leave your eyebrows alone first so that they can reach their full potential. Restrain yourself from plucking the hairs for at least six or eight weeks. Longer eyebrows allow you to see your natural shape better.

    2. Use the Proper Tools

    Research good female eyebrow razors to help you get the proper shape. Other tools that you may need for the job include:

    • Slanted/Pointed tweezers – These are a must-have as they help to pluck out any hairs you do not want. Beginners can use the slanted option and move to a pointed version for better precision.
    • Brow Definer – these are handy if you have stray grey or white hairs or if any sparse brows need to be plumped up.
    • Smudger or grooming brush – A smudger helps to soften the look of the eyebrow pencil while the brush is used to comb hairs into place.
    • Brow Shaper – This is a gel that you can use to tame the eyebrows and style them as you wish.
    • Eye pencil – Is what you will use to define the shape of the brows. It is a must-have in your toolkit.

    Choose the color of the eye pencil carefully to keep a natural look. It must blend in well with your face's tone so that the eyebrows fit right in instead of having a misplaced look.

    Remember that you must also consider your face's shape to arrive at brows that maximize your overall look.

    3. Create your Shape

    creating your eyebrow shape

    Use the shaping techniques above to determine your ideal brow shape and arch. Outline your preferred brow shape with a brow pencil and then remove only the hairs that fall outside this outline. 

    Consider using an eyebrow stencil to help. These provide additional confidence and symmetry to your shape. 

    Otherwise, here is a simple technique to find your shape: 

    A. Mark the Starting Point

    It is a good idea to space the brows accurately. Keep in mind that different individuals have varying starting points. 

    For the eyebrows to look appealing and natural, you must start them in the right place. You can use your tweezers to recognize the ideal place to start.

    Hold your tweezers vertically against your nose. Start your brows at the place where they are in line with the outer edge of the nose.

    Do not forget to mark this place on both sides to get the proper alignment.

    B. Identify the Ending Point

    Now that you know where to start shaping, it is imperative you also know where to stop. Knowing where will prevent you from going overboard and achieving a look you never wanted in the first place.

    Tweezers also come in handy for this process.

    Place them at the point where you will start. Make sure that they point to your nose then pivot them to the top of your eye. Your point to stop is where the tweezers sit at a straight line at the outer corner of the eye.

    Repeat this for both sides and mark the respective spots using an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner. 

    Use your eyebrow pencil to draw a line with a natural curve from the start to the finish points. Use this line to direct where to pluck.  

    C. Determine the Thickness of the Brows

    You have the freedom to choose whether you want thin or thick eyebrows. 

    Factor in the shape of your face as well as the color of the brows before making a final decision. 

    It is best to go for a thicker option when you have fairer eyebrows because thicker provides more body and presence. Darker colored brows can be thinner.

    Also, consider how thick the hair on your head is to match it to your brows.

    In any event, experts recommend you don't go more than half an inch in length. This length is more straightforward to manage and gives out a natural vibe.

    D. Shape an Arch

    After achieving the ideal thickness, it is time to start shaping an arch. 

    Use your tweezers again to mark central points on the eyebrows in the middle of the eye. The arch begins only to the outer sides of these marks.  

    The goal here is to create a tail towards the end of the brows by removing hairs at the top of the eyebrow only (to the outside of your marks). 

    Take your time with this, often checking, because you do not want to create too narrow a tail. 

    While working with the arch, focus more on the top part of the eyebrows. Do not force a natural arch at the bottom if one does not exist at the top. 

    If necessary, use an eyebrow pencil to make or complete the arch.

    4. Tweeze Right

    As compared to waxing or spot shaving, tweezing is a sensible way to maintain your eyebrows.

    It is a bit uncomfortable initially. However, as you continue to tweeze over time, you'll hardly feel any pain. 

    It is also recommended for eyebrow maintenance because it gives you a lot more control, allowing you to remove a few hairs at a time.

    For healthy skin and to prevent infection, be sure to keep your tweezers squeaky clean to avoid any breakouts due to bacteria

    Before tweezing, relax the follicles on the brows by lightly pressing a warm cloth to the area. Hold each hair as close to the root as possible, and pull out one at a time.

    If you have a propensity of going tweezer-happy, steer clear of the slanted tips because they allow you to tweeze lots of hair at one time and may lead to over-plucking.

    5. Fill Them In

    For women with thin or patchy eyebrows, adding depth and color opacity to the brows is of prime importance. 

    There are some different tools and techniques that you may use to achieve this goal.

    Perhaps, the most common way is by using an eyebrow pencil. 

    Find a pencil with a fine tip to ensure you create precise strokes that look like actual brow hair. 

    Other than eyebrow pencils, you can also use an angled brush and powder or brow pomades and markers when you want to reconstruct the shape of your brow dramatically. 

    Irrespective of which brow filler you settle on, the trick is to choose a more muted color than your actual brow color. This color difference helps you achieve a natural look. 

    In case you find that you've put on too much, dab the brow with your fingertip to soften the shade.

    6. Time to Finish

    To achieve fabulous eyebrows - reach for a good brow gel. 

    Available in tinted as well as clear gel options, these are a must-have in your makeup box. 

    Good tinted-gels are perfect for hiding those pesky grey hairs, while clear gels are a boon to those who want to keep their eyebrows tidy and precise throughout the day. 

    A brow gel allows thinner eyebrows to gain volume, so they appear thicker.

    7. Brush your brows

    Many of us do not bother with brushing our brows, and yet we should.

    The truth is that this is one of the most important steps if you want beautiful brows that lay the way you want them too.

    A good eyebrow brush helps you separate and soften your brows without removing any of the makeup you may have on. The rule of thumb while brushing is to start at the roots and brush in the direction of the hair growth.


    Your eyebrows are an intricate part of your style and look. Overzealous plucking, tweezing, or waxing is a no-no. Be kind to your brows, and encourage them to grow by treating them right.

    When it comes to creating fabulous eyebrows, your point of view matters the most. 

    The best way to get the right perspective is to stand at least a foot away from the mirror and assess your look. Take into account your face shape and style goals to get the facial style and look you desire.

    Eyebrow Shaping Techniques

    There are many ways to shape and style your eyebrows from doing them yourself at home with a set of tweezers or at an eyebrow salon following the latest threading trend.  

    Tweezing or Eyebrow Plucking

    women has her eyebrows tweezed

    The key to plucking is the right set of tweezers. Ideally, you want a pair that is sharp and can isolate individual hairs, grip them properly, and remove them effortlessly. 

    Instead of tweezing at any random time of the day, pluck after you get out of the shower. Your skin will be softer and more pliant at this time, allowing you to pluck with ease. If any redness appears, try a salve for instant relief.

    A problem with tweezing is removing too much of the eyebrow, especially if you are using a magnifying glass (this makes it look like you have more brow than you do). 

    Also, it's easier to damage the structure of the brow by removing hairs that look long and out of place. Often these are structural parts of the eyebrow, making it collapse slightly.

    Eyebrow Waxing

    woman having her eyebrows waxed in beauty salon

    Eyebrow waxing is the same process as waxing your legs, although a lot more precision and delicacy are required. 

    As a result, it is better to get it done professionally than risk doing it yourself. 

    The principle benefit you get from wax is that the brow will take longer to grow back compared to tweezing. Plus, it gives you smooth and softer skin. Hairs tend to grow back softer overtime as well. 

    However, waxing can be painful and leave some swelling and redness that could last a good few hours (so don't get it done on the same day you plan to go out). 

    It's painful because the process removes a fine layer of skin and many hairs at the same time rather than individually.

    Hairs also need to be long enough for the wax to grip. So you may need to live with longer brows than you'd like in the weeks before you have your wax. 

    You'll need about three weeks between waxes for hairs to grow long enough.     

    Eyebrow Threading

    woman threading her eyebrows

    Eyebrow threading originated in Asia and the Middle East. They've practiced it for millennia. 

    The process involves using a thread or thin twine to grip and remove individual hairs in your brow. In the USA, it has grown in popularity as it tends to be more accurate and less painful than tweezing or waxing.

    Threading needs to be done by a brow professional who trains in the practice, so it is usually done at a brow salon. The experience can be quite liberating and leave you with a perfectly formed brow that often looks thicker than when you started.

    There are a few considerations when it comes to threading. The first is that you'll be handing over your brow styling to a specialist, as it cannot be done by yourself. Secondly, you'll want to make sure you consult with the specialist before the threading starts to ensure you get what you want.  

    Eyebrow Tattoo and Microblading

    beautician performing eyebrow makeup tattoo

    These procedures are usually required when you have naturally sparse or irregular eyebrows and are tired of filling in the missing pieces every day with makeup. 

    An eyebrow tattoo will permanently take the role of eyebrow makeup to replace missing hairs. The process requires tattooing in your preferred brow shape in your natural color.

    Although I've used the word permanent, it is not as durable as a regular body tattoo. 

    It doesn't last as long because the brow tattoo uses a less concentrated ink and doesn't go as deep. The effect fades over time, eventually disappearing, so you'll either need to go for a touch up every 12 to 18 months or wait for it to fade away entirely.  

    There are two ways to get eyebrow tattoos, either through micro-pigmentation, done with a machine, or by microblading, done by hand. 

    Both will give you a realistic-looking brow, but microblading provides thinner wispier hairs that possibly look fuller. Your artist should be drawing on individual hairs in both procedures, so don't settle for anything less.

    The process can be painful but is a bearable experience, and you can ask for a numbing cream not ordinarily available for regular tattoos. 

    The tattoos take about a week to heal completely, and during this time, there might be some scabbing and itchiness. 

    You will also need to protect the area, so some activities like the gym or swimming you won't be able to do.  

    Eyebrow Tinting

    Cosmetologist applying tinting makeup on eyebrows

    Tinting is similar to applying hair coloring and lasts about four to eight weeks, depending on how you treat your eyebrows.

    Regular gym sessions and perspiration will shorten the time the tint lasts, as an example. 

    Usually done when the brow still has its thickness but the color of the brow hairs is fading, either naturally through age or damage.

    It's preferable to a pencil because it doesn't look like makeup. Instead, you get natural-looking and more evenly colored brows that look fuller and can take years off your looks.

    Eyebrow Extensions

    Eyebrow extensions are individual hairs that are either glued directly to your skin or existing hairs. 

    Done by a specialist, the procedure is delicate and can take a few hours.

    It starts with a trim and a shaping of your brows before adding the extensions. 

    The individual hairs come in a few forms, usually thick or wispy, straight or curly to match to your existing brow.

    Depending on your level of activity, they can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. 

    The hairs glued directly to your skin usually fall first with those attached to your hairs lasting longer. 

    On the day of application and overnight, you need to ensure you don't rub your brows or sleep on them in bed. Always some sacrifices for beauty!  

    Eyebrow extensions are usually a temporary fix for a special occasion, although can be solutions for cancer patients who have lost all their hair. 

    Read more: The Inside Scoop On Fake Eyelashes

    Eyebrow Transplants

    Transplants are for anyone who wants a more permanent solution that results in the growth of eyebrow hair. 

    Experts take donor hair from your scalp and transfer it to the eyebrows. The process helps to create a natural and authentic look because the hair comes from the patient's head.

    Transplanting takes about six hours because the specialist has to pay close attention to the curve, angle, and arch of all the hairs. The specialist can transplant anywhere from 50 to 300 grafts for every eyebrow depending on the results the patients want. 

    It is a complicated procedure that only experts should handle.

    The costs also vary depending on the amount of hair that needs replacing and the physician carrying out the procedure.

    In most cases, this is usually a once-off procedure. However, successful candidates might need to go in for touch-ups after six months or a year to add more density. 

    Other than this, you may never have to worry about your eyebrows anymore.

    Questions About Eyebrows

    We get many questions about eyebrows; here are the most frequent. 

    Do Eyebrows Grow Back?

    So many of us have plucked away from our brows over time, and now, with fuller brows more in fashion, we want them back. 

    The lucky answer is that eyebrows will grow back. You need patience, some time, and to leave them alone to grow.

    Each person will have a different growth rate, but usually, most will grow back within three to six months, with real outliers at a year. 

    Try encouraging the process by following the same steps you might take to promote healthy hair growth.

    How To Get Thicker Eyebrows?

    Big and bushy brows are the rage, replacing the older skinny or pencil-thin brows that trended in the 90s.

    If you don't have a thick pair of brows, you can always fill in the sparse areas or make them look thicker using brow gels.

    However, if you're looking for something natural and long-lasting, then the Times of India provides four ways to get thicker brows naturally:

    1. Don't pluck - Don't't overpluck your eyebrows. Excessive plucking or waxing can prevent the hair from growing back. Eyebrows grow in 2-3 months cycle, so not tweezing for a few months can make a lot of difference.

    2. Moisturize - Your brow area needs to stay hydrated and nourished. Try petroleum jelly to lock in moisture. Apply this 2-3 times a day to promote hair growth.

    3. Oil Massage - You can use castor, olive, or coconut oil to promote hair growth. Dip a cotton swab in the oil and gently massage before you sleep. 

    4. Egg Whites - Egg contains protein, which helps in promoting hair growth and nourishes hair follicles. Beat some egg white and apply this solution for 20 minutes once a week.

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