How To Create A Perfect Self-Love Sanctuary At Your Home

Last updated on : April 22 2021

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At Home Self-Love Sanctuary

With everything going on around us, self-care may be the right way to give ourselves a break from stress. 

And what better way to do so than by creating a sanctuary in your home - a place we've recently been forced to spend a lot of time in and might still need to going forward.

So, instead of allowing cabin fever to consume you, take a break from work, chores, and overthinking by creating a perfect self-love sanctuary at your home and do something nice for yourself. 

Here are some ideas.

1. Make Room For Yourself

Comfort is one of the main goals of self-love. Before you can feel comfortable in your home, you need to make the space your own. 

What you need to do depends on what makes you feel safe and relaxed. For some, it's burning sage to purify the rooms from negativity or getting houseplants. 

If you are unsure how to start, make sure to cover one or all of the following three steps.  

Your Things Don't Live In Your Home — You Do. 

It's a fact you need furniture, appliances, clothes, and other necessities to live a comfortable life. However, hoarding things or letting them overflow your space may cause depression, anxiety, and stress. 

Just imagine the nightmare of coming home from a long day and having to move clothes from the sofa and jump over stuff. Instead, start decluttering and making room for yourself in your own house. 

A word of advice: begin with decluttering something interesting to keep you motivated to continue, like a closet or makeup drawer. 

Repurpose Less-used Space In Your Home For Your Self-care.

If you have a basement or an attic, see what you can do to make it your self-love sanctuary. 

Place oversized cushions on the floor, hang string lights, and make a teepee tent from cotton canvas. These ideas are also an excellent solution for small apartments where you can build your fort in the corner.

Even a garage can serve as your self-care space if you spruce it up and create a cozy ambiance. 

Stay Active With Your Dedicated Workout Space.

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Exercising at home is not complicated. A few square feet are all you need for an efficient workout session anywhere in your home. 

Moreover, subscribe to live-streamed classes or download one of the available apps for your phone, tablet, or TV. 

If you want to do some strength training, be creative and make your dumbbells by filling the bottles with water or use resistance bands.

2. Pamper Yourself Like Royalty

Sometimes all you need is a half an hour massage or a refreshing face mask to feel energized. The good news is that you don't have to go to professionals for these relaxing techniques. 

Skincare Routine Benefits More Than Just Your Epidermis.

Morning and evening skincare routines are vital to nourish your body from the outside, but it's also a fantastic opportunity for self-love. 

Video tutorials on proper products and techniques are available online but only follow advice from expert and reliable sources. 

Play some soothing music and take your time with cleansers, lotions, serums, exfoliators, moisturizers, and other skin products. 

A face massager is incredibly efficient in the morning to lessen the puffiness and wake you up.   

Owning An In-home Sauna Is Not Wishful Thinking.

Infrared saunas have become quite a trend among celebrities, but now they're gaining popularity with regular people, as well. 

You can put one anywhere with a power outlet since they don't create steam or require much space - and there are many reasons to have a sauna.  

Since infrared saunas are more comfortable than a traditional sauna, you won't have problems breathing or have to shorten your sessions.     

Massage Is A Luxury We Can All Afford.

Reasons to have a massage range from relieving stress to giving you more energy. 

In recent years, massage chairs and foot massagers have become more accessible to an average buyer. Despite having to share them with your family, you can still have a moment for self-care just for yourself. 

Hand massagers or self-massage are always an option, especially during the skincare routine or a bath. If you are old-fashioned, hire a masseuse and give yourself a spa day at your home.

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3. Build An Outdoor Sanctuary

Outdoors is ideal for self-care since it is full of natural light and open space. 

One of the essential self-care boosters is growing plants. While houseplants can do a lot for your mental health, being outside, surrounded by trees, bushes, and flowers, is another level of wellness. 

Check out these ideas to combine nature and comfortableness in your outdoor space.

Let Zen Flow Through Your Outdoor Area.

Zen is about finding inner peace and feeling relaxed with yourself and the space you occupy. 

When you build a Zen garden, you need to include its main elements: plants, stones, and water. You can also use sand and pebbles to simulate water where it's impossible to have a pond or a waterfall.  

Solar lights and candles will keep the garden peaceful, away from technology and noise.  

For the utmost coziness, add a bench with plush upholstery so you can lay down and let the positive energy of nature flow through you.

Grow Your Fruits And Vegetables.

Gardening is a beneficial activity that can do wonders for the body and mind, especially if you focus on healthy leafy green veg.

If you want to take this to the next level, start growing your food to eat healthier, like fruits, vegetables, and herbs. When you tend to your garden, you spend time outside soaking in the sunlight and creating vitamin D, necessary for the immune system and bones.  

According to a Dutch study, gardening can help you control acute stress and elevate your mood. It's also a fantastic opportunity to either be alone or spend time with your partner, family members, or friends.

Treat Yourself To A Great Seating Area.

Just like creating an indoor teepee fort, you can build them outside and even sleep in them if the weather is warm. 

A pergola is a cost-affordable solution you can decorate with curtains for walls and vines as roofing. Of course, a snug seating set with lots of throw pillows and scented candles may add to the tranquility of this area.

If you are more into something simple, building a fire pit is an excellent DIY project that will keep you warm while stargazing or great for S'more nights. 

4. Redecorate To Improve Comfort

The way your home feels inside and outside may displease you. This negative feeling can grow into agitation and finally make you feel like you don't belong in your own home. 

There are simple and inexpensive ways to take care of these concerns and create your self-love sanctuary without moving. 

Colors Affect How You Feel, So Change Them.

Colors affect how you feel, so repainting even a tiny part of your home can do a lot for the space you live and sleep within. Find a color you like, and pick a soothing shade that will go well with the interior design. 

If painting the walls is too much trouble, use artwork and photographs to give your home an improved feel. New carpet, cushions, and curtains are details that can add color splashes to the room, giving it a fresh and appealing look. 

Invite Natural Light Inside Your Home.

Sunlight can brighten up a room and make it more welcoming. Having more sunshine inside your home can increase your serotonin levels and improve your mood.  

It also means you can have more plants inside, like the ones that purify the air. If you don't have enough windows or natural sunlight, use mirrors to maximize natural light. 

The trick is to place the mirror opposite the window to reflect the light. 

Coziness Is Vital For Creating A Perfect Self-love Sanctuary. 

A blanket over the sofa so you can cover yourself when resting in the living room. A soft rug that that feels like grass on your feet. Big bathtub so you can soak in and shut the world out for a while. 

These are all ways to make your home cozier and enjoy the self-care you deserve. If you like to read, create a reading nook on a balcony or a window seat where you can chill with a book. 

Art Comes In Many Forms And Shapes.

You can have artwork in any room in your home, including the kitchen and bathroom. 

Although paintings are the most commonly used art, other types can enrich your space. A golden bowl on the dining table or a glass lamp shade by your bedside are examples of modest and potent artwork. 

Oriental tiles use artistic patterns that can aesthetically enhance your life and create an alluring atmosphere in your bathroom.

Final Thoughts

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If you want to create a perfect self-love sanctuary at your home, you must search within yourself. Knowing what you like and what makes you comfortable is enough to learn what makes you happy or triggers opposing emotions. Finding what works for you is the key to make your life better and more fulfilled.

Use the ideas above to hone your perfect at-home sanctuary.

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