How To Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses (And Get Great Wedding Pictures)

Last updated on : June 30 2021

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The key to finding the right dresses is to keep things as simple and as neutral as possible. Be considerate of your bridesmaids and their ability to wear the dresses you choose - including their shape, complexion, and color of hair, in addition, if necessary to their budget. 

Start the process by being guided by the season of the year and the colors and fabrics that are common during that time of year.

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Use The Season To Guide Your Choices

Other Considerations

Bandage & Bodycon Dresses

Notable Photographers


Use The Season To Guide Your Choices

Planning a wedding is stressful. Finding your wedding dress is only half the battle, you have the bridesmaids to consider too.  

A useful way to select your bridesmaid dresses is to use the season you are getting married in to guide and streamline your choices for the colors and styles of the dresses.

Coordinating your bridesmaid's dresses and wedding palette with the season is a simple way to begin and ensures that your wedding looks well put-together and is harmonious.

The Joy of Spring Bridesmaid Dresses

Spring is a season for a new life, fresh fragrances, and energy.

Unleash your imagination and choose fresh, natural shades such as mint, lavender, or taupe. Emerald green is a traditional shade that captures the beauty, brilliance, and vigor of spring.

Adding texture to your spring bridesmaid dresses provides dimension and is captivating and artistic. For example, you might pair long, flowing robes with updo hairstyles or fitted nude dresses with polka dot heels.

Find further texture by creating contrast in colors, fabrics, hairstyles, or accessories. If you find that your top bridesmaid dress preference features overlays of chiffon and organza opt for satin hairbands or glittered heels to add depth to your pictures.

Play around with colors. Spring is an enormous bouquet of flowering trees and plants. Find inspiration and color combinations that you love at a local greenhouse.

spring bridesmaid dresses

Super Hot Bridesmaid Dress Ideas for Summer

Opting for a summer wedding is a challenge because you have to choose a dress for you and them that is comfortable, breezy, and elegant. 

Your bridesmaids are going to have a lot of running around to do on your special day so making it less cumbersome is a sound first step.

Short dresses are ideal but not always preferred so opt for giving your girls a few choices. However, if you are going for a shorter sexy number try a cap sleeve dress for some more modesty or a nude illusion dress for classic appeal.

I love summer weddings because your options are endless. Most summer weddings are held outside in the evening. You likely will have your ceremony, and then everyone will do their own thing.

If you decide not to have matching dresses remember that you want to achieve a cohesive look for your wedding picture's sake.

The best way to find cohesion is to choose a matching color or accessory. Pink heels, messy hair buns, or french braids are examples of coherence amongst your bridesmaids. 

However, whichever direction you decide to take, find a similarity that stands out, is polished, and memorable. And remember that each one of your bridesmaids will need to pull it off so choose wisely.

Think of colors like coral, white, and turquoise. White is always trendy and a traditional wedding color, we see it often outdoor or at destination weddings.

White bridesmaid dresses paired with hand-tied calla lilies, mini-sunflowers, or chrysanthemums are simple ways to bring cohesion and balance to the overall look and feel of your wedding. 

summer bridesmaid dresses

Flawless Fall Bridesmaid Dress Options

The season of harvest brings to mind shades of cinnamon, red, burnt orange, and maroon. Branch out a bit and complement the seasonal colors instead of matching them. Opt for violets or dark mauves, latte, mocha or chocolate, rust, or gold.

Fall is a wedding season that represents sowing into your future lives together. Embracing texture and old world charm is key to pulling a fall wedding off in style. 

Fall bridesmaid dresses offer bold color contrasts for your photographer to use. You’ll get gorgeous scenery and rustic charm undertones in your wedding pictures if you marry in the fall.

Rather than restricting your girl's dresses to the same shade, consider playing with different shades within the same color family. Chocolate and browns are not the only colors for fall bridesmaid dresses.

Explore deep blues, oranges, and greens. Sunflower bouquets and delicate earrings can complete most looks. As the weather cools down consider long-sleeved dresses and styles.

fall bridesmaid dresses

Chill Winter Bridesmaid Styles

Winter may not be a wild and vigorous season, but you’d be hard-pressed to find another season that lends itself so well to elegance and style.

The best thing about winter dresses is the texture and dimension you bring to the camera and pictures. The deep colors, lovely satin, and flawless velvet make winter weddings dreamy and movie-like.

Embrace these colors that the camera loves - darker shades of blue, metallic shades of gray, and rich burnt oranges are everything during this season. Or pair shimmery and sleek dresses with shiny high-heels, lace sashes, and a faux-fur for a subtle, timeless class.

Consider having your maid or matron of honor wear a patterned bridesmaid dress while your other girls dress features a solid color of the same color palette.

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winter bridesmaid dresses

Other Considerations

In addition to letting the seasons guide you - the key to finding the right bridesmaid dresses is to keep things as neutral as possible.

Avoid conflict with your dress. It's always a good rule to keep your bridesmaids dresses simple no matter how complex your dress is.

Try to make the fabrics coordinate and the colors match, but other than that there are no rules to say your's and the bridesmaid dresses need to match. So if your neckline is elaborate and high, try a strapless version on your bridesmaids for contrast. 

Avoid hot pink or sunshine yellow or anything too bright and bold. Hot pink often fights complexions, and sunshine yellow tends to bring out blemishes. Instead, opt for warmer tones such as softer yellows or pastel pinks. 

Remember that colors, style, design, and fabrics should flatter you and your girls. Consider their shape, complexion, and color of their hair to ensure you get it right.  Plus, if you choose a dress they can wear again after your wedding you're sure to be the bride of the year.  

Lastly, ask your maids what they want, seek their advice and be mindful of the cost. You want them to enjoy their dress and not be overly stressed on the day with what they are wearing and potentially what it cost them. 

Bandage & Bodycon Dresses

Lately, we have had a surge in bridesmaid dress purchases from our bandage and bodycon collection.

asymmetrical bandage dress makes a good bridesmaid dress

We get asked about the style, colors, shipping, and sizing. In short, our dresses are vibrant and feature hues that are bold, bright, and sincere. Our luxe bandage fabric is designed to absorb dyes, lock in color and is fantastic to wear.

If you're considering a bandage or bodycon dress style for your bridesmaid dresses I recommend that you read specific reviews for these dress types. And ensure they work for your bridesmaids in terms of sizing and fit. 

Our sizing is for a tighter fit, especially in the bandage range. At times the dress you or your girl's order may be slightly smaller or too loose. Call us right away so that we can switch them out for you.

Choosing a bandage dress for your bridesmaids is a considerate option. These dresses are versatile and last a long time. Your maids will wear them to special occasions, parties and dates fior years to come. If you're looking for a practical option bandage dresses are a good choice.  

Notable Photographers 

Your pictures are the life of your wedding so when you hire a local photographer you are trusting him or her to capture every particular moment of your day featuring all the small details that matter.

Determining what kind of style your wedding pictures will have often begins with whom you choose to be behind the camera. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you make as you plan your wedding.

Here are a handful of notable photographers around the world. Browse their websites for inspiration or even hire one for your special day. 

1. Adrienne Gunde

Adrienne Gunde captures your wedding day with whimsical, romantic, and light-filled images. She loves documenting spontaneous and natural moments, hearing your unique stories, and bringing these stories to life in every frame. She is based in Los Angeles and available for travel worldwide.

adrienne gunde photography, bride photography  wedding photograhy

2. Next Exit Photography

Since opening the studio in 2003, husband and wife super-duo Cat and Adi Benner have embraced this mantra: "No moment missed, no detail overlooked." 

Named BEST Wedding Photographer in Los Angeles by California Wedding Day Magazine and seven-time winners of the Best of the Knot Award, Cat and Adi are sure to capture the unique personality of each couple, and cover both the most intimate and celebratory moments. 

We are known for putting our clients at ease, for delivering on the promises we make, and for our determined craftsmanship. 

Whether sophisticated and traditional, or funky and chic: we will work our camera-magic so that your own unique personality shines through each photograph from your wedding day.

 wedding photography wedding photography 

3. Lin & Jirsa Photography 

Lin and Jirsa's unique style of wedding photography focuses on photojournalism with influences from fashion and fine-art photography.  Our images are creative, clean and crisp. They’re romantic, fun, and emotional. 

wedding photography lin & jirsa photography, wedding photography


The key to finding the right dresses is to keep things as simple and as neutral as possible. Be considerate of your bridesmaids and their ability to wear the dresses you choose - including their shape, complexion, and color of hair, in addition, if necessary to their budget. 

Start the process by being guided by the season of the year and the colors and fabrics that are common during that time of year.

Choosing well will have you proud of your perfect and balanced wedding pictures. 

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