How To Choose A Special Occasion Dress

Last updated on : June 03 2022

Here is your complete guide to choosing a unique occasion dress for (almost) every type of occasion you might need to attend.

How To Wear It: 5 Tips On How To Match A Watch With Your Outfit

Brown bag

The secret to matching your watch and outfit is letting them complement each other. Although styling a watch is subjective, the type of watch, straps, and casing will affect the choice of your outfit. 

How To Choose A Cocktail Dress For Your Body Type

cocktail dress

It’s tough choosing the perfect cocktail dress with so many styles and options available today. The secret to looking stunning is to select one based on your body type.

How To Choose A Sexy Birthday Dress And More

It is your birthday, and you get to choose what you wear and how much makeup you want to put on. 

Your Guide To Choosing A Dress For Graduation

Girl in graduation gown and cap

Graduation is always a big day in everyone’s life. It is a time to celebrate after years of hard work and putting in long hours of study. And so, it would be best if you celebrated it the best way you can. One way to do this is by dressing your best.

14 Beauty Tips For Your New Years Eve Party

New Year Eve parties are a time to enjoy friends, celebrate the year’s successes and forget the year’s setbacks. And what you wear and how you feel should say just that. 

The Insiders Guide To Prom Dresses

Best Friends Forever at the Prom

The most significant part of being a princess in your own right is choosing the perfect dress. Choose your ideal prom dress, and everything else falls into place. It is a challenge, headache, and a memorable time to argue with Mom. 

How To Choose A Vegas Dress

red vegas dress

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas is mostly true, yet never applies to what you wear in Vegas. Ever. What we wear is not an optional choice we make daily but rather a commitment to expressing ourselves without having to actually speak.

Your Guide On What To Wear To A White Party

white party dresses

The white party theme is here to stay. Dressing well for one requires more than simply putting on you best white bandage dress. In this simple guide we cover the variety of options you have when it comes to putting together the perfect white party look.

What To Wear On Valentines Day - Sultry Dresses And Hot Styles

sultry valentines day dresses

You don't have to opt for tiny revealing dresses to pull off sexy and seductive on Valentines Day. The right dress matches your mood and the occasion, and just how hot you want to be.

What To Wear To Mardi Gras - The Best Mardi Gras Dresses

what to wear to mardi gras

In 2020, we celebrate Mardi Gras on February 24 to 26, which means festivities will start weeks in advance. If you plan to be part of this array of fascinating carnivals and parades, it is time to start working on your sexiest Mardi Gras dresses and apparel.

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas And What To Wear

You can have unlimited fun on St. Patrick's Day, but you also need to dress according to the theme to stay true to the festival. We have plenty of tips to help you put together an outfit for St. Patrick's Day that is fashionista approved.

What Is A Modern Easter Dress?

modern easter dress - on model

Whether you're spending time with your family or going out with your special someone, it's time to give your Easter look an overhaul (if you haven't done so already).

Sexy Costume Ideas That Turn Up The Heat Anywhere

Harley Quinn

Instead of going for a full on costume, consider opting for a bandage dress that is sexy and inspired by your character. From a supernatural creature to a pop culture character, there is so much you can do with the help of our bandage dresses. So, what do you think—which sexy costume is your favorite?

Sexy Mom Guide: How To Balance Motherhood With Style And Sex Appeal

Here are some tips on how you can balance the many duties of motherhood and yet amp up the sex appeal using everyday style tips and tricks recommended by our very own stylists. Read more. 

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