How To Be Seductive - The Six Principles Of Seduction And Sexiness

Last updated on : December 17 2022

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Principle 1. Showing Skin Does Not Mean Sexy

A barely-there piece of clothing is not the go-to rule. If you are uncomfortable with your clothes, you will be seen as awkward and not at ease. Instead of showing skin, stick to what suits you the most, and use your personality to ooze sex appeal.

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Here are 18 ways to be seductive in the clothes you wear. Each should leave you feeling comfortable, poised, and full of confidence - exactly where you want to be.

If you feel comfortable and confident, then you will turn heads in whatever you are wearing. The trick to amping your sex appeal is with the right attitude. Be yourself, and your sexy will show! 

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Principle 2. Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is a big thing. As soon as you make eye contact with somebody, they become valued and worthy.

Making eye contact with people you talk to is imperative. Making eye contact with the object of your interests and affections is non-negotiable.

When your eyes lock you communicate without ever having to speak a word of your interest and desires. Eye contact sets the mood - and it creates sensual tides when done right. 

Principle 3. Embrace Humor and Flirtation

Magazine after magazine impresses the art of flirtation, time and again. Humor and flirtation is a prized trait that grabs attention and anchors conversation.

You don't need to put on a full-blown comedy routine. A warm smile and a quiet laugh takes away the edge and heightens the senses.

As you speak, smile and relax your body to avoid looking tense. Ask open-ended questions. Listen, and ensure you can ask a follow-up question to keep the conversation flowing.

Principle 4. Use Your Mind

Intelligent women ready for challenging conversations are sexy — irrespective of looks and makeup.

A sharp, well-informed mind beats a skimpy outfit any day. Speak your mind and hold your ground, even when you are flirting!

Principle 5. Be Confident & Invest in Yourself

Being confident is one of the sexiest attributes a woman can have. Humor, spirit, and charm are more important than looking at your best or wearing the right makeup. 

We all suffer from self-doubt and shyness. Taking care of your body and your mind and heart are the best ways to look and feel confident. Treat yourself, get exercise, and eat properly. Work on a style that makes you comfortable. Be confident in the way you carry yourself and practice. 

Here are some ways to develop confidence and investment in yourself.

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"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." Those words, courtesy of the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, ring more real than ever today.

The media saturates us with ideas about who and what we should be, what we should wear, how we should act, and what it means to be cool. When you strive for someone else's ideas, though, you lose yourself. Here at The Kewl Shop, we're prominent advocates of blazing our path (our definition of kewl) to max out the flirty temptress in ourselves. 

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Few of us are naturally confident and full of self-love - although as we look at the lives of others, we don't believe this.  

The reality is that we all struggle to build ourselves up for the day - especially when we need to look and feel our best. It takes work with many of us not managing at all, instead focussing on the negative aspects of daily life, work, money, health, and relationships. 

Work on being positive for a boost to your confidence and sexiness. 

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Whether you're meeting someone new or making some quality time with your partner, you want to have a good time while ensuring he stays attracted. If you crave for the night to lead to the bedroom, there are ways to layer on the seduction.

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Principle 6. Invest in Others

Being seductive means focussing your attention on others, those you want to impress and seduce, and those that you treasure and value. It's not all about yourself, unselfishness and showing you care are amazingly sexy traits, and they work. 

Making others the center of attention means taking the time out to invest in relationships and ridding yourself of unnecessary distractions. 

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infographic - tips for resurrecting your sex life

Additionally, countless studies support the impact and importance of touch. Physical touch protects our mental health and confirms that we are loved and desired. Knowing we are not alone in the world completes us, and allows us to carry on living. So find time to kiss and cuddle regularly. 

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The digital world and our reliance on social media, smartphones, and the like are destroying face-to-face relationships. It's impossible to be seductive or sexy with a smartphone in your face, period!

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Seductive or Sexy. Is There a Difference?

We think "sexy" refers to the way you look. "Seductive" refers both to the way you look and to the way you behave. You're seductive when you look sexy and are gently manipulating or trying to get what you want.

Being sexy is much more than throwing on a short skirt or baring a lot of skin. It is about style, confidence, and a love for how you feel and who you are every single day. The first step to being sexy is feeling it from within. The next step is to take that feeling and transform it into your outer look, by dressing hot

Being seductive and igniting someone’s passion for you is simple, with a bit of planning and focus. There is no tried-and-tested formula, but there are things you can do to become a seductive version of yourself.

In essence, there isn't that much difference between the two behaviors, and the six principles work equally well for both. 

What Is The Difference Between Seduction And Flirting

Flirting and seduction are similar in that they both involve trying to attract and engage with someone romantically or sexually. However, there are some critical differences between the two:

  1. Intent: Flirting is generally more lighthearted and playful, while seduction is more serious and focused on achieving a specific goal, such as getting someone to sleep with you.
  2. Method: Flirting often involves using playful, nonverbal cues and humorous conversation to create a sense of intimacy and attraction. Seduction is more calculated and may involve more direct, explicit communication and actions.
  3. Context: Flirting is more common in social situations, such as parties or bars, where people get to know each other. Seduction is more likely to occur in more private or intimate settings.

It's important to remember that you should do both flirting and seduction with respect for the other person's boundaries and feelings. It's never okay to pressure someone into doing something they're uncomfortable with doing.

Female Qualities Other Than Beauty That Attract Men

Females needn't be physically attractive to attract the opposite sex or avoid their man from pulling away. Most men want some qualities more than your beautiful face or body. 

In addition to the qualities above, your passion in life, how kind you are, and how much makeup you wear can make a difference. 

Read the article on the female qualities other than beauty that turn on men, to learn more.    


In this guide, we covered the basic principles of seduction - from dressing the part to investing in yourself. These six laws are all you need for a more confident and seductive you.

We also looked at whether there is a difference between being seductive and being sexy, and although there is the two are so intertwined that for the most part, they can be used interchangeably.

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