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How to Be Seductive

Posted on September 25 2016

be seductive

Kamand Kojouri, once said, “Seduce yourself first”. Being seductive takes confidence in who you are and embracing every inch of your body. It is not about putting on a persona that is not you or choosing one that you believe people are more likely to accept. The trick to being seductive lies in your attitude, poise, and confidence.

A woman who is comfortable in her own skin has the power to be the ultimate seductress, whether wearing jeans and t-shirt, a sexy cut out bandage dress or a nude illusion dress. Igniting someone’s passion for you is simple with a bit of planning and focus. While there is no tried-and-tested formula to being seductive, there are a few things that a you are able to add to your arsenal and ways to become a more seductive version of yourself. To begin let’s take a look at the basic practices for grabbing someone’s attention and keeping it, and later explore how to use your clothing to set your seduction stage.

The Basic Principles of Seduction

Make eye contact.

Mary Lambert said it best, “I have a big thing with eye contact, because I think as soon as you make eye contact with somebody, you see them, and they become valued and worthy.” Making eye contact with people you talk to is imperative. Making eye contact with the object of your interests and affections is non-negotiable. When your eyes lock you communicate without ever having to speak a word of your interest and desires. Eye contact not only sets the mood - it starts the creating sensual tides when done just right. 

Embrace humor and flirtation.

Magazine after magazine expound upon the art of flirtation, time and again. Humor and flirtation is a prized trait that grabs attention and anchors conversation. It is not required that you put on a full-blown comedy routine, however, a warm smile and quiet laugh takes away the edge and heightens the senses. As you speak smile warmly and relax your body to avoid looking tense. Ask open ended questions then listen intently to ensure you are able to ask a follow up question to keep the conversation flowing.

Invest in yourself.  

Being comfortable in your own skin takes practice. We all experience bouts of self consciousness and exhibit shy behaviors every now and then. However, taking care of your body, mind, and heart are the best ways to gain confidence that is easily conveyed. There are some external additions that you can make to be perceived as a seductive woman. These materialistic and physical changes are as important as a smoldering look and elegant gait. In fact, think of these as the first line of in your seductive arsenal. After all, the way you look and the way you carry yourself are the first things that get noticed and appreciated, especially by the opposite sex. From the clothes you choose to wear to your shoes and hairstyles, use what you have as tools to ignite passion.

Before we get into the detail here's an infographic to reference and share...

infographic on how to be seductive

How to Dress Seductively

Jean Cocteau once said, “The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off.” Spicing up your wardrobe to draw attention to your best physical features is a quick, easy, and sure-shot way to be seductive. This does not mean that dressing in an over-the-top provocative manner is the only way to achieve a sensual look that teases and pleases.

There is so much more to the art of seduction than simply showing large amounts of bare skin. You must keep your body healthy, eat well for healthy skin and hair, and focus on protecting your waistline every single day. Here are a few types of style tips to consider to help set the stage of being seductive comfortably, with poise, and confidently.  For tips and trick on how to give your body shape and curves read our guide here.

Tempt with a strapless neckline. There is no better dress style to show off your kissable shoulders than a classic strapless. Not only does such a dress draw attention to your delicate collar bones and neck, it also put your girls in the spotlight. Show off an expanse of skin in a classy and seductive manner with a strapless dress that fits to perfection.

Let your cleavage reign. Do not be afraid to draw attention to your best features. Confidence in the way you look is the epitome of being seductive. A plunging V-neckline or side boob dress is perfect for women with shorter necks as the vertical drop adds inches to your neck. A generous view of your décolletage in a well-fitting dress is bound to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Show your legs. Perhaps the best way to show off your lovely long legs is by donning a sexy dress with an uber-short hemline. Sexy mini bandage dresses are the perfect fix if your legs are your source of pride. Not only do they fit like a second-skin and smooth your curves, but they also show off your legs beautifully. Added to this, a bandage mini dress draws attention to your derrière, which is always a good thing.

Choose the illusion of being naked. Mesh dresses are not for the faint-hearted. In general, such dresses have panels of mesh placed in strategic locations. Mesh gives you the advantage of showing your body off while still being covered. Pick a mesh dress that fits right, and teases the audience by withholding secrets and protecting your dignity.

Define your waistline with flares. Seduction is an end, and there are many means to arrive at this end. You might go all-out fashion diva, or choose to give that cute girl-next-door vibe. As long as you do it with confidence, both methods work equally well. Is it any wonder then that sundresses and flared skater dresses are considered innocently seductive? A flared bandage dress frames your bust line while also giving you that au natural girlish vibe—use it.

Shine bright like a diamond. No color screams “goddess” as well as gold and shimmer. Pick a metallic dress that fits like second-skin, and have everyone eating out of the palm of your hands in no time. Metallic dresses have a sheen that glistens and beckons the onlooker—it is not possible to ignore a well put-together woman in a metallic dress who looks at you with a razor-sharp gaze.

Seduce unexpectedly with rompers. While we are not saying you should play hard-to-get, there is something to be said about a woman who just is not interested in trying too hard to get anyone’s attention. Rompers and playsuits are the perfect apparel to meet these goals. They are casual yet trendy, and lend a ready-for-anything look to the wearer. They are also known for showing off lots of legs.

Get a bit primal in animal prints. Bandage dresses featuring animal prints breathe raw, feminine power. If your style of seduction is an onslaught, this is the perfect dress style for you. Channel the languid way in which big cats move and how they own any space they are a part of, and you have got your seductive bar raised high.

Showing bare skin always works. A cut-out dress is designed with strategically placed cut-outs that reveal the skin you are in. For a confident woman, a cut-out dress is the ultimate ally. While it shows off delectable expanses of skin, this dress style also leaves plenty to the imagination—after you have whetted their visual appetite.

Allure in feminine lace. Lace breathes a delicate femininity that is impossible to ignore and inherently seductive. Wearing a fitted lace dress is a coquettish way to show off your curves while retaining an air of feminine charm that cannot be ignored.

Embrace a front zip dress. Seduction is a way to titillate the imagination. And few other dresses do it as well as a front zip bandage dress can. With a zip running from your neckline to the hem, you create stirs that are sensual and seductive.

A Brief Seductive Guide

  • Pick the right lingerie. Few other things detract from seduction as much as a misbehaving bra strap or ill-fitting lingerie. Invest in lingerie that looks great and fits even better. If you are concerned about showing off a bumpy silhouette, opt for body shapers.
  • Be practical. If it is a cold night, the last thing you want is for you to end up with goose-pimples covering all the flesh you are exposing in your bombshell dress. Plan ahead, and carry a sleek shawl or a fitted blazer that is stylish, sexy, and utilitarian.
  • Get your hair right. After your smile, your hair is the next focal point that leaves a lasting impression. When it comes to being seductive, you do not really need to put your hair up in an up-do that take you hours to pin in place. Leave it natural, or curl it a little for that just-out-of-bed vibe. Leaving your hair open and sweeping your mane off to one shoulder is a great idea as it shows off the nape of your neck and your sensual collar bones.
  • When it comes to makeup, less is more. If you are thinking of a bold lip color, it is always a good idea to select a non-transfer one. Shine the spotlight on your eyes or your lips, not both.
  • Shoes! “There is an element of seduction in shoes that doesn't exist for men. A woman can be sexy, charming, witty or shy with her shoes,” says Christian Louboutin. Let your shoes add an extra dimension to your seductive look. Pumps and strappy heels are all-time miracle workers.

While this guide can help you dress seductive, the bottom line is that if you feel comfortable and confident that you will turn heads in whatever you are wearing. The trick to amping your sex appeal and seduction lies in feeling the look and bearing the right attitude—be your sexy self, and it will show.

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