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How 1 Dress Can Work for 3 Events In 1 Day

Posted on December 29 2016

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In 2016, we had to be flawless, always ready for a selfie, and harness the sex appeal of bandage dresses to fit in with the crowd. In 2017, we don’t foresee it getting any easier. Some argue that  gadgets have made traveling, working, cooking, and even child-rearing more convenient. But the truth is that those things do nothing to help us pull together sexy style at the drop of a hat.

Given that we, as women, are multitasking all the time (while being expected to look our best), a common problem most ladies face is how to look good throughout the day. With tight schedules there is no time to run back home for a change of clothes when you need to head to a party or a romantic dinner after a long day of work and meetings.

But that does not mean that you have to lug around a suitcase because you have more than one event to attend after work. Just a few clever tricks and a few handy items in your purse can help you look appropriate and stunning for work, an evening with friends, and dinner with that special someone. In the post we cover how to make 1 dress work for 3 events.

Event 1- Work

Dress to Mean Business

When it comes to dressing for work, it is not always a cut and dry decision. It is never exciting or ideal to be the only one at a cocktail party dressed in a power suit. To make the same outfit work for both events, pick a dress that can be worn both to meetings, and for drinks and dinner later.

First, ensure that you choose an outfit or flattering dress in keeping with your office’s dress code. You can pick a dress with a simple silhouette. Neutral and solid colors work the best when you have to dress up or down depending on the event. Think of your outfit as a plain canvas that you can style as you want throughout the day.

If you are more of a skirts girl, a cream or white pencil skirt paired with a pastel or neutral blouse gives you the boss-lady look. At the same time, it looks perfect for drinks and dinner in the evening. Another trend for such situations is the dress-over-skin-tight-pants look. It gives you a casual and more covered look for the office, and you can simply take off the pants later.

Layer up

Whether you are going with a bandage dress, a little black dress, or pants with a blouse, you cannot go wrong with a cute blazer. Blazers give your style texture and depth which ensures you always look trendy. Choose a blazer in a color that goes well with most dress styles and shades, and is tailored to your body for nice shape. When buying a blazer, always choose quality as a good fabric will look more sophisticated, fit better, and be more durable than that piece you are getting for a steal.


Go with simple, dainty pieces for jewelry and keep the bigger, more statement pieces ready in your purse for a quick change in the evening.

A thin belt over your dress gives your a formal look in a jiffy.

Stick to sensible shoes that give you height without making you uncomfortable in meetings. Brogues and closed shoes are great options.

Carry a bag that is attractive and professional, yet gives you ample space for all your work documents. The alternative is to pack a separate “go bag” for your out changes and updates as the day goes on.

Hair and makeup

Instead of putting on your make up “for the day” just keep it simple. Do not try to wear your hair and makeup to last you through the day to wear at night when you are getting ready for work in the morning.

Always go with the less-is-more rule when it comes to makeup for the workplace. A neat ponytail or a prim headband gives you a simple, clean look. If you have short hair, make sure it is brushed well and styled to stay in place.

Keep the makeup natural – go with some eyeliner, a dash of nude lipstick, and warm tones for your cheeks. Choose professional products so that your makeup lasts longer.

As the night moves on you can simply touch up your look.

Event 2- Cocktails with Friends

Lighten up

Now that you are heading out of the office, it is time to let your hair down (literally). Whether you are changing at the office washroom or some other place, start with a blazer. Swap it for a stylish leather jacket to instantly convert your work look into a more fun, easy-going one.

Irrespective of whether you are wearing a dress, skirt-and-blouse, a tailored suit, or pants with a top, simply changing the jacket will help you make an easy, effective style transformation. If you were wearing jeans or leggings under your dress, you can ditch those too and show off those sexy legs.


Start with the shoes—you can either stick to your stylish brogues or switch into heels, loafers, or even sneakers depending on the type of event you are heading to (is it at a club or a casual get-together with the girls?).

Dressy-casual is the current trend for cocktail parties or evening outings, so bring out your most flashy jewelry. A pair of attention-grabbing danglers or a beautiful pendant necklace can give an entirely new look to your blazer-with-a-LBD look that you were wearing for work. Throw on some chunky bracelets and keep that formal watch inside your purse.

Bring in some color to your ensemble by using attractive scarves or faux fur stoles. A bright, cheery one or a red knitted scarf goes well with a black or white dress. It will not only bring in the after-hours effect to your look, but also keep you warm when you step out of the office and head to the next destination. A cross-body sling bag completes the look.

Hair and makeup

You can now lose that business-appropriate hairstyle and untie that ponytail. Wear your hair loose or in a chic bun, depending on your mood. Use hair accessories for a more glamorous look.

Add some mascara and bright eye shadow, while also painting your lips in a livelier shade. Consider doing a quick touch up on your face to highlight your best features.

Event 3- Romantic Dinner Date

Bring the sexy on

So now you are done with drinks with friends, and moving on to the final (and perhaps the best) event for the day—a lovely dinner with your lover. For starters, lose the jacket and scarves, and flaunt your toned arms and curves so that your love cannot take his eyes off you all through dinner.

Style your look according to the place you are dining at. Dress according to the vibe of the place – an upscale restaurant and your favorite eatery around the corner require different accessories. If you plan on taking a walk after dinner, a lovely shrug can help beat the wind on your shoulders without looking all bundled up and killing your sex appeal.


If you have been running around in flats all through the day, now is the time to bring out your killer heels. Stilettos can make almost any outfit (and you) look sexier, so do not forget to carry a pair while heading out from home. You can also choose a pair of playful booties if that is more your style and it goes with your dress.

Leave the oversized tote in the car and bring out a nice clutch to match your dress. Dangly earrings or a simple choker instantly perks up your look while keeping it minimal. Go for stacked bangles on one arm to make a stylish statement.

Hair and makeup

When you are en-route to dinner, powder your nose, add some fresh mascara, and check if your makeup is in place. Dab some gloss on your lips for an instantly pouty, sultry look. Spritz on a nice perfume, and you will feel as fresh as you did in the morning.

If you have been wearing a bun, check if you can still make it work. If your hair was loose and it is looking a bit messy, take a stylish pin to sweep it to one side and leave the rest loose—looking chic does not always take time.

Versatility is the key when you are trying to make a single dress work for different events throughout the day, so pick pieces that are professional, comfortable, and fun. Plan ahead so that you remember to carry the right things while heading out of home in the morning. Makeup products, a change of footwear, and blotting tissues or makeup wipes are essentials for making one dress work for three different events. Good luck - but we know you don’t really need it.

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