Home Office Health: 5 Reasons Why You Should Try A Stand-Up Desk

Last updated on : June 10 2021

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Sitting in the same position for hours comes with health risks, and we all should be aware of these.

It increases the risk of multiple forms of cancer, obesity, diabetes, and many more diseases. Unfortunately, it also has negative consequences on our mental health, contributing to an increase in anxiety and depression.

Shortly put, it is not suitable for our physical and mental health states to sit all day long.

So, what should you do to change your lifestyle into a more active and healthier one? The answer is: get a standing desk for your home office.

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The Dangers Of A Sitting Desk

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Working From Home

More and more companies are implementing the option to work from home, and employees are the happiest about it. Working from home comes with lots of benefits you would not have had at your workplace otherwise.

You can wear comfy clothes, save commuting time and money. You have a more flexible schedule, and you can organize your time how you want. You can select when to do some tasks, and you also have the comfort of choosing where in the house to work.

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The Dangers Of A Sitting Desk

Having a home office comes with benefits and downsides at the same time. Some people fail to organize and custom their work environment to increase and maintain their motivation. Others make poor choices or environmental changes that affect their health state.

The most common mistake they make is that people choose a sitting desk over a standing one.

A sitting desk comes with its pros: you can relax on the chair, you can rest your feet, and depending on your tasks, a sitting position can help you focus easily. But even though all these seem to be significant benefits of a sitting desk, they are, in fact, downsides.

Sitting in the same position for hours comes with health risks, and we all should be aware of these. A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of multiple forms of cancer, obesity, diabetes, and many more diseases. It also has negative consequences on people’s mental health, contributing to an increase in anxiety and depression.

Shortly put, it is not suitable for our physical and mental health states to sit all day long.

So, what should you do to change your lifestyle into a more active and healthier one? The answer is: get a standing desk for your home office.

The Benefits Of A Standing Desk

The benefits of a standing desk are numerous, and even the most skeptical people say it is one of the healthiest changes you can make to your working environment.

Here are five reasons why you should try a stand-up desk.

1. You Reduce Your Weight Gain or Obesity Risk 

There are moments in your life when you have to sit down, but it is essential to limit the time spent sitting. A sedentary life comes with health risks, and weight gain is one of them. The more you sit down, the fewer calories your body will burn.

Specialists recommend having at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day, but we rarely find time for sports, especially when we have a full schedule and other chores to do. Even though there are lots of exercises you can practice at work to stretch your muscles, it is not enough. 

Additionally, most people that are working from home need to take care of the house and family, cook, and relax. And so, some people have a hard time finding the motivation to exercise, to go for a walk or do some sports. A standing desk is the best solution for you that will help you counteract the effects of a sedentary life.

A recent study on more than 7000 adults assessed critical factors in their health to determine the effects of standing up. They measured details such as the body fat percentage, body mass index, and waist circumference to see the effects of standing. The results are precise: standing up a quarter of time per day reduces the risk of obesity and weight gain. So, standing up at least six hours per day reduces the likelihood of obesity, both for men and women.

Workers from NSBroker say that choosing to make this change was the best one they could do. Even though at the beginning, it was difficult to stand up all the time, with perseverance and exercise, they finally managed the change and the benefits. 

2. You Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Cancer is among the deadliest diseases one can have, and people are afraid of getting it. Even though we cannot control the causes of cancer entirely, we can prevent it by adopting healthy habits.

There are some habits we can give up to stop the development of cancer, such as smoking. But there are also healthy habits we can adopt to prevent or slow the abnormal growth of our cells, such as exercise. One of the most simple changes you can make to your lifestyle is to choose a standing desk over a sitting one.

According to studies, sedentary life is a significant cause of most breast and colon cancers. People who sit more than they stand up have a higher risk of inflammation. And usually, they have poor blood circulation, all these being risk factors for developing cancer.

A standing desk is an affordable and accessible choice you can make to prevent cancer. Not only standing but exercise, walks or sports are good for protecting your health.

3. You Reduce Your Back Pain

Back pain is the most common type of pain people who sit all day at their desks report having. The thing is, most of us do not have the correct posture when sitting at a desk. Moreover, most of us have jobs that require mostly online work, so we find ourselves sitting at a desk in front of a monitor for hours and hours.

Sitting at a desk is a posture that does not involve any movement, so the stress is on our backs and shoulders. Even though some tips and tricks could help you reduce the amount of weight on your back, such as putting a pillow between the chair and your back, having a standing desk is one of the best solutions.

The effects are not necessarily immediate, with some people reporting improvements after two weeks of using a standing desk. Nevertheless, a standing desk helps you reduce your back pain, as well as the neck and shoulder one.

4. You Increase Your Productivity  

You might think that a standing desk has only physical benefits. Surprisingly or not, it also benefits your mood and mental state.

Researchers have conducted lots of studies to show and compare the effects of a sitting desk and a standing one. We are indeed more relaxed when we sit, but we also engage in endlessly staring at our laptops, and we fail to connect with others. Our circulation is affected, and this has a significant effect on how our brain is working.

The brain needs good blood flow and glucose to function correctly, and it is mostly deprived of this when we are sitting. Instead, when standing, everything is working better.

Longitudinal studies on more than 3000 participants showed an increase of 53% in productivity levels when using standing desks compared with sitting ones. Also, a standing posture helps you focus better and rapidly process information. These benefits lead to an increase in productivity so that you can accomplish your tasks easier and faster.

However, some tasks require your full attention and focus, and in some cases, a sitting desk is better than a standing one. For example, functions that include complex formulas or working on technical details might be more natural to accomplish when using a sitting desk.

However, keep in mind that these details are different for each of us, and most people can complete all their tasks using a standing desk because they are more productive and have more energy.

5. You Improve Your Mood and Prevent Anxiety and Depression

One of the most important benefits of a standing desk is improved wellbeing and mood reported by people that have used one for more than six months. Even though the idea that you can custom your work environment comes with mood boosts, directly working while standing up has vast effects.

Studies show that people that sit more than six hours per day have increased psychological distress compared to the ones that are sitting less than three hours per day.

We all know that we need to exercise and do sports if we want to keep fit and have a good physical state. But exercising has benefits on our psyche too. Exercise can prevent the development of depression and anxiety by releasing neurochemicals that make us feel good. Even though standing up in front of a desk does not necessarily mean you exercise, you still keep away sedentary life.

A sedentary life can seriously affect your mental wellbeing, and people that spend a lot of time in front of their computers reported having more depressive symptoms than people that are using a standing desk.

The relationship between depression and sitting down is reversible. While depression sucks all the energy and motivation out of you, sitting for a long time every day can make the depressive symptoms more intense.

The same goes for anxiety. If you use a standing desk, you will notice considerable improvements in your ability to focus and maintain that focus. This better focus leads to higher productivity, and you will be more content with your work.

All these benefits mean that the satisfaction you will have regarding your work will be increasing, and so the work anxiety you might have will decrease. 


Working from home urges you to custom your environment so that you can keep your productivity and motivation levels high. We all know that sudden changes in the work environment can alter your productivity, so you will need some time to accommodate yourself with a new working space.

We recommend choosing a standing desk. A standing desk assists in the prevention of cancer and reduces the risk of weight gain or obesity. Also, it removes the stress you put on your back caused by sitting down for hours every day.

Additionally, a stand-up desk can have psychological effects too. They help improve your productivity through sharper focus, which leads to higher life satisfaction. It is a chain reaction that ends with fewer depressive and anxious symptoms and less sedentary life.

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