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Last updated on : December 13 2017

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At The Kewl Shop, we adopt practical solutions to our health and fitness. We develop effective ways to maintain our bodies and to look good. It takes some effort but is achievable. 

We follow this framework:

Step 1. Exercise often and effectively

Step 2. Develop your best physical assets

Step 3. Eat healthy

Step 4. Take short-cuts

Keeping healthy and fit is a personal choice but one you can manage. Looking and feeling sexy is entirely in your hands. Take charge of these critical aspects of your happiness with the help of the blog articles below! 

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1. Exercise Often and Effectively

When we exercise, we prefer to use weights because they make our exercise more effective. We try to be active day to day, and when not at the gym will add a walk into our routine. Anything to keep busy.  

9 Girl Reasons to Lift Weights 

infographic - reasons to lift weights

There are many reasons for incorporating weights into your workout routine. Weights help you burn fat faster, keep your heart healthy and develop muscle that is lean for a slender and toned body. 

It's a myth that weights make you bulky or manly. However, if you're undecided check out these sexy girl reasons to lift weights.  

The Power of Free Weights and Dumbbells

free weights and dumbells

We worry that exercising with weights makes us bulky and "manly." However, this is not true. Incorporating weights into your workout routine brings only benefits, getting you leaner and toned faster!

If you're new to weights, then dumbbells are a good solution. They are small and easy to use at all skill levels and can be added into your routines easily. 

12 Reasons Women Need to Deadlift

why women need to deadlift

Deadlifting is increasingly popular among women. It makes gym time fun, challenging, and productive.

The exercise takes its name from dead or stationary weights lifted directly off the ground. These loads can be either barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells depending on preference.

Deadlifting can be taxing, both mentally and physically so we'd put it into the "no pain no gain" category. However, build it into your exercise routine, and the benefits show!

11 Sexy Reasons to do Squat Exercises

sexy reasons to do squats

You cannot create a perfectly proportioned body with cardio alone. Weight training exercises are crucial to help you build lean muscle and to boost your strength.

While there are many weight training exercises to choose from, the one to rule them all is the squat

Squats work your entire body giving you perfect curves in any sexy dress! They improve muscle mass providing you with energy and agility for your daily activities. Start them off without weights, adding as you build strength and expertise.   

8 Reasons to Walk 30 Minutes Today 

power of walking

To lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to exercise, eat a balanced diet, and work on your confidence. Walking is a practical daily exercise that you can do anytime and anywhere. 

You do not need a gym or specialized equipment, just a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Try walking if you don't have time or energy for anything more rigorous. It's great for clearing your head! 

2. Develop Your Best Physical Assets

We like to adopt routines that are laser focussed on enhancing or developing our physical assets.   

How to Get a Bigger Butt In Six Steps

how to get a bigger bottom

The good news is that getting a bigger butt is within everyone’s reach. It’s just a matter of understanding what to do and then applying yourself correctly. It isn't complicated but requires some dedication. 

In this article, we remove the mystery, and we supply you with the basics to achieve a shapely rear. We cover the science, the nutritional and exercise requirements, and the best dresses to show off your posterior in the making.  

red off shoulder bandage dress

There is no doubt that a significant rear brings with it confidence and ease in the sexiest of bandage dresses 

23 Exercises to Give You a Booty

exercises for a fit bottom

We all desire a feminine shape that is soft with the right amount of curves. You may want to work on your abdomen, and your friends their thighs. However, the growing trend is to have a Kim Kardashian inspired booty!

Many exercises make your bottom curvaceous and defined. And so a toned shape is possible for all us - without injections or implants. 

In this article, we cover 23 of the best booty exercises 

How to Get Your Best Legs Ever

how to get best legs

The good news is that with a bit of planning and diet monitoring you can get your best legs ever.

In this article, we share the right combination of diet, squats and other exercises to help you get enviable legs in no time at all. 

Secrets To A Natural Tummy Tuck

infographic - how to get a natural tummy tuck

How do you stay fit and trim without giving up your favorites? Does keeping a flat and trim tummy require you to hit the gym at every waking moment? In our humble opinion - no, absolutely not (although we think some exercise is necessary).

Getting a natural tummy tuck is not about trying to look like a model or cutting back on all your favorite snacks. Instead, we take a holistic approach such as drinking more water, reducing stress, targeted exercising, and eating a balanced diet.

3. Eat Healthy

We eat healthy so as not to waste our time spent getting exercise. You can't train away your lousy eating, so we eat the best we can (while still having the fun of course). 

A Practical Approach To Healthy Eating

girl with healthy food

We're not nutritionists, but we're full of common sense and can make rational decisions about what is healthy for us or not. We've spent a long time researching foods and eating behaviors because we're curious about eating healthy. We want to understand how to improve our eating habits and to feel good about our bodies. 

In this article, we share healthy eating knowledge from our research and common sense eating habits. We aim to inspire you to feel right about your shape and improve the way you eat.  

4. Take Short-Cuts

We understand that we are far from perfect so we'll take shortcuts to looking slender and toned.     

11 Quick Fixes to a Sexy Body

infographic - fixes for a sexy body

In our industry, we've learned a thing or two about getting sexy in a pinch. There is no need to worry about being caught off guard anymore. Pulling yourself together in a jiffy just takes know-how and confidence. 

Here are 11 quick fixes to help you pull off sexy looks when running out of time.

How To Dress Seductively in 18 Steps

seductive lace outfit

Someone once said, “The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off.” Spicing up your wardrobe to draw attention to your best physical features is a sure-fire way to be both sexy and seductive.


Keeping healthy and fit, and looking hot is about adopting and sticking to a practical framework. One that involves exercise, eating healthy, working on our assets and taking feminine short-cuts.

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