Should I Send Good Morning And Good Night Texts To My Girlfriend?

Last updated on : August 20 2023

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In principle, there is nothing wrong with sending good morning and good night texts. Done right, she will love the attention you're giving her, knowing that you are thinking about her. 

However, you need to send them in moderation because they quickly become robotic and predictable. And when the messages do become predictable, your girlfriend will start to lose attraction for you.

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Waiting For Her To Respond

Work on Your Outcome Independence

What To Do When She Eventually Responds


Note: The advice in this article applies equally to women as it does to men, except that men tend to accept more neediness than women do. However, if you're a girl reading this, send it across to your man and tell him to read it a few times, and to learn. 

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The Dangers Of Routine Texting

Good morning and good night text greetings are not always a good idea and can lower attraction levels over time. 

There are many reasons why a girl might lose attraction for you. Maybe you hurt her in some way, or you were acting weak, or perhaps an ex or a new guy is in the picture. But in many cases, her attraction drops because you've become a little boring and predictable, especially when you mix this neediness.

Early morning or evening texts can quickly become too predictable. They can lose meaning for your girlfriend when done routinely and without thought. 

Anytime your girl starts to not respond to your messages or begins to give you short one-word responses. It's a sure sign that you've overdone it, perhaps become a little too boring, predictable, or even needy, and her attraction for you is dropping - possibly leading to a breakup.

Adopt An Unpredictable, Yet Sincere Approach To Texting

Your girlfriend needs some mystery from you for her attraction levels to maintain and to grow. And she needs to feel the real meaning behind your words and actions, especially when they are about your love and feelings for her.

When you do the same things day after day, it kills the mystery and the meaning behind it, and it stops being special. 

So you have to be careful not to fall too deeply into a routine with her because she could get bored. And this could, over time, result in a loss of attraction for you. Keep the mystery levels and excitement factors high, and her attraction levels will remain secure. 

And remember to ensure there is substance behind the things you say and do for her. These text messages should come from your heart and not because you think she expects them from you. Love her in honesty, not the way you think she wants to be loved. 

So yes, go ahead and send your good morning and goodnight texts, but not every day, and only because you mean it. You're doing it because you want to show your feelings of love and affection towards her sincerely, not because you feel you have to or to remind her of you. 

Here are some examples, sent sparingly of course. 

- Rise and shine, beautiful! Hope your dreams were as lovely as you are. 😊🌼

- Hey there, sleepyhead! It's a new day full of possibilities. Let's make it amazing together! 💪☀️

- Goodnight. Thinking of you before I sleep. 💫🌙

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Be Honest And Remove All Anxiety And Neediness In Your Text Approaches

If you're insincere with your words, remember that women are far more intuitive than men. They can sense when we're dishonest with ourselves and them. They'll pick up when you are inauthentic, even if they don't consciously realize it, and this will count against you over time.     

If you're not sending these messages sincerely but because you feel you have to or to remind her of you, then check your anxiety and neediness levels and reduce them.   

Displays of neediness and anxiety will cause her to lose attraction for you, even without the routine and predictability of your morning or evening texts. You need to understand that neediness is an attraction killer all by itself. 

What To Do If You've Already Texted Too Much Or Gone Too Far

If she's stopped responding, is giving you short one-word replies, or is taking very long to reply, then stop texting her immediately. At this point, you need to let her start the connection again

By stopping your texting, you have removed the predictability and replaced it with silence. Your girlfriend will notice and wonder why, and this curiosity will start to raise her attraction levels for you again. 

When she feels the need, she will start the connection again, and you need to wait for that time. You can't rush or try to force feelings out of her. Be patient and focus on things other than her. Give her the space to begin sending these texts again when she is ready. 

Waiting For Her To Respond 

Keep a keen eye for her responses to your good morning and evening text messages, and when you see interest falling, then stop. At this point, you must wait for her to start these messages again

You want to wait for her to make the first contact. Know that she could take a few hours, or even days, depending on how much attraction you've destroyed. In some instances, she might never respond.  

At first, waiting is not going to feel pleasant for you, and so there are several things you need to watch in yourself.  

Do not get upset about her lack of response or interest to your good morning or good night texts. Getting angry and revealing this to her shows high levels of insecurity and neediness, which is a huge turn off for her. And so you want to avoid this behavior at all costs. 

You don't want to get over emotional about this. 

Put your phone away or turn it on silent. Out of sight is out of mind. If you're counting the minutes or are getting overly anxious about why your girlfriend hasn't texted you good morning, then you are too focused on her. 

Too much focus will not work for you because it's likely to cause anxiety and neediness when you don't get what you want. Stop this behavior straight away because it places you in danger of making a huge mistake, like double or triple texting. 

If she's a new girl, don't get so locked into her. Make sure you are chatting with other girls until you become committed. Talking with other girls will keep you busy to an extent and not leave you focused just on her, which is not appealing. It will also give you confidence and options, making you more of a prize for her.

Don't overthink or over-analyze while you are waiting. You'll start to imagine things that aren't true. Your girl is not having an affair. She's probably just busy. You don't want your anxiety to get the better of you, forcing you to contact her first. 

If you're struggling, getting exercise is a quick solution, a run, or a trip down to the gym. 

Work on Your Outcome Independence

To succeed in the long term, you need to develop a healthy level of outcome independence and lead the relationship.

Having a healthy level of outcome independence means that if she never contacts you again, you don't inherently care. You don't care because your life is full without the need for a girlfriend to complete you. 

Outcome independence is hugely appealing to her because it displays confidence and strength. It makes you very attractive, and much more of a prize. No girl wants you to have no interests other than her.  

Develop a strong focus on yourself and your purpose. Make sure your passions come first in life. Putting your desires first ensures that waiting for her is not the top of your mind, rather the things you want to do in life for yourself are. 

Be productive with these things you are interested in, allow your interests to shine and take center stage. You need to get into the state where you are confident in yourself, remain centered, and focused on your purpose. 

Then when she is texting you, she will wonder why you aren't responding quickly enough (because you are busy), and this will cause her attraction to rise. It's a win either way for you.

What To Do When She Eventually Responds

When she does eventually text, don't overdo the response or get angry about why she took so long. Be relaxed, fun, and don't draw attention to the gap in communication. Instead, remember what you have learned from this texting episode and don't fall back into a routine or predictability. 

If she confronts you about not texting her, be playful in your response. Tell her you're just trying to put some excitement back into your relationship but say it with a smile. This response allows you to be honest and is probably going to pique her interest. But don't, of course, reveal the grand plan, keep you mysterious. 

If she doesn't respond at all, then consider what this means. Leave it for a few days and then, if you can do so confidently, approach her on something unrelated and fun, do not bring up her non-response. Or if you're uncertain of her feelings or yours, wait it out. If she never responds, maybe she's doing you a favor, and you will already be a few days into moving on.   


Good morning and good night texts can quickly become boring and routine, and when they do, your girlfriend could start to lose attraction for you. So ensure you send them in moderation and only when you sincerely mean them. 

If you've overdone the texting, stop immediately, and wait for her to begin the connection again. 

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