First Date Jitters - Heres How To Dress And Feel Comfortable On A First Date

Last updated on : July 29 2021

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First Date Jitters

We all know the feeling of fretting over what to wear, and makeup to apply on a first date.

There's a good reason for this. The first date is one of the most critical events in the timeline of a potential relationship. Of course, beauty is only skin deep, but first impressions do matter.

On top of this, nerves can sometimes throw us off our game and lead us to make common beauty mistakes we would usually avoid. So, whether you've got a date with Prince Charming all lined up, or you're still combing through Hookup Date review sites searching for the one, we've got your back. 

Here's our guide to dressing on a first date and avoiding those first date jitters.  

1. Be Yourself (Yes, It's True)

What's the first rule of dating? Just be yourself. So, why is it that so many of us go on a first date with a brand new look that we've never tried out before?

Whether it's caking on too much makeup in the hope of hiding a zit or trying a sultry new eyeshadow, it's a bad idea.  

The key to the first date is comfort.  

There is nothing worse than sitting through a meal or a drink wondering if your makeup is in place or not.

When it comes to makeup mistakes to avoid, go low-key. 

If you don't usually wear much makeup, stick to just a few basics. You can add a touch of mascara to make your eyes pop or add an eyeliner wing for a bit of a flourish.

Even if you're a makeup pro, too much on a first date can be off-putting.

Your date may feel like they're not glam enough, or you may end up feeling overdressed in the setting. Heavy makeup also won't fare well if you go somewhere hot and crowded or with bright lighting. 

Either way, you don't want worries about it to ruin your night. Aim for a fresh-faced glow for the first meeting and go all out on the second date instead. 

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2. Choose A Comfortable Outfit And Look

When it comes to first-date beauty mistakes that everyone makes, picking the wrong outfit is top of the pile. 

As with makeup, if you go overboard, it can set you up for a stormy night. You may be so distracted by your uncomfortable clothes or by worrying about how you look that you miss half of what your date is saying. 

Being uncomfortable in your clothes is not a good look and usually won't end in a goodnight kiss.

For a first date outfit, you want to pick something that you feel comfortable and confident wearing. 

Maybe pair a tried and tested pair of jeans with a nice top or wear a dress that you've already broken in. Don't go out shopping specifically for the date, and wear your outfit for the first time on the night. 

A new outfit is a recipe for uncomfortable trips to the bathroom to fix your boob tape or sitting rigidly feeling that, if you move, you're going to burst out of your dress. 

Comfortable oputfit


3. Dress For The Venue

Much as a surprise first date can be super romantic, it doesn't give you much to work with beauty-wise. 

You don't want to turn up to a city wine bar in a flowy floral dress and sandals or end up on a beach picnic in stilettos. 

If you're worried about potential beauty mistakes, give your date a quick heads up and ask them where you're going. They'll likely be flattered that you want to make an effort. 

4. Moisturize Properly

Although this is an all-around beauty tip, it's also crucial before a first date. 

When we want to impress a new partner, dewy, fresh-looking skin is an absolute must. Building an excellent moisturizing routine will help us achieve that and will help you feel fabulous for your first date.

If you've never moisturized in the past, the best thing to do is apply some moisturizer after washing your face in the morning. You can also put some on before you go to bed. 

It would help if you also tried to ensure that your room is not too warm and has water to hand while you sleep. Failing to take these steps are common sleeping beauty mistakes that can make dry skin worse.

Try to choose a moisturizing brand that blends well with your skin. Don't go for something that feels oily or stays on the skin for too long. You want something absorbent. 

Alcohol-free moisturizers also tend to be gentler on the skin and can prevent irritation. You could also try a calming natural face mask the night before your date if your skin is blotchy or breaks out.

5. Use Primer

One of the most common beauty mistakes for face makeup is applying foundation or powder without primer. Liquid foundations can dry out skin or lead to oily breakouts if the skin is not prepped. 

And, powder layered on already dry skin can look flaky and show up badly under harsh lights.

Before you apply your makeup for your date, squeeze on a few dabs of a good primer. A good primer smooths out your skin and helps protect it. Primer will also help blend your foundation with the tone of your skin. 

Try to choose a slightly tinted primer and then use a darker foundation over the top. This combination will add texture and complement your natural tone, rather than giving your makeup a flat, opaque look.

6. Watch The Foundation

The art of the perfect foundation is not an easy one to master. However, it's a good idea to stay clear of heavy foundations on a first date. 

Wearing heavy powder or foundation is one of the top 5 makeup mistakes that are aging you on a day-to-day basis. If you want to look youthful and fresh for your date, it's a massive no-no. 

Although the foundation is meant to plump up and smooth out skin, a heavy foundation can have the opposite effect. Steer well clear of it if you want to avoid beauty mistakes aging your skin. Powder and other foundations can make fine lines more prominent.

On top of this, it can make it look like you're trying to hide your age. Pair this with common mistakes people make with blending and tone, and it can spell disaster. It is one of the worst makeup mistakes to avoid. 

7. Make Your Lips Soft

Lips are seductive, and they are something you want to focus on for a first date. 

Don't go for a bright, bold, or matte color. Instead, choose a light, peachy tone that either matches or almost matches your skin. 

This way, it won't show up on your teeth when you do a sexy lip bite. A clear gloss can also be a nice touch, but make sure you don't go for one that's too sticky.

8. Highlight Your Cheekbones

We've already gone over beauty mistakes that age you, especially in terms of powder and foundation. So, say you've found the perfect shade, and you've moisturized and primed your face? Where's the best place to put the stuff? 

To give yourself a soft, inviting glow, swipe a dash of powder or blush along the lines of your cheekbones. This approach brings out the natural structure of your face and creates a healthy, youthful appearance. 

Remember, don't go overboard. Blushing on a first date is like drinking wine on a first date. It would be best if you stopped before you think you've had enough.

9. Apply Mascara To Your Top Lashes Only

Mascara is the bare minimum makeup you should wear on a first date unless you have naturally incredible lashes, of course.  

Any mid-quality brand mascara should be okay for those of us who want a little extra length in the lash department.

To apply:

  • Swipe up and wiggle the brush between your upper lashes.
  • Draw the brush smoothly upwards and out.
  • Don't apply mascara to your lower lashes, as this can distort the shape of your eyes and make you appear older.

You also want to avoid clumpy or spidery lashes, so don't go over the top and don't use an old mascara that's seen better days. 

You should also make sure that you choose waterproof mascara, just in case you get caught in the rain. Panda eyes and black tears don't make an appealing look on a first date.

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Couple on a date

Believe us when we say you can always correct beauty mistakes. 

However, no matter how many times you apply your pre-game makeup for a first date, it's better to do it right than get it wrong and feel awkward, as is the case with choosing the right outfit. 

Remember, first dates are all about having a good time. If you go into it aiming to feel comfortable and confident, you're sure to shine. 

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