10 Female Qualities (Other Than Physical Beauty) That Attract Men

Last updated on : March 27 2023

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Females needn't be physically attractive to attract the opposite sex or avoid their man from pulling away. Most men want some qualities more than your beautiful face.

Have a look at the following female conditions, other than physical beauty that attracts men to better your dating life - click on the links below to learn more.  

1. Passionate Women

2. Sense of Humor

3. Intelligence

4. The Small Things Matter

5. Kindness

6. Sexually Confident

7. Modesty

8. Women with Self-Respect

9. Minimize the Makeup

10. Mirror Him


Females needn't be physically attractive to attract the opposite sex or avoid their man from pulling away. Most men want some qualities more than your beautiful face. Have a look at the following female conditions that attract men to better your dating life

To men, feminine appearance is highly subjective. While some like plump women, others prefer slim girls, and the rest don't care about the female's shape much at all. Instead, they pay attention to specific qualities in a female that make her a better partner.

Scientific studies have uncovered several subliminal things about attractive female qualities and appearance that men often notice unconsciously. If you have always wanted to impress a particular man, a gentleman, check out these good feminine qualities that can help you win his heart. 

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1. Passionate Women 

Passion is undoubtedly one of the alluring female qualities that every man looks for besides physical beauty.

Having some passion in life is an attractive quality for both males and females. For males, this is a sign that the female won't always be needy in the relationship and won't struggle to achieve her life accomplishments. 

Nothing puts off men like an always-needy woman. As such, you are letting him know of your other interests besides him, and this will make him feel at ease.

Men will also perceive you as a person with exciting qualities and a lot in your character. Being passionate makes him want to spend more time to get to know your hidden virtues better. 

2. Sense of Humor 

Your relationship shouldn't be serious all the time. Having some sense of humor and cracking unexpected jokes is another quality that naturally makes the relationship fun.

It also opens up the man to the easy-going side of your personality, which is an admirable quality. To men, grumpiness is an unattractive quality in females. 

Humor is among the few great female qualities, as men would rather spend time with women who see the funny side of things and realities of life than one who is always lamenting.

The good thing is that you don't have to be a comedy genius to ace this quality. Being able to interact freely with everyone, seeing the funny side of situations, and laughing comfortably with him makes everything perfect. 

Women should also laugh at their jokes as well. Females always think that their date is funny, forgetting that they should let the men know that they find themselves funny too.

Men might not be specifically looking for partners with funny qualities, but a female who can appreciate simple jokes, and specifically, their man's jokes will always be a catch.

A study at three universities across Canada and the United States concluded that both males and females feel attracted to people with a good sense of humor. 

3. Intelligence 

Intelligence is among the few alpha female qualities that make women appealing to men. However, this doesn't mean that men prefer women who scored good grades back in school.

The most important thing is that the woman can sustain an enjoyable and stimulating conversation with common sense. Therefore, don't feel intimidated as a female that you should be a rocket scientist or neurosurgeon with visibly intelligent qualities to find a good man. 

Females should have insightful opinions on specific topical subjects. These insights show the man their knowledgeable qualities and that they have a wide range of interests. It also shows that you aren't afraid to voice your opinions.

Despite being unconfirmed, most men also believe in the school of thought that women with this quality are good in bed. 

4. The Small Things Matter 

Ladies often like it when men notice her new hairdo, new cologne, new pair of heels, seductive dresses, and other qualities. They quickly forget that men also appreciate such small quick complements.

Taking some time to enjoy the little things about your man shows that you are interested in him. 

You don't need to reserve your compliments for notable changes such as a new pair of clothing or aftershave. You can make an impact by making small comments on a few characteristics that you like, such as the sparkle in your man's eyes or the pronounced dimples every time he smiles. 

For sure, most women take note of little qualities about a man they like, but a few will take the extra step of actually letting him know there is something they notice and appreciate.

Making such small comments will make the man think you are rare, unique, and a sign that you are not self-obsessed. 

5. Kindness 

In most cases, women are naturally adept at kindness, a quality that men find very attractive. A study of more than 10,000 people concluded that kindness is a universally desired quality for both males and females.

Just as the female gender is always searching for kindhearted marriage partners, men are also looking for females with similar attributes. Showing your kindness shouldn't be limited or directed to the man you want to impress. 

The study also linked a female's kindness to positive interactions, interest in maintaining long-term relationships, empathy in bringing up children, and the ability to form quality social relationships. With all this, you can genuinely understand why kindness is such an essential female quality. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, female kindness is evident from the start, especially on the first date. Simple things, such as being considerate to other people, arriving at the date on time, and showing politeness to your attendants, are huge indicators. 

6. Sexually Confident

Sexually confident woman wearing white top

Men generally like sexually confident females. Most men prefer women who are comfortable and confident discussing issues about sex openly.

This confidence will leave the man wondering how the female performs in bed and her overall romance quality. Since sex is an essential pillar of most relationships and marriages, being open to such discussions shows that you are comfortable around each other. 

However, as a female, you shouldn't overdo it as you may come out undesirable.

This belief is probably what many men check when looking at female qualities from dating sites. Best dating sites review take this as an essential feminine quality before matching partners. 

7. Modesty 

Modesty is among the critical female qualities that most men seek. Besides humility, being outspoken, charitable, and honest are feminine attractiveness qualities that never go unnoticed.

However, men naturally don't like women who always blow their trumpets. Leaving some things to the mystery is an intriguing quality, makes the man interested in you, and willing to find out more about you. 

It becomes exciting if a man is continuously making discoveries about your female qualities, even after being together for some months. These discoveries will keep things exciting and make the man think there is some uncovered depth in your feminine attributes.

Not revealing everything about yourself immediately also shows that you are confident that you don't need to say every fantastic thing about your personality.

8. Women with Self-Respect 

Self-respect is among the many necessary qualities of female attractiveness.

Generally, men prefer women who respect themselves. While giving in quickly to sex might be exciting. A man will wonder about the number of guys you have given up before or might do in the future. 

In most cases, men will quickly lose interest in pursuing females without self-respect for a serious relationship. Chances are if the man comes back again, sex might be all he is after.

Women should know that men don't go after women who put out soon when choosing their long-term partners. 

9. Minimize the Makeup 

Minimal makeup is among the many attractive female qualities that most women tend to ignore. Women who feel comfortable that they don't need to wear makeup every time in public are more attractive to men.

Not insisting on makeup is a sign of personal confidence in themselves, in that females don't need attention and approval of others to feel good. 

Women who wear a lot of makeup can appear shallow and concentrated in their female appearance. To men, this can be a sign of low self-esteem or lack of confidence, in that she needs some over-do to make better her appearance. 

10. Mirror Him

Another positive female quality is the ability to mirror their partners. Females looking to catch their man should consider trying to mimic him.

Most people unknowingly tend to imitate other people's mannerisms, behaviors, and posture. According to Psychology experts, people tend to mirror the behavior and qualities of the person they want to feel closer to them or to be liked by them. 

Additionally, another study found that those who were mimicked by another person always liked the other person and achieved smooth interactions. Women should consider mirroring their men, be it the way they dress, facial reactions, or other distinctive qualities.


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Men appreciate so much more than physical beauty in a woman. Your ability to be passionate, kind, confident, sexually confident, and funny all go a long way to attracting the man of your dreams.

And although this might sound formidable, most of us have these qualities in spades already. We are beautiful, no matter what.   

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A Note On Physical Beauty

Physical beauty can be one factor that attracts a man, but it's not necessarily the most important one.

Different men have different preferences and priorities when it comes to attraction. While some men might prioritize physical beauty, others might prioritize intelligence, a sense of humor, kindness, confidence, or other traits.

It's important to note that physical beauty is subjective and can mean different things to different people. Additionally, physical attraction can sometimes be fleeting and is not always enough to sustain a long-term relationship.

Ultimately, being true to yourself and expressing your unique qualities and strengths is most important in attracting a man. Confidence, self-care, and self-love can also play a significant role in attraction, as they can help you feel more attractive and desirable to others.

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