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Fashion Dos and Don'ts for Your Body Type

Last updated on : May 24 2017

fashion dos and don'ts

Have you ever wondered how celebrities seem to make the perfect outfit choice every time? Or wondered how that woman at work manages to look stunning in every dress but when you try the same outfit, you feel it does not have the same effect? There is no impossible-to-guess magic formula hidden here. All you need to do to pull off every look perfectly is to dress according to your body type. And it is easier than you think.

We’ve compiled this brief guide to uncover the most common fashion dos and don’ts for your body type. Use the tips and insights here to help you choose styles that are flattering to your figure.

Pear or Triangle Shape

Body traits: Often defined as “bottom heavy,” in which the lower part of your body (the hips and legs) is wider than your bust and shoulders. This is one of the most common body types, and is known for being curvaceous. Kim Kardashian, Katherine Heigl, and Eva Mendes are some famous socialites and actresses with the pear body shape.

Best assets: Women with the pear body type have narrow shoulders and a well-rounded bottom. The torso is also usually shapely, attractive, and well defined.


  • Draw attention to your bust and broaden your shoulders with puff sleeves.
  • Choose necklines that accentuate your shoulders, like scoop-necks and sweetheart. Ruffled tops also work great.
  • Wear strapless dresses—an excellent way to flaunt your toned arms and upper body while balancing out your overall look.
  • Play around with combinations of light-colored tops and darker hued lower wear.
  • Opt for pants that have a straight-leg cut with heels for a slimming effect.
  • Accessorize with a cropped jacket. This highlights your slim waist and gives a leg-lengthening effect.
  • Have fun with hemlines—a tulip skirt or hi-lo styles keep things visually appealing and gives a slimming look to the lower body.


  • Jackets that fall midway on your butt can make you look short, frumpy, and choppy.
  • Capri-style or cropped pants—these make the legs appear wide and short. Also, stay away from heavily flared pants.
    • Stretched fabrics on trousers will draw attention to your lower body and appear strained when you walk.
    • Shapeless clothes—these rarely do good for any body shape.

      The idea of dressing a pear-shaped body type is to balance out your proportions by opting for garments that accentuate your upper body, thus creating a streamlined look. To give your body length consider footwear with pointed toes to give your legs an elongated effect. But keep the ankle straps at bay.

      Apple or Diamond Shape

      Body traits: Heavier on the top, with a bust that is few inches bigger than the hips. The waistline is usually narrow and limbs are slender. At times, the midriff may appear heavy since the weight is concentrated on the upper body. Celebs with this body shape include Eva Longoria and Drew Barrymore.

      Best assets: Slim, long, and shapely legs.


      • Pick short skirts, skin tight tiny dresses, etc. to flaunt those lovely legs while also drawing attention away from your mid-section.
      • Empire and A-line hemlines create a balanced, feminine look.
      • Use V-necks and low, round necklines to give a torso-lengthening effect. Tops in darker hues will make your bust look smaller.
      • Go for good bras that lift and support well to avoid a droopy effect.
      • Choose flared, boot-cut, and straight styles in pants or jeans so that it is not too tight and creates a smooth silhouette from the shoulders.


      • Outfits with shoulder pads—this will add more weight to the upper body.
      • Dresses with a pinch at the waist or belts will accentuate the parts of your that you do not wish to flaunt.
      • Skinny jeans or wide, baggy pants can make your torso look even wider, and create a shortening effect.

      Women with an apple body type should create an elongated look to add height to their frame and enhance their best features. Showing off long legs create an overall balanced, slimming appearance.

      Hourglass Shape

      Body traits: A slim, well-defined waist and proportionate upper and lower body. Most women strive to achieve such a body shape as it pulls off almost any type of clothing. Think Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Joy Lachey, and Salma Hayek.

      Best assets: Curves in all the right places.


      • Choose clothes that flatter your curves and fall nicely on your body to enhance your shapely figure. Tailored, well-fitting (not tight) clothing will add feminine grace and sex appeal to your form.
      • Go for slightly flared or straight skirts and pants to make your lower body look slender and tall.
      • Tops and dresses with a V or round neckline work well for this body type. However, pay attention to how much cleavage you are showing to fit the occasion.
      • Try wrap dresses with simple jewelry to highlight your figure in a visually-pleasing way minus too much bulk.
      • Make your waist the focal point when choosing clothes. Direct attention to your waist area with slim belts and bandage dresses that are nipped at the waist.


      • Do not wear loose, baggy clothing as these can hide your curves and give an unflattering effect.
      • Stay away from clothes that may make you look ‘boxy’ such as oversized cardigans and tunics.
      • Big belts make your midsection look broader, steer clear.
      • Pants and skirts with a low waistline as these make your hips look bigger than their actual size.
      • Tapered trousers and skirts.

      If you have an hourglass body type, choose light fabrics and patterns that fall nicely on your curves to bring out your best features. Balance your outfit completely to protect you shape and show off your well proportioned curves.

      Rectangular or Straight  Shape

      Body traits: Similar proportions of the bust, hips, and waist—with an appearance that looks straight. Hilary Swank, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and Natalie Portman are some famous figures with this body type.

      Best assets: Toned and sexy legs and arms.


      • Wear tops or dresses that are sleeveless to draw attention to your shapely limbs.
      • Experiment with blouses that have V-necks, ruffles, interesting collars, and other details to add texture and a feminine form to your bust area.
      • Boot-cut pants or skirts that are fitted at the hip and flare out in the lower portion create lovely curves. Experiment with colors in bottom wear.
      • Use shape wear to achieve a curvy look with minimal effort. For example, a padded bra or shaping undergarments can create a defined, feminine look.
      • Wear outfits that cinch at the waist and have a soft, feminine shape to enhance your curves. Short, fitted jackets and belts with dresses are easy ways to do that.


      • Clothes that are either too tight or too loose and flowy, as these look unstructured around the waist area.
      • Fabrics that are too clingy, since these make the rectangular shape too obvious.
      • Upper wear with big shoulder pads.
      • Men’s clothing—baggy outfits or pants in a stiff material do not lend a flattering look.

      Women with a rectangular body type often feel boyish because of the lack of well-defined curves, but in truth, it is an easy body shape to work with. Choose fitted tops and jackets with interesting bottom wear to highlight your waist and give the illusion of curves. Embrace ruffles and frills to soften your natural silhouette.

      Inverted Triangle or Wedge Shape

      Body traits: A heavier upper body with a large bust, broad shoulders, and comparatively narrower hips and waist. Actresses Angelina Jolie and Renee Zellweger have this body shape.

      Best assets: Long and toned legs.


      • Use A-line and full skirts to create a wider silhouette on the lower body and achieve a nice balance.
      • Open necklines like scoop necks and V-styles to highlight a vertical line.
      • High-waisted styles to give your mid-section a flattering shape.
      • Belts over soft fabrics to define the waistline.
      • Choose feminine textures and soft fabrics like chiffon to soften your shoulder area.


      • Big patterns and elaborate details around your neckline and shoulders will make your upper body appear heavier.
      • Necklines like boat-styles, spaghetti straps, etc. that can make your shoulders look wider.
      • Shapeless dresses and chunky knits as these hide your silhouette.

      For women with an inverted triangle shape, the fashion goal is to create an illusion of a wider lower body while softening the shoulders. So limit detailing and volume-creating styles to the lower half of your and maintain an uncluttered look on top.

      If you have yet discover your body type do a quick Internet search for more details. Whether you are looking for a sexy bandage dress to flaunt your curves or trying to decide on a cocktail dress for your next party, dressing according to your body type is all you need to pull of looks that are celebrity and socialite inspired.

      Want to clearly define your shape and target problem areas? In our blog, How to Give Your Body Shape and Curves, we share tips and tricks on the best exercises and foods to eat to achieve your body goals.

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