Face And Skin Care - Routines, Tips And Products You Need To Know

Last updated on : August 28 2022

Ingredients for moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging wrinkle free skin

Face And Skin Care

Here at The Kewl Blog, we take a holistic approach to our face and skincare. Proper cleansing and treatment, protection, healthy eating, exercise, and of course, makeup are the cornerstones of our strategy.

Follow our journey through the blog articles below for skincare routines, tips, products, and a boost in self-confidence.

1. Skincare Routines

Our skincare routines and techniques focus on efficiency and skin rejuvenation, freeing your skin of blemishes, acne, wrinkles, excess oil, and more.

Follow these articles to learn the correct order from cleansers and toners to moisturizers and sunscreen and the best beauty products for your skin type. 

Find them all on our skin care routine blog.

2. Natural Skincare Remedies

Learn and choose the best natural skincare recipes for you. All focussed on revitalizing and skin rejuvenation.   

Read all the articles on our skin care remedies blog.

3. Skin Protection

Techniques and routines to protect your skin from the ravages of weather, pollution and other hazards. 

Summer Is Coming! 10 Skin Care Tips To Have In Mind

Sunglasses on beach sand

Summer skincare - with a fair bit of precaution and carefully selecting the right products, you can ensure you'll have an enchanting summer glow not only on holiday but throughout the entire year.

8 Tips And Tricks To Protect Your Skin During Summer

Girl showing off a sunburnt shoulder

During summer, the sun allows us to have fun with our loved ones at the beach and tan our skin with some color. However, if you are not careful, the sun’s rays can harm your skin.

That is why it is essential to use products that will keep your skin safe after exposure.

15 Habits Of Women With Great Skin

Young woman cleansing her face with cream

We all want clear, glowing, blemish-free, and wrinkle-free skin. We see women on Instagram and in magazines, who have no pores at all and wonder, how do they do that?

It's easier than you think to adopt healthy habits for your skin, and you don't have to spend a fortune on fancy products.

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Sunburn Guide: Home Remedies And How To Prevent It

sunburn guide

In this article, we take a hard look at sunburn and how to treat and avoid it.

We summarise why the sun is such a significant contributor to skin damage and what you can do to protect yourself. And we identify what causes it, who is at risk, and what to do when you overexpose.

Click on the title above to read more. 

sunscreen infographic

4. Skin And Nutrition

A set of nutritional guides to help support and keep your skin youthful, glowing and healthy. 

The Nutritional Guide For Healthy Hair And Skin

Girl with healthy hair and skin

Most women are very conscious about the health of their hair and skin. Many visit beauty shops seeking the best products for glossy hair and glowing skin, and take the time to match their hair color to their skin tone.

However, what you eat plays a notable role in your hair and skin health, and there are many foods for healthy hair and skin.

7 Ways Collagen Can Help Reverse Your Age

Closeup of sleeping baby face

If you're into beauty and skincare, you may have seen collagen supplements around, as well as manufacturers claiming that taking collagen can smooth wrinkles, boost firmness, and increase elasticity.

So much of the body relies on this collagen matrix as a structure and support system, and if you don't get enough of it, your body's structural integrity starts to weaken.

Doing Antioxidants The Right Way

close-up of pomegranate fruit - rich in antioxidants

Eating antioxidants might be the solution to many diseases, even aging.

From preventing heart disease to slowing down degenerative conditions, to stopping cancer, to reducing blood pressure - it all points back to antioxidants, and their ability to fight free radicals.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole-grain products are rich in antioxidant nutrients. Adding these foods to your diet helps prevent the accumulation of free radicals, improves your cellular activity, and might just let you live longer.  

Infographic - Adapting to an antioxidant diet

These 5 Vitamins Are Crucial For Your Skin

Girl checking her skin in a hand mirror

When you feed your skin with essential vitamins, together with an effective daily skincare routine, you can maintain skin health for a lifetime. In this article, we look at how vitamins play a process in your skin's health and recommend five that are the most crucial - vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. 

Glycation - How Eating Sugar Ages Your Skin

sugar spilling out of teaspoon

Overeating sugar can prematurely age your skin through a process called glycation. Following the nutritional tips in this article to reduce the amount of sugar you eat will not stop the glycation process, but it will help you slow it down - keeping your skin looking healthier longer.

21 Foods That Prevent Breakouts

Infographic - Acne diet

The absolute last thing you need when you are getting ready for date night is a zit on top of your nose or in the middle of your forehead. It puts a wrench in your plans and style, similar to an ill-fitting pair of leggings.

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5. Problem Skin Solutions

From acne and stretch marks to dry skin and cellulite, learn how to treat problem skin complaints with practical solutions. 

Understanding The Different Types Of Chemical Peels: Which Is Right For You?

She is having facial treatment.

Chemical peels are one of the most popular treatments to make your skin look great. People love them because they can fix problems like hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, and other issues like signs of aging and sun damage. 

5 Deadly Toxins That You Must Avoid in Your Skin Care

Looking At Her Face Skin

Have you checked that your skincare products do not contain harmful ingredients - because you could be using skin substances that are toxic and causing you some harm every day? 

How To Treat Acne - Try These 14 Lifesaving Options

Girl with Acne on face

When you suffer from acne, it is something you talk about and think about every day. Not only do you want to find the perfect way to get rid of it, but also the best way to prevent it.

There are many myths and facts about acne out there; some are true while some are not. We try to make sense of it all in this article and research different treatment alternatives for you to discuss with your doctor or dermatologist.

7 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

Girl with acne scars

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) estimates that acne affects over 50 million Americans.  And while for most of these people the condition goes away on its own, there are still a lot of people battling pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and excessively oily skin.

Way to get rid of acne scars - Pinterest banner 

The Seven Easiest And Most Natural Way To Combat Stretch Marks

drawing of different shaped women standing - with love your body text

Stretch marks often get in the way of our perceptions, leaving us insecure in the way we look and feel. We know they shouldn't, but they still do, and often we can't help it. 

We are firm believers in loving our flaws; however, sometimes, having a mechanism to deal directly with our insecurities helps. It calms us. So we pulled together these seven natural remedies for stretch marks to help us fight the battle both in our minds and on our bodies. 

Pamper yourself with them and feel good about your body because no matter how many marks and scars it might have, it is still beautiful.

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Seven Overlooked Reasons For Dry Skin - And What To Do About It

reasons for dry skin

Layers of sebaceous glands bless our skin with natural moisturizing oils. The absence of these oils makes the skin vulnerable to itching, peeling, scaling, and cracking. 

So you must know how to retain the lubricating effect of our skin's natural moisturizers to maintain your youthful glow at all times. 

In this article, we've focused on seven often overlooked yet essential contributors to dry skin and what you can do to avoid them. And to finish, we've highlighted some extra steps you can take to alleviate and treat dry skin.

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How Tanning Reduces The Look Of Cellulite, If At All

cellulite and tanning


Both men and women are under constant pressure to look their best in this era of selfies and social media, but it seems like women fall prey to the demands of perfection most often. Many women believe they would be perfect if only they didn't have that pesky cellulite.

Tanning the body may give a beautiful warm glow to the skin, but things aren't always what they appear.

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How To Stay On Top Of Your Beauty Routine While On The Road

Girl overlooking sea on balcony

Traveling to new places is exciting but can have horrible consequences for your skin, especially if you forget about your skincare routine while having fun exploring.You can prevent these disasters if you stay on top of your beauty routine while you're traveling. Use these skincare and travel makeup tips to help.

Eight Ways To Hide Scars And Blemishes On Your Skin

The words "go up and never stop" in neon

This article primarily addresses scarring caused by drug addiction. However, you can apply the methods we outline for any scar, including acne scars or scars caused by wounds and accidents. 

Whatever your choice, always remember that scars don't define you or your future. They are merely just a reminder of another difficult time that you managed to overcome.

Tips From Experts: Six Acne Scar Treatments for Dark Skin Tones

Acne scars hiding behind curtain

Darker skin has particular characteristics compared to light skin, including the size of the sebum glands, differences in collagen production, and pH levels. These differences make darker skin prone to acne scars. Hence the approach to acne scarring for dark skin has to be specific to avoid complications.

Why Feminine Hygiene Is So Important And What To Do About It

woman holding aloe leaf across her body

Our cleanliness is vital because of the various cycles we go through, including menstruation. Irregular cleaning and poor hygiene during periods can lead to the growth and spread of bacteria in our genitals, with unfortunate repercussions.

In this article, we focus on why personal hygiene in women is paramount and ways to attain it.

Infographic - personal hygiene routine

6. Skin And Beauty

Beauty tips and techniques for your skin and face. 

Matching Eyeglass Frames To Your Face & Lifestyle


Choosing eyeglasses that would excellently match your face shape is a bit tricky. Eyeglasses are more than face accessories; as soon as you wear them, they become a coherent part of who you are. 

Top 15 Concealers And Makeup Primers for Everyday Wear

concealers and primers for makeup

Whether you stumble upon a tutorial on Instagram or search for instructions on how to apply the perfect smokey eye, finding the right concealer and primer is the foundation of a "pancake free" look that is natural, flattering, and balanced.

In this article (click on the title above to read it), we scour the web for insights into the best concealers and makeup primers on the market today.

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How To Match Your Hair Color To Your Skin Tone

Pretty girl faces with different color hair

Choosing the right color for your hair can be a bit of a challenge. 

One of the factors you have to consider is how it will go with your natural skin tones. You want a hair shade that compliments your natural complexion, not puts it in the worst possible light.

It all sounds a bit tricky, but it doesn't need to be. Follow our comprehensive guide to matching your hair color with your skin tone, and select your next shade in a breeze.

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Review Of ModiFace Virtual Makeover App

modiface beauty

Modiface is the ultimate selfie editing app and easily doubles as a facial style generator. Use it to remove blemishes and imperfections while smoothing and brightening your skin. Put on various looks. Try on more than 2,000 shades of eyeshadows, lipsticks, lashes, eyeliners, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, foundations, and more. Plus, it packs a healthy amount of hairstyles to try.  

Click on the heading above to read the full review; we give it 5 out of 5

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Top 10 YouTube Makeup Artists

youtube makeup artists

So we scoured YouTube for the top 10 makeup artists from around the world. Those that share "How To" makeup videos and skincare tips. The beauty vloggers that made our list are sexy, sophisticated, and, most of all, exceptionally talented.

Click on the title above to find out who they are

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