Ten Essential Self-Care Routines For Autumn

Last updated on : June 10 2021

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As the season's change, so should your self-care routine to ensure you maintain your health and wellbeing throughout the year.

With autumn right around the corner, it’s time to make healthy changes to your lifestyle that complement the cooling weather.

Here are ten we recommend, click on the links to learn more.  

1. Freshen Up Your Skincare

2. Start Taking A Vitamin D Supplement

3. Take Care Of Your Eyes

4. Try New Workouts

5. Get A Flu Shot

6. Do Some “Spring” Cleaning

7. Buy Fresh, Seasonal Foods

8. Buy Cozy, Comfortable Clothes

9. Increase Your Water Intake

10. Maintain Your Sleep Schedule


1. Freshen Up Your Skincare 

The colder months are coming, so your skin may need some extra love.

Pick up a light exfoliator to buff away any dead, dry skin a few times a week. Then, try out a facial cream that has glycerin because it penetrates deeply into the skin all day long and ensures lasting moisturization.

Looking for the right ingredients helps you shop smart. This way, you can buy from an affordable brand like L’oreal and know your skin is still getting what it needs for a fraction of the price.

If you want to take your routine a step further, buy tools to get the most out of your skincare.

Adding an eye cream, a separate moisturizer for night time, and even a jade roller can help your skin stay smooth and plump throughout the colder months when the air is mainly dry.

Remember that your skin retains moisture better at night, so try not to skip out on doing your nighttime routine.

And, don’t forget about the skin that’s not on your face.

Use lotion as soon as you get out of the shower and reapply it throughout the day to keep your skin soft and moisturized. Always keep a lip balm on you to keep your lips from peeling.

Your skin covers more than just your face, so you need to make sure that you’re taking proper care of it.

2. Start Taking A Vitamin D Supplement

Falling back with daylight savings means shorter days and less exposure to the sun.

Some people opt for taking a vitamin D supplement during fall and winter to make up for the lack of absorption of this nutrient.

However, before starting any supplement, you should consult with your doctor to make sure your body will benefit from taking it.

Vitamin D helps to improve mood, lowers the risk of bone diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

When you can get out in the sun this autumn, eat foods high in Vitamin D, and see if taking a supplement is right for you. 

3. Take Care Of Your Eyes 

Right now, high school and college classes are in full swing, plus, the year’s end also means the busiest time of year for full-time workers.

Busy times mean more time working at your computer and taking well-deserved breaks spent scrolling through your phone.

The eyes offer very little natural protection from blue light, which in excess causes headaches and dry eyes.

Treat yourself to a new, fashionable product this fall that benefits your health too. A pair of glasses with blue light lenses from a brand you already love, like Warby Parker, can help protect your eyes from the hours and hours of work you’re doing on your computer this time of year.

Also, now is a great time to schedule an appointment with your optometrist. It’s often difficult to honestly assess how well your vision is, so you need to let a professional evaluate it for you regularly.

Use the start of fall as a reminder to get your eyes checked and your prescription updated.

4. Try New Workouts 

Fall always feels like a fresh start. So consider trying to take up a new activity or exercise routine.

If you’ve been wanting to pick up a new skill, like rollerblading or running your first 5K, this is the perfect time to start practicing. The weather isn’t too hot or too cold so getting outside to start something new feels like an easier task.

Now is also the perfect time for you to finally sign up for the Zumba or pilates class that you think about so often.

If you aren’t feeling inspired to try a new workout, then make a point to set and crush personal fitness goals to keep yourself moving and active throughout the next few months.

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5. Get A Flu Shot

Getting a flu shot is something that should be handled during the autumn months to help prevent the dreaded flu during the winter.

Flu shots usually become available in September as the risk of flu skyrockets in November, so it's best to prepare yourself ahead of flu season.

If you aren’t able to get them through your employer or doctor on time, then head to a local CVS to get a flu shot. The flu can take you out of work or school for up to a week.

Getting the shot can help prevent the three most common strains of the flu this year and can help protect those around you. Keep in mind that you can spread the flu even if you don’t have it, so getting a flu shot keeps both you and the people around you healthy.

Getting protection is especially important if you work with or are around groups of people who are at a higher risk, such as infants, children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems.

It’s your responsibility to get the shot for your wellness, and the health of those around you.

6. Do Some “Spring” Cleaning

Although it’s only September, this time of year brings about feelings of a refreshing change.

So don’t be afraid to get a jump start on spring cleaning during fall.

A clean house works wonders on your mood; get inspired by watching Tidying Up on Netflix, which uses a tried-and-true method of ridding yourself of things that no longer “spark joy” and organizing your house or apartment by category, not by room.

If you don’t want to go with this minimalistic approach, maybe give your space a deep clean. Cleaning windows, scrubbing floors and tile grout, and taking apart appliances to clean should all be done once or twice a year. 

The clean doesn’t have to be limited to your house either. Now is a perfect time to deep clean your car, your desk at work, and all the other spaces that you might only get a light clean now and again.

Let the refreshing feeling of fall inspire you to freshen up everything around.

7. Buy Fresh, Seasonal Foods

People usually believe that farmers markets are limited to the summer months. However, they go far into fall, depending on where you live.

This time of year brings along pumpkins, apples, and squash — all good, healthy pick-ups for lunch, dinner, and snacks.

If you can’t find a local market, then head right to a farm. Go apple and pumpkin picking for a more cost-effective way to get your fresh, seasonal produce.

Not only will shopping at the farmers market help to improve your diet and eat healthier, but it also lets you save a little money by avoiding the taxed prices at the grocery store.

Financial wellness is just as essential as your physical wellness, and the farmers market kills two birds with one stone.

8. Buy Cozy, Comfortable Clothes

Why not use the changing of seasons to refresh your wardrobe too?

After tidying up your space with our help from tip #6, stock up on some cozy sweaters and warm sweats.

Warm clothing is essential to not getting sick in the fall and winter. So yes, this is a wellness tip to avoid a dreaded cold that often comes with the changing of seasons.

Additionally, there’s science that states shopping reduces sadness. Grab your credit card and hit the mall for new, comfortable, and cozy clothes.

9. Increase Your Water Intake

Usually, when it’s hot out, it’s crucial to increase the amount of water you’re drinking to make up for the water you lose when you sweat.

However, it’s just as important to stay hydrated when the temperatures start to cool down, and the air gets drier. Cold weather typically brings dry air, which means you’re prone to having more dehydrated skin, hair, and nostrils.

Try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to help keep your skin moisturized, your nose unstuffed, and your throat clear of dry, itchy mucus.

One of these water bottles may be helpful for those of you that have trouble keeping track of how much water you’ve drunk.

10. Maintain Your Sleep Schedule

With the days getting shorter, a lack of Vitamin D, and over-stimulation from digital devices, it can be hard in the fall to maintain a regular sleep schedule.

It’s vital to our health to make sure that we’re getting the right amount and a good, deep sleep every night.

To help get yourself to bed at a reasonable hour, set up screen time allowances on your phone so you have the reminder to get off of your phone before bed. You can also try a bedtime tea or doing a relaxing yoga exercise to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

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The season of fall brings a beautiful feeling of fresh start and transformation.

So with your career, school, exercise, and eating habits, you can now make the adjustments you’ve been itching to make for months.

Try the ten we suggest above for a great start to fall, and a boost to your self-esteem

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