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Last updated on : June 30 2021

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With so many responsibilities like cooking, cleaning, working, exercising, driving carpool, managing a household, helping with homework, packing lunches, and so much more, how do moms ever find time to wear makeup?

Women certainly don’t need to wear makeup, but many find that it gives them a boost of confidence when they do choose to take the time to apply a little eyeliner or foundation.

Even if you don’t wear makeup every day, date night is the perfect time to bring your makeup bag out from hiding, dust it off, and try your hand at a few of these makeup techniques for busy moms.

Tinted moisturizer

Red lips

Bold lips

Nude lips

Smokey eye



Blush or bronzer


Nail polish




Setting spray

Tinted moisturizer

Skip the heavy foundation and opt for a light or medium coverage tinted moisturizer instead. Your date will want to see what you look like, not how well you can sparkle and hide your face.

Tinted moisturizer is also more natural to apply and is less likely to clog your pores. Use your fingers or a beauty blender to apply a layer of color that closely matches your skin tone for a natural-looking, even skin tone.

Check out this article for suggestions on what tinted moisturizer is right for you.

Red lips

Red lips are a classic look that can be vampy or glamorous, depending on the shade and finish you use. A matte lip in a deep red brings a sexy, seductive vibe, whereas a bright, glossy red lip is very Marilyn Monroe, old Hollywood glamorous.

Choose which look you are going for and find a shade of red that works with your skin tone.

The trick with any bold or bright lip color is to let it be the star of your face. If you choose to rock a red lip, go easy on the eye and face makeup so that your pout stands out and you don’t look like a clown.

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Bold lips

Another option for date night lips is any bold lip color. Who wants to waste a bright coral or fresh purple lipstick on a PTA meeting?

Date night is the time to break out that lip color you’ve been dying to try but just haven’t had the right occasion to wear it.

Using a matching lip liner to first outline and fill your lips will make your look more polished and long-lasting. You might be doing some kissing, so bring your lip color along in your bag for touch-ups throughout the night.

Nude lips

If you want to keep things simple or natural-looking, a nude lip can be sexy for date night, too. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips well, then coat with a nude lipstick or a sheer gloss.

A benefit of nude - you don’t need to worry about it fading or coming off on your glass or your date. With a nude lip, you can also really play up your eyes with a smokey effect, metallic or glitter shadows, and playful eyeliner colors. See our article for suggestions on what lip glosses will best hydrate your pout.

Smokey eye

A smokey eye goes excellent with a nude or natural-looking lip. Date night is the best time to bring out this sexy look since it’s a bit too dramatic much for daytime. You don’t need to be a makeup expert to create a smoldering smokey eye.

Use a gel eyeliner (they are more forgiving and more comfortable to apply than tricky liquid liners) to line eyes entirely. Then swipe an eyeshadow crayon in dark gray or black across your eyelids.

This article from Allure suggests the best eyeshadow crayons and includes tips based on your eye color and skin tone. Coat your lashes with mascara, and you have a simple, sexy eye makeup look.


Date night is a great time to use any glittery or metallic products you’ve been dying to try!

Use a powder puff to apply sparkly powder or highlighter to your collarbone and cheeks, or wear a glittery eyeshadow that you wouldn’t usually put on during the day. Date night is for having fun and letting loose, and nothing screams fun like glitter!

This article from Allure shares different glitter makeup products you can incorporate into your look.


Most moms do not have the time to apply contouring makeup on an average day, and there is too great a chance of it getting smudged by children’s little hands.

But if you’d love to spend the extra minutes to give yourself higher cheekbones, a more defined jaw, or a slimmer nose, date night is the time to make yourself feel and look your best!

Contour sticks are an easy and quick way to apply contouring makeup. Just be sure to blend well and to also highlight appropriately.

This article from Elle gives step-by-step instructions with photos and product suggestions on how to apply contouring makeup to achieve different looks.

Blush or bronzer

Add a healthy pop of color to your cheeks with blush or give yourself a sun-kissed look with bronzer, even if you haven’t had time to lay out in the sun.

Use a broad face brush to apply blush or bronzer to the apples of your cheeks, starting at the front of your face and stroking upwards towards the ears.

You can also apply bronzer to the décolletage and forehead.


Highlight typically goes with contour but can be worn on its own to achieve a dewy glow.

Use a powder or stick highlighter along the centerline of your nose. Additionally, highlight at the bow of your lips and the inner corners of your eyes. Then, apply directly under the brow bone, or across the top of cheekbones to accent your features and brighten your face.

Nail polish

A lot of moms don’t have room in their schedules or budgets for manicures. But on date night, why not treat yourself to an at-home manicure? It will make you feel beautiful and will last beyond the date.

File nails and apply a couple of coats of quick-drying polish. Then use a top layer to make the color last longer and prevent chipping. Bonus points if you manage to get your toenails done, too!


If you don’t have time for eyeliner usually, date night is the time to make your eyes pop. Use a brown or black gel liner along your upper lash line. Start at your center corners and work out towards your ears, then flick upwards when you reach the outer edges for a cat-eye effect.

Eyeliner doesn’t need to be perfectly precise; use a Q-tip to smudge your lines until they are even with each other. You can also experiment with bold colors, like bright blues, metallic golds, or greens.

This article from Cosmopolitan illustrates and gives instructions for different ways you can apply your eyeliner for date night.


Mascara is the one product that can most easily add femininity to your face without any other makeup. Curl upper lashes for ten to fifteen seconds on each eye.

Then apply one coat of mascara using jagged upward strokes to get every lash.

Wait for the first coat to dry, then apply a second.

Then you can use a mascara designed for lower lashes, or you can apply just one coat of your regular mascara to your lower lashes.


A lot of women who don’t regularly wear makeup make the mistake of meticulously applying their eye makeup, but then forgetting to do their brows. Eyebrow makeup can highlight your eyes, create symmetry, and give you a well-groomed appearance.

There are many brow products on the market, including gels, powders, and brow mascaras. The best tool for beginners is a brow pencil, preferably with a spoolie brush at one end.

Use small, upward strokes to create beautiful, hair-like lines to fill in sparseness and darken brows, the comb brows into place with the spoolie to blend the color. See this article for more suggestions on how to best apply eyebrow makeup.

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Setting spray

Finish off your look with a makeup setting spray that will ensure your hard work stays on all night! Lightly mist setting sprays over your face once you are finished applying all your makeup. This article from Elle lists the best budget-friendly drugstore setting sprays for each skin type.

And there you have it. These tips, tricks, and products can help even the busiest mom achieve a glamorous and sexy makeup look for date night. Moms deserve to have a little fun, so put on your face and your hottest outfit and hit the town.

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