This Effective College Skincare Routine Takes Less Than 3 Minutes

Last updated on : March 31 2020

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Your skin faces plenty of challenges every day, from exposure to the sun, contamination, sweat, and depending on your climate, extremes of warmth and cold. These influences impact your skin negatively, and so you need to fight back with a healthy daily skincare routine, applied consistently from an early age. 

However, if you're in any way similar to me, then you think it's challenging to look presentable for 8 am college classes. We're tired and strapped for time, and often choose to neglect some of our positive routines for an extra few minutes in bed. 

To help solve this puzzle, I've put together a simple skincare routine that is very quick to do, under three minutes fast. 

The routine is also staggeringly acceptable at combatting the dim under-eye circles and smeared skin that I see each morning because of incalculable long periods of schoolwork (and parties). 

Your Three Minute College Skincare Routine

Apply this routine every morning and evening. We all understand the significance of evening time skincare, yet a steady morning schedule is similarly as vital.

Evening time skincare addresses skin issues before the regenerative procedure of rest starts, while daytime skincare is about assurance and protection. Both are essential for long term skin prosperity.  

Obviously, between hauling yourself up for early morning classes and dragging yourself to bed after long studious or party hours, you may think you don't have the time. Now, that's where you are wrong.

Below is a college skincare routine that will take you under three minutes.

Step 1. Understand Your Skin Type

The way to a gleaming and healthy skin is knowing your skin type and then treating it appropriately.

The essential skin types are dry, smooth, or oily, and keeping in mind that your skin may get drier or oilier dependent on the season, most of the time, it ought to be generally predictable.

Since everybody's skin is different, there's no one-size-fits-all healthy skin schedule. However, there is a base schedule that works for the vast majority and can be modified to suit any of your skin concerns.

With this knowledge in hand, continue with the following skin treatment steps, adjusting for your skin type.

Step 2. Wash Your Hands for 40 Seconds

Before you begin contacting your face with your hands, you have to ensure your hands are flawlessly clean. Since you'll be cleansing your face, it's insufficient to wash your hands with some high temp water.

Ensure that you utilize a conventional hand sanitizer that can kill all the microscopic organisms, destroy all infections, and clean your hands thoroughly.

Clean your hands appropriately, and don't forget about any part. When your hands are perfect, you're prepared to perfect your skin.

Step 3. Remove Makeup for 40 Seconds

Next, you have to ensure your face is makeup-free. If you're wearing any cosmetics, right now is the time to clean it away. For this task, you'll need cosmetics wipes, a towel, and some warm water.

Start by cleansing the first layer of makeup with cosmetic wipes.

Afterward, moisten the towel with warm water and remove the remainder of your makeup. Ensure you're doing this delicately so as not to irritate your skin.

When your face is spotless, wash it with some warm water. Washing with warm water will open up your pores and make it simple for you to proceed with the rest of the skincare schedule.

Try not to use water that is excessively cold or hot, since this can cause dryness and extra aggravation. After you have removed all makeup, you are ready for the next step.  

Step 4. Cleanse Your Face for Another 40 Seconds

You've cleaned your hands and your face, and now you are set for the next step in this fast yet effective college skincare routine - a deep cleanse. This type of cleansing ensures you remove all cosmetics scraps, oil, and dirt from deep down in your pores. 

For this piece of the routine, you will need to use a cleanser reasonable for your skin: a face wash, a purging cream, frothing chemical, or micellar water. Pick the one that matches your skin type needs.

Apply the cleanser to your face and delicately wash until completely clean. Follow on by rinsing with some warm water.

This state of cleanliness is what you should look to achieve after you wake up and before you rest. It will help you wash away any abundance of soil and oil that may have developed on the outside of your skin for the day (or while you dozed).

Step 5. Proceed to Scrub Your Face for 40 Seconds; This Is Optional

A face scrub is a discretionary piece of your skincare schedule, and so you should not perform it too often. Two times a week is generally sufficient, so as not to damage the delicate skin of your face. 

An effective scrub treats oiliness and spots, removes dead skin cells, and general griminess accumulated on your skin. It's best that you utilize a gentle face scour, made of natural remedies to treat your skin tenderly.

Wash your face with warm water, and try not to dry it. Apply the scrub gently and delicately knead your skin to evacuate the dead cells and griminess. You will know you've done it correctly when your skin feels restored and new. 

Step 6. Moisturize: 1 Minute

Since you've treated your face with multiple cleanses, it now needs a break. The next vital step in the routine is to moisturize. 

Once more, give extraordinary consideration to your skin type while picking a lotion - you don't want a moisturizer for dry skin if your face is oily, for example. Additionally, for best results, choose one with sun protection or apply sun protection afterward. 

Apply the moisturizer after lifting your hair with a towel or some bobby pins. Squeeze a small pea-shaped amount into the palm of your hands. Gently warm it up in your hands before applying in a circular motion to your cheeks. Then use light upward strokes to apply to your neck, forehead, and the rest of your face. 

Leave a slight layer of moisturizer on your skin before going to sleep for the night. 

By leaving a slight layer of lotion on, you're permitting your skin to appreciate the impacts longer. You'll wake with delicate, bright, and a fresher face.

Remember to drink enough water to moisturize from the inside too. 

Step 7. Consistency Is Key

When you're preparing to hit the hay, excessively worn out, it's easy to neglect or half-heartedly complete your skincare routines. When you're in a hurry to attend a class at the beginning of the day, washing your face in the shower is often the quickest solution.

At the point when life gets occupied we often neglect to deal with ourselves. When at school we generally center around studying, tuition, and passing exams. With all the weight and stress of our timetable, we often disregard our skincare.

Although your skincare routine is so easy to overlook, you must perform it consistently for long term results. I'm the #1 offender of this. I neglect my skincare routine more regularly than I want to concede. 

"Putting the wellbeing of your skin first and foremost will help you better shield it from the unforgiving impacts of time. It will also keep you looking as well as feeling your best consistently," says Steven Albert, a dermatologist writer at GrabMyEssay and TrustMyPaper.

Step 8. Watch Your Everyday Activities

Although not a direct part of your three-minute skincare routine, what you eat, drink, and how much you sleep, will also affect your skin. 

To ensure your skin remains unbroken and gleaming, you have to focus on getting adequate rest, water, and nourishment. The absence of rest can cause wrinkles and eye circles, and not enough water or a bad diet can lead to irritated and blotchy skin.

Ensure you're hydrated continuously and eat better. Have a go at eating less sugar and low-quality nourishment; eat a lot of fresh, plant-based food. Liquor and cigarettes are bad news for your skin, so reduce their intake or eliminate them. 

Figuring out how to consolidate the entirety of the above with your skincare schedule, will leave your skin glowing and in good shape for years to come. 


There are such a large number of schedules and routines that make up our everyday lives. From tuning in to the news, having an espresso early morning, getting to work on time, and winding down our day, ultimately to sleep. 

Amongst these routines, skincare is critical, particularly during the beginning periods of our lives. If we don't look after our skin while we're youthful, we'll experience difficulty with it when we begin maturing.

So importantly, a good skincare routine is critical for college students. And as an advanced tip, use this advice to match your hair color to your revitalized skin tone.

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