Brazilian Butt Lifts - What You Need To Know

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Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs) are becoming an increasingly popular aesthetic treatment, allowing everyone to be able to achieve the behind of their dreams. 

With such a range of options, many prospective patients are overwhelmed by the different types of BBL they can choose. What's more, with non-surgical and non-invasive methods, you no longer need to go under the knife to enhance the shape of your derrière. 

What Are Brazilian Lift Procedures?

Brazilian Lift treatments help patients augment and often enhance the size of their buttocks. In doing so, specialist clinicians can change the overall shape of someone's bottom. 

With the innovation surrounding BBL treatment options, achieving figures similar to Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj became easier.

The Different Types Of BBL

It's fair to say that understanding the world of plastic surgery can be pretty overwhelming. After all, there are multiple options available for just one single procedure. 

But don't get bogged down by all the different terms. Here is a guide to the different types of BBL.

1. Surgical BBL

On the surface, a surgical BBL may sound rather complicated. The reality is the procedure is pretty simple once you wrap your head around it. 

To add volume and shape to the buttocks, the surgeon transfers fat removed through liposuction from other areas of your body to your rear. Liposuction is a technique commonly used by cosmetic surgeons to remove excess fat from under the skin through suction. 

This technique has been used for many years to remove fat from the hips, stomach, and thighs. But thanks to advancements in cosmetic procedures, you can now put this fat to good use and enhance other parts of your body, such as your buttocks.

Sure, liposuction can help you appear a few sizes slimmer instantly. However, liposuction cannot eliminate visceral fat, as this fat is so deep inside. But the good news is that diet and exercise can easily remove stubborn fat. 

Read More: How to get rid of visceral fat naturally.

2. Implants Vs. Surgical BBL

To be clear, getting a BBL is not the same as having butt implants. Sure, the result may be the same, but there are critical differences between the two procedures. 

The clue is in the name. A butt implant involves the surgical insertion of implants to augment the buttocks. The implants are inserted into the buttocks through an incision line between the butt cheeks. These implants are usually made out of silicone and can come in various shapes and sizes so that patients can achieve their ideal results.

A BBL, on the other hand, does not require any form of implant. Instead, the BBL procedure involves the transfer of fat from one part of the body to the buttocks, also known as fat grafting. Generally, fat is extracted from the stomach or thighs using liposuction and injected into the butt.

You can expect longer-lasting results if you get butt implants, unlike a BBL. The reason is that the body may reabsorb injected fat from a BBL over time, particularly if you lose weight. 

More than that, if you do not have enough body fat to extract, it's unlikely that you will be able to get a BBL. In such cases, your surgeon may ask you to add extra weight before they can complete the procedure.

Despite not offering an utterly permanent solution, BBLs are often the preferred option for those seeking a more natural result. The recovery period for a BBL is usually much shorter, meaning you can keep everyday life ticking over in no time. 

Plus, the fat injected into your body will be your own, meaning your body will be less likely to react as strongly to the injected fat as it would to the insertion of butt implants.

3. Non-Surgical BBL 

You don't have to go under the knife to achieve a curvier silhouette. With the help of a non-surgical BBL, you can achieve similar results to a surgical BBL. 

A non-surgical BBL is a perfect option for patients who do not have enough excess fat to undergo liposuction. Plus, this option is much safer and requires little to no downtime.

So, how do non-surgical BBLs work? Well, a non-surgical BBL requires body sculpting machines designed to encourage the firming and tightening of the muscles associated with the glutes. Lifting technology in these machines improves the buttocks' shape, resulting in an apple-shaped posterior. 

You're probably wondering what the secret is behind this miracle treatment, and the answer is Isogei lifting equipment. The equipment is designed to tone and firm the posterior muscles using painless isometric muscle contractions. Think of it as an intense workout that doesn't require you to move a single muscle. Sounds like a dream, right?

To get the most out of a non-surgical BBL, we recommend that you undergo an entire course of ten sessions. Depending on your schedule and what works best for you, you can carry out the sessions daily or throughout the week.

Learn The Different Shapes Of BBL.

Black swim suit

Yes, the size of your BBL is essential; however, the shape is equally, if not more important. 

We've all asked our friends, family members, and partners this one question at some point: does my butt look good in this? Yes, dressing for your body type is essential. But if you can choose the shape of your butt, there's less need to worry about getting the perfect figure-hugging jeans. 

Believe it or not, bottoms aren't just flat or round. Several different butt shapes exist. Depending on which form you would like to achieve, there will be a BBL procedure for your surgeon to choose.  

However, you must know what to ask to ensure you get the shape you want. Understanding both pre and post-BBL shapes is a must. 

Pre-BBL Shapes

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what shape your derrière is? Well, here are the five most common natural butt shapes.

1. Square

As the name suggests, a square-shaped butt looks like a square. Poor gluteal muscle definition, paired with the alignment of the hip bone and outer thigh, creates the appearance of a flat rear.

2. V-Shape

This shape is quite common among women with narrow hips and broad shoulders. V-shaped butts generally lack volume, as the line between the pelvis and hips angles inwards.

3. A-Shape

Think of this as a heart or pear-shaped behind. Usually, the butt is the fullest at its lowest point and gets narrower towards the hip bones.

4. Upside-Down Heart

This one is pretty much the reverse of the a-shaped buttocks. Instead of the butt being fullest at its lowest point, the glute muscles project more at the hip.

5. Round

This one is self-explanatory, as it tends to have a full, even appearance. 

Post-BBL Shapes

A BBL can offer different proportions depending on where the fat is injected into the behind. So, thinking about the shape you wish to achieve is essential.

1. Shelf

A shelf BBL does precisely what it says on the tin - it gives the buttocks a dramatic projection.

2. Slope

This shape is a little more subtle, offering a more natural-looking curve.

3. Hourglass

The hourglass figure is ever-present in popular films, music videos, and even cartoons - whether that be the likes of Beyonce, Maralyn Monroe, or even Jessica Rabbit. 

While getting a BBL can help you achieve hourglass proportions, you will likely need liposuction to remove fat evenly from other areas. Liposuction can be a pretty extensive process, so speaking to an experienced surgeon about contouring your body to achieve an hourglass silhouette is sensible.


It is now possible to achieve your dream silhouette without risking it all going under the knife. 

With non-invasive BBLs becoming a common alternative to the more traditional, surgical Brazilian Butt Lifts, you can make your wishes a reality. 

Just be sure you approach a certified medical professional to do the honors. 

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