5 Healthy Reasons To Ride A Bicycle Today

Last updated on : April 21 2019

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In this world struggling with severe health issues, staying fit is indeed a necessity. Consuming the right foods and regularly moving your body is all that you need.

We all know about the ideal way to walk ahead on the path of fitness. But somewhere fall short due to our inconsistent efforts, busy schedule, lack of motivation and several other reasons. Don’t we?

Take a minute and think, what is holding you back? What is stopping you from sticking to an exercise regimen?

If you feel that you don’t enjoy exercising, then the best way to avoid this feeling is to pick an exercise that doesn’t seem like one.

One such sure shot physical activity is cycling.

Riding a bicycle is miraculously advantageous in fostering overall physical and mental well-being. It has uncountable benefits to offer and that too to all the age groups around.

Getting into cycling is not just about getting into physical activity; it is more about welcoming new challenges, embracing new lanes, meeting amazing people and living your life to the fullest.

Who knew that a simple activity like cycling could add so much to your life. Let’s dive deep and talk about how regular cycling can hike up your health amazingly.

5 Healthy Reasons To Ride A Bicycle Today, infographic

1.   An Effective Weight-loss Companion

Do you want to shed those extra pounds off? If yes, cycling has a lot to offer.

For losing weight effectively, you need to nourish your body well. Aligning the proper diet with the right exercise regimen is essential.

Riding a bicycle regularly burns fat, builds muscle and triggers your metabolic rate. It is a low impact exercise that doesn’t require any fancy training. Once you learn to cycle, you aren’t going to forget it.

Research suggests that riding a bicycle for an hour can aid you in losing about 400-1000 calories.

If you are obese, specific exercises might seem impossible or too exhausting. But cycling always comes up as a savior! You can start slow and then vary your intensity depending on how comfortable you are.

Ensure that you own the right fitness apparel before you start as that directly affects the ease you experience while exercising. And comfort should always be on the top of your priority list. The more comfortable you feel, the more you will like to cycle.

And, once you fall in love with regular cycling, you will start indulging it more often and end up losing more weight provided you eat healthily.

So, what are you waiting - start cycling daily and feel the difference? 

2.   Helps in Fighting Deadly Diseases

Be it cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Arthritis or even Cancer; Cycling has a prominent part to play.

Research validates that people who cycle daily live longer and are less prone to diseases. When you start riding a bicycle regularly, your lungs and heart muscles benefit tremendously. And that eventually lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Studies show that cycling regularly serves as a boon for effectively fighting breast cancer and Diabetes.

The root cause behind diseases is the absence of regular physical activity.

Our ancestors didn't need to worry about exercise because their lifestyle was completely different than ours. Their daily routine incorporated frequent movement that saved them from the disastrous drawbacks of a sedentary lifestyle.

Today, it is imperative to understand that to be healthy again we need to invest our time in regular exercise. If you are not capable of allocating time to exercise separately, you need to make it a part of your routine work.

And one of the most reliable ways to do so is to ride a bicycle regularly. Try to peddle to work, to add beneficial exercise to your day.

3.   Enhances Brain Power and Mental Health

Paying attention to your mental well-being is as significant as your physical well-being.

Cycling is a form of exercise that introduces you to new outdoors, inspires the traveler in you and enlightens your mood all over again. It is incredibly refreshing and rejuvenating. When you ride a bicycle daily, you are more likely to enjoy your surroundings and meet new people.

Cycling enhances the flow of blood in our body. This improved blood flow serves as bliss for the brain and fosters mental well-being at its best.

Besides this, you also experience enhanced brain power. Your mind starts feeling better, and you benefit beautifully. Your brain will not transform overnight, but the changes will be visible over time.

If you wish to embrace these miraculous benefits cycling has to offer, it’s high time you start riding a bike daily. 

4.   Sees Off Stress and Depression

Exercising indeed is the most sought after way to tackle stress. According to research- cycling has been listed as one of the most effective stress busters.

The best deal about cycling is that it is much more than an exercise. It can be enjoyed solo or turned into a team sport which in turn instills a sense of encouragement and belongingness.

Being a part of a local cycling group is all that you need to reap the benefits of this super relieving sport. Start slow and as you proceed set small riding goals for you to accomplish. As soon as you accomplish one, be clear of what your next move will be. Note it down in your journal and start working on it.

When you make this fun exercise a part of your daily routine, your body will release endorphins- the hormone known to make you feel more positive and happier. And this feel-good hormone will eventually help you in kicking stress out of your life.

Besides that, as soon as you start achieving your short term riding goals, your self- confidence will notice a boost. You will feel worthy of yourself, and this sense of pride will push you forward to take up bigger and riskier challenges.

These small boosts will indeed show up a remarkable effect on your overall well-being.

The best part about regular cycling is that it can genuinely help in combating severe health concerns like depression and high anxiety levels. Start riding today! 

5.   Empowers Bones and Muscles

Cycling comes up as a spectacular exercise for your muscles. It offers a full muscle workout which in turn enhances muscle strength and improves flexibility.

Regularly riding a bike will not only cut off fat from your body but also aid you in building a lean muscular frame. People with higher muscle percentage burn more calories than people with lower muscle percentage.

Cycling not only aids in losing weight but it also helps in maintaining your weight loss.

Once you build a lean muscular frame, reaching your ideal health goals will not seem impossible anymore. And once you incorporate this super healthy habit of cycling daily, nothing can stop you from empowering your muscles and reaping benefits over and over again.

Cycling does a lot for improving your bone health too. Riding a bicycle imparts the much-needed strength and power to your bones and enhances joint mobility. If you have osteoarthritis, regular riding can help you recover.

Besides this, it also builds up stamina and improves your body posture remarkably - and it can be done with waist training corsets to get additional support if needed.

The Bottom Line

Woman with friends on city tour with bike

Regularly indulging in any physical activity is essential to combat the irritating demons a sedentary life serves us daily.

Though there are several options around, nothing beats cycling when it comes to the ease and benefits it brings. What sets riding a bicycle apart is its usability in our daily life. You can cycle to buy groceries from the shop nearby or during your daily commute without taking any additional time from your tight schedule.

Cycling is an activity enjoyed by everyone - whether you are a 60-year-old or a kid.

It is much easier to master than other exercises and comes with less potential for injury. It's accessible too. It doesn't need a gym membership or the learning of proper form and technique. 

You can also take up cycling as a sport. You can cycle solo or join a community; it is entirely up to you. If you want to enhance your social circle and meet like-minded people, joining a local cycling group will do wonders.

Incorporate cycling into your lifestyle and get ready to experience the astounding health benefits it offers. Yes, be friends with cycling, and it will bestow its best to you. 

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