How To Find The Best Women's Hairstyle For You

Last updated on : June 16 2021

girl with curlers and scissors deciding on a hairstyle

Bad Hair Days

We all have them, and they are terrible experiences, undermining our confidence and adding a bleakness to our day.

Oh, for a new style, or hair extensions that suits me perfectly, that is easy to manage and compliments my look - our confidence returns and life continues well. 

Choosing A Hairstyle

How To Find The Best Women's Hairstyle For You, infographic

Trusting someone to bring out the best in ‘you' can be the hardest thing to do.

We never give absolute trust to our hairdressers or their hair clippers to provide us with the best haircut, color, or style. And we never feel assured until the process is complete. 

Most of us have also embraced some of the most popular hairstyles in the world - sometimes leading to disaster when they don't fit our look.

If you want to go it alone (or have a full chat with your stylist), note that there are six crucial factors to consider before trying new styles. 

Here they are. 

1. The Shape Of Your Face

Besides looking at the shape of your face, consider your angular structures such as neck length, forehead. And the size of your eyes and mouth, and the spacing of your eyes. 

Your face can be oval, long, heart, round, or square. 

If your face is the oval type, call yourself the lucky lady because you can dress most hairstyles. 

Long faces need to choose a style that shortens the face. Fringes and side parts work correctly if your face is long. 

Ladies with big foreheads should opt for shoulder length hair or chin height bobs. Never make the mistake of choosing a style that is fuller at the top if you have a heart-shaped face as it exaggerates your prominent forehead. 

Round-shaped faces should pick styles that flow past the chin to hide your full cheeks. 

And if you have a square look, consider curly styles because they soften the sharp edges of your face. 

2. Your Complexion And Hair Color

Unfortunately, few of us are born with the hair color we wish to have, and our color changes as we age too - so keeping up is a battle. 

When considering the hair color you want, always look at the richness of your eyes and skin tone. A good match will even out your skin tone and improve your overall appearance. 

Your underlying skin tone is either fair, medium, olive or dark, and it's undertone cool and warm or deep. Finding these is not that difficult, and once you do, choosing the correct hair color is a breeze. Follow the detailed instructions in this blog article on matching your hair color to skin tone

3. Your Hair Type

For one to get the best results, always consider the texture, density, and elasticity of your hair. If yours is the coarse type, consider treating it with approved products to soften it. Thick hairs are best suited for soft layers. 

4. Your Lifestyle

The right hairstyle will match your lifestyle. 

Are you the type that stays the whole day outdoors, or prefers to stay inside? Do you have to style your hair every morning, and if so, can you do it on your own? 

These types of questions can give you a wrap up of what to choose. And ensure you don't walk into your office looking like someone straight out of a nightclub. 

5. Current Trends

Being a woman of substance means you need to play fashionable. Never surprise your colleagues with an old and unsuitable style due to a lack of information. 

While keeping up with new trends, consider your age and personality. Never get moved by the masses; not everything that seems sophisticated will look good on you. 

6. Your Age

Looking younger is every lady's dream. If you want your hairstyle to give you that perfect look, consider layers and highlights. 

Red hair is not for mature skin, consider blonde instead. Red is known to highlight the aging face, brown spots, and blotchiness. 

A Look At The Most Popular Hairstyles For Women

In this section, we take a look at ten of the most popular hairstyle for women, to give you ideas on choices, and what specific styles suit particular face types and shapes. 

If you choose one of these styles, it is a safe, fashionable, and manageable choice for a new look.

Sleek Bob by Dannii Minogue

danni minogue showing off her bob hairstyle

Minogue gives a true definition of a no-nonsense hairstyle that brings out not only the sophistication of a lady but also her confidence. 

Many celebrities and us regular folk adopt this continually trendy style because it compliments most face shapes, and it is easy to manage.  

If you want a simple ‘wash and wear' style that leaves you looking all elegant, go with this Minogue style. The styling process is also natural. 

Michelle Obama's Classic Cut

Michelle Obama wearing her classic hair cut

We rarely copy the style of women in politics. Generally, we pay less attention to what they wear and more to what they say. So it's a great compliment to Michelle Obama that so many emulate her style choices, including us. 

Michele has not only created a legacy for her position but also impacted the fashion world with her classic cut. Her shoulder-length bob is versatile, and one you can wear sleek and pulled back or curly and with volume. 

This versatility means it suits most face shapes and creates an emphasis on your sense of confidence and grace. 

Blonde Curls 

Luxury rich woman like Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe and her blonde curls provide us with a timeless style that is, just like Marilyn, fun, and flirty. 

If you love going bold, Monroe's style is a perfect role model for you. It's a little more challenging to achieve and does require some preparation; however, curls go with any face and look gorgeous. 

As long as you do the curls well, this style will always accomplish the sexy blonde look.

Chandelier Layers 

Close up portrait of fashion blonde haired model with chandelier layers hairstyle

Chandelier layers or ‘beach waves' are perfect for long and medium hair, look relaxed, and are versatile - wear them loose and flowing or place into an elaborate bun or plat. 

Their versatility allows you to easily adjust the style to match your face shape and mood on the day.  

Just like the name suggests, the chandelier has layers that provide extra volume to prevent a ‘flat' look. For the back, choose long layers and around your face shorter and less layered for a smoother look.

Curly Fringe

girl with dark brown curly bangs

The curly fringe is a perfect look for ladies with strong-looking faces and one that can cover a multitude of sins. It's easy to manage, too, not needing much prep in the morning or after the gym.  

The curls soften your look and add dimension to your face. 

If you don't feel confident with your face shape, try this style out - it might just turn out to be your next favorite hairstyle

The Feathered Flip

Beautiful Curly Hair. Girl With Wavy Long Hair Portrait

A favorite among many women is the feathered haircut flip - similar to the chandelier layers above. The brand ambassador for this style is the late Farrah Fawcett, and it's coming back in force.

Yes, it does date back to the 70s, but it's still widely emulated and works perfectly for long oval and round faces to provide a full look. The length offers versatility too, so it's easily pulled back loosely or to the side in a plat.    

Farah wore it perfectly and is a great role model if you choose this style.  

‘Rachel' Cut

Jennifer aniston in her iconic Rachel haircut

This cut is a bouncy and square layered haircut branded by Jennifer Aniston in the 90s - she wore it while performing in the American sitcom Friends as her character Rachel Green - hence the name of the cut. 

Unfortunately, Aniston did not love her new style and did away with it after a while. But that did not stop a multitude of women adopting it across the globe. 

Rachel is still famous despite Jennifer's dislike for the style. And more than twenty years later, millions of women in the world go the Rachel way.  

The Shag Haircut

Meg Ryan in her shag hairstyle

Meg Ryan famously branded the shag look, and it's now a permanent part of her personality. Though the celebrity has gone through a series of beauty transformations in terms of looks, her shag style still stands out today. 

This layered cut is widely popular despite being a hit back in 1988 when she introduced it. It's also suitable for most face shapes or can be made so with its versatility.  

Blunt Bangs

girl with blunt bangs fringe harstyle

If you are the kind of lady who wants a new style without necessarily having to go through drastic haircuts or lengths, bangs will always come through for you

The best size is the collar length that ensures maximum comfort with your hair. 

Blunt bangs is an easy to wear style that again suits most face shapes. It is seen on celebrities often too.  

Pixie Crop

beautiful and chic girl with short pixie haircut

The Pixie Crop is another old but still fashionable style introduced by Mia Farrow in the 60s when she acted in the film Rosemary's Baby. 

After the movie, millions of ladies flopped into salons to get the cut as it was not only simple but also beautiful. This trend continues today, it's short crisp and comfortable to wear, plus its boyish look is ultra-feminine and cute.  


Beautiful shoes and matching outfits will never bring out the perfect look unless you complement them with a cute hairstyle. 

A large part of our beauty lies in our hair. Whether you decide to keep it short or long, it does not matter as long as it is neat and manageable.

But remember, consider the necessary factors like your face shape, complexion, hair length, color, and age before jumping into the latest trends.

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