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Best Eyeshadows to Match Your Eye Color

Last updated on : November 06 2016

eyeshadows that match your eye color

When you are trying to accentuate your eyes with the help of makeup, your eyeshadow is a vital element. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so use eyeshadows to bring out the color of your irises. With the innumerable shades of eye shadows available in the market today, it becomes important to know which eyeshadow shade complements your eye color, style, and look for the day.

If you use a wrong shade of eyeshadow you may run the risk of wearing eyeshadow that is unflattering to your face. An unflattering eyeshadow conceals the beauty of your eye color and may clash with your style.

To help you find a color that flatters your face and brings out your natural eye color, we’ve compiled a list of tips and insights on choosing the perfect eyeshadow for you.

History of Eyeshadows

Eye shadow is a simple eye makeup that is often a very fine powder. It is used to add simple color to your eyelids for contrast and polish. The first use of eye shadow can be traced back to Ancient Egypt in the form of kohl. Egyptian royalty used this the earliest forms of eye shadow to enhance their appearance during religious ceremonies.

Once these eye shadows reached Rome and Greece, people started using it to enhance their attractiveness instead of just for religious ceremonies. However, only upper-class women were able to afford this cosmetic product. Today, eye shadows have come a long way from their humble beginnings in Egypt and have become extremely popular all over the world.  

Choosing the right eyeshadow for your eye color

Which eyeshadow suits your eye color?

Very often, women make the mistake of matching their eyeshadow with the clothes they are planning to wear for the day or for a special occasion. However, it is important to remember that the clothes that you are wearing are not much of a criterion to choose your eyeshadow shade. In fact, stylists recommend that you avoid this fashion faux pa.

Typically, you should choose your eyeshadow to flatter your complexion and hair and eye color. The shade of eyeshadow should complement your natural eyes not match. For example, if you have blue eyes and wear blue eye shadow your eyes will appear dull. Based on your eye color we recommend the following shades.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes belong to the cool tone family and thus warm colors will provide the best contrast and bring out the color of your eyes. For all you gorgeous blue-eyed women out there, the ideal eyeshadow shades for you are earthy tones, slate gray, and taupe. Use pink or rose-colored eyeshadows when you want a brighter look.

One thing to remember about blue eyes is that using a similar shade of blue eyeshadow will only result in dulling out your eye color. A celebrity makeup artist, Dae Sik Son, says, “Apply softer, tonal shades like coral and champagne – they will catch the glint in the iris, but won’t distract”. After all, the whole point of using eye shadows is to accentuate your eyes and make them more attractive.

Green Eyes

When you have beautiful green eyes, the best shades for your eye color is to wear purples such as mauve, violet, lilac, and plum. Another eyeshadow shade that will complement your green eyes is brown with some bronze and gold specks in it. Since your eyes are already bright, there is no need to use vivid eyeshadows to enhance them. Avoid cool eye shadow shades like blue, because they will make your eyes look washed out.

Choose a brown eyeliner and mascara instead of the usual black one. Matthew VanLeeuwen, a LA-based makeup artist swears that plum eye shadow is the best for green eyes. He says, “It makes green eyes become more vibrant and look greenish yellow – which is a good thing. And, if you use a purple shade that’s dark enough, it comes off as black but still gives you the benefits of plum color”.  

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are versatile and give you a blank canvas. When it comes to eyeshadow shades, people with brown colored eyes can wear almost any shade and pull it off. Any warm color such as golden or reddish brown will add more depth to your eyes. If you want to go for a sexy and dramatic look, choose dark hues.

Wearing pink or green eye shadows brings out your eye color and makes it pop. If you choose an eyeshadow with metallic flecks, it will bring out any gold that may be present in your eyes. Be careful of using brown eye shadow because there are certain shades that have a negative effect by making your eyes look muddy. Sik Son shares, “Most colors work well with beautiful brown eyes, but neutral shades like salmon and bronzy gold really accentuate them”.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes have the best of the both worlds when it comes to eyeshadows. Like Leeuwen said, “Hazel eyes are the middle ground between green and brown, which means you can pull off shades from both color families”. If you want to bring out the golden tones in your eyes, use eye shadows that have golden undertones with a little bit of yellow in them and make your eyes sparkle.

The shades that you can experiment with when you want to accentuate your mysterious hazel eyes are sheer colors like light purple and pale pink. For hazel-eyed people, wearing shimmer eyeshadows for everyday use is an excellent choice. To add a finishing touch to your eye makeup, use black eyeliner and mascara.

Gray Eyes

Gray eyes may be one of the rarest of eye colors, and there are so many ways that you can accentuate them. The best eyeshadow shades for gray eyes are ones that maximize this unusual color and bring out the green, brown, and blue undertones.

If you have gray eyes, smoky shades are the best for you. According to Dae Sik Son, “Choosing a similar steely hue is the best way to subtly play up this rare eye color”.

Dark Brown or Black Eyes

Similar to light brown eyes, dark browns or black eyes offer you a fresh canvas. There are a lot of options of eyeshadow shades when you have dark brown or black eyes. This is because brown and black is the color created when all the primary colors are mixed together.

Choose a bold color with cobalt blue eyeshadow because the contrast will ensure that your brown eyes pop. Or you choose a green shade, either metallic or matte, and this will bring out any flecks in your dark brown eyes. When asked about the perfect eyeshadow shade for dark brown eyes, Sik Son shares, “Create the illusion of larger eyes with strong shades like violet, silver, and chocolate”. If you want to do something more to accentuate your lovely dark eyes, just use a black eyeliner and mascara.

Eyeshadow Tips and Tricks

When it comes to wearing your eyeshadow at its full potential, there are certain things that you need to know.

  • Today, there are a variety of options when it comes to eyeshadows. It is not just available as a pressed powder; you can also choose eyeshadow gels, creams, crayons, and loose pigments. It is important for you to figure out what is best for you and what you are most comfortable applying and wearing through the night.
  • It is a golden rule that you should do your eye makeup before working on the other parts of your face. This ensures that your foundation is not ruined if some eye shadow falls on your cheeks.
  • An eye primer is an important element of eye makeup just like a face primer. Using an eye primer makes certain that you avoid creasing. It also works to keep your eye shadow lasts longer. Primer enhances your pigment and makes applying other cosmetics smooth, simple, and vibrant.
  • To add a bit of dimension and depth to your eyes apply a dark or medium shadow in the crease of your eye and blend it properly. This gives your eyes the illusion of being endless and pulls of wonder.

Knowing what shade of eyeshadow flatters your eye color is the first step to accentuate your eyes. If you use eye shadows that do not complement your eye color, your eyes may look dull or washed out. Choosing a wrong eye shadow may have a counterproductive influence to your overall style. Although it is tempting to match your eyeshadow with your eyes, pay close attention to the undertones in your eyes and complementing colors.

For alluring eyes beyond your eyeshadow, check out our tips and tricks on how to style your eyebrows and our guide on false eyelashes.

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