How To Wear Beige & Nude Dresses

Last updated on : February 03 2019

Beige and nude dresses are fresh, feminine, and effortlessly versatile. We choose these dresses when we need a complete style in a pinch but desire a very polished and sophisticated appearance. 

For this exercise, we asked Lees to put on our Elaborate V Neck Bandage Dress although the advice applies equally for any fitted and short dress with an elegant neckline. 

nude bandage dress on model

Our dress is sultry and features a modest length that hits approximately 1 to 2 inches above your knees with a strappy open back design. 

Its neckline is a combination of a plunging V and halter style leaving your shoulders completely bare. Its strappy open back gives you a slimming illusion with a pull to the center of your back for a beautiful focal point that seduces, intrigues, and tempts onlookers to touch.

Why choose this dress and neckline?

What we find most satisfying about this dress (besides its design) are its material and construction. 

We made the dress in a sturdy fabric that blends rayon, spandex, and nylon. This combination is an optimal fabric to wear for extended periods because it breathes, provides support, and is durable - so no worries about loosening during wear, tears, or snags. Spandex and nylon not only soften the rayon but provide stretch and a subtle sheen that gives the dress a designer finish. 

Additionally, the dress is wrinkle resistant and can be worn comfortably for hours - a massive plus if worn to events that drag such as a wedding and its reception.

The neckline speaks for itself and is detailed and sassy. It gives the dress a feminine charm that is flattering and ladylike. Although the neckline leaves your shoulders completely bare, it still provides enough coverage to keep you elegant. The halter and V neck combo displays tasteful cleavage and allows for supportive coverage so that you can move about without worrying about nipple slips.

How do I get Lees’s look?

When Lees stepped into this little beige bandage dress, we immediately agreed that it needed to be unobstructed and bare. So our stylist did what they do best - shop. 

Initially, the jewelry paired with this dress was yellow gold. However, to keep the look modern, crisp, and fresh simple we settled on silver chandelier earrings. 

A matching tiered bracelet, nude heels, and a sweeping half-up, half-down hairstyle pulls the look together.

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Where can I wear this dress?

The simplicity and femininity provided by a beige bandage dress give you versatility and unlimited choices. You can pull off both chic, casual styles as well as regular sultry ones. 

What you wear with it, your hairstyle choice and the length of time you plan to be in the dress are all factors that contribute to where this dress takes you.

  • Weddings
  • Happy Hour
  • Upscale Vegas nightclub
  • Bachelorette party
  • Cocktails with co-workers
  • Birthday party
  • Fashion Show
  • Anniversary and date night
  • Corporate reception 

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What hairstyle works best with this dress?

There are primarily two hairstyles that work best with elegant necklines.

The most important tip is to pull your hair away from your face. If you have longer tresses secure them behind your shoulders.

Hairstyle 1 - Old Faithful Ponytail

An old faithful ponytail is the one we’ve all relied on upon through the years.

We turn to it when working out, being hurried, or trying to appear kept when we are craving a shower. 

The perfect ponytail for this dress means gathering all your hair in one hair barrette or hair tie. Use a light setting gel or alcohol-free hairspray (it’s less damaging to your hair) to keep flyaways and frizz at bay. 

Choose a smart and sophisticated part for a more formal look or pull it loosely straight back to keep your look sweet. There are both high and low ponytails as well as side and center.

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Hairstyle 2 - Half-up, Half-down

We turn to the half-up, half-down hairstyle for the days we are bit indecisive. 

The hair that we leave down tends to polish and complete our look and in some cases gives us a bit of confidence when we forget to put on earrings. 

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is a hot option that reveals your face, enhances your sass, and adds a bit of drama to your style. The style pulls your hair away from your face for newfound confidence while your loose tresses keep your look simple and sassy.

Here’s a beautiful half-up, half-down style by Jennifer Klingvall.

If you rock a short hairstyle consider these up-dos.

Create your ponytail or half-up, half down hairstyle with a variety of hair accessories including combs, pins, ties, clips, and barrettes.

Remember that your chosen hair accessories should be simple and complementary to your other jewelry and accents pieces. Avoid grand or bold hair accessories that detracts attention from the neckline of your dress if it's as elegant at this dress. 

What makeup works best for this look?

As you work to pull this look off, you quickly begin to note the need to embody less is more. However, when it comes to your makeup don’t be afraid to do a bit more. 

We are big fans of eyeshadow over and around your eyes for beige dresses. Go with that smoky glitter eye you love or simply just let the glitter do all the work. 

If your dress has natural lines and style like the one featured you may also consider contouring.

Avoid bright colored eyeshadow such as blues, reds, or purples and instead opt of more neutral palettes such as browns, golds, and silver.

Keep your lipstick natural or opt for a long lasting lipgloss. 

Try one of these 26 glitter eyeshadow applications,

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Who has turned to a beige dress (looking back in time)?

kin kardashian in beige dress

Kim Kardashian has her fair share of beige bandage dresses with various necklines and lengths. The reality superstar has been seen in strapless designs that are midi length as well as short A-line numbers with abundant cleavage (see picture). Each time Kim puts on one of her go-to beige dresses she pairs it with simple jewelry that ranges from hoops to various bangle bracelets. She tends to also let her hair freely flow for a look that is soft and whimsical.

ashley judd in beige bandage dress

Ashley Judd pulls off a spectacular beige bandage dress with an elaborate scalloped neckline and hem. She decided to go bra-less confidently and relies on the support of quality bandage material to see her through. For insight into what to wear under your dress read this. She pairs her dress with simple dangles at her ears, a feminine side part bun, and kissable raspberry colored lips.

Beyonce in flowing nude dress

Beyonce put on a beige floor length gown for the release of biographical television film Life is But a Dream. The Grammy award winning artist opted for a center part and minimal jewelry to avoid taking away from the sparkle and femininity of her dress. She’s also been spotted in beige sweater dresses and bandage dresses around town.

What shoes should I wear?

Choose the shoes you pair with this dress depending on what you plan to do when you arrive at your event. And how much walking and standing are involved. 

For the nude fitted design of our featured dress, we recommend you choose simple stiletto heels with a small platform. These heel types give you extra height without the strain. 

For example, if the overall heel is four inches and the platform is one inch, then you are only required to balance walking on three inches - a much easier feat. 

Platforms are the preferred choice when you need to be sexy and sassy comfortably - but not too high. And of course wedges - but we recommend you steer clear of wedges for these dress types. 

If you plan on doing a bit of walking consider a heel with a thin ankle strap as well. Ankle straps (believe it or not) also make the heels easier to step in and provide a bit of support.

Platforms are a bit heavier than simple heels so be sure to prep.

Wearing heels is no easy task and requires dedication to ensuring your ankles are strong, your balance is sure, and your core can effortlessly handle the strain. 

If you don’t regularly opt for a pair of heels, consider getting your body a bit prepared for the event with some practice.

Read this article on how to prevent injury when wearing high heels.

Cosmopolitan covers 4 Exercises That Makes Walking in Heels Easier.

Another challenge with high heels and platforms is that they tend to pinch, slip, or do a combination of both when worn. 

If you find the perfect heel but have any of these problems check your local Walgreens (or any drugstore) for solutions. These stores typically have an impressive stock of high heel and shoe inserts and pads. 

Here is a list of the types of pads and inserts on the market today that help make your heels easier to walk in.

Heel Liners - these simple liners improve the fit of the shoe and prevent slipping and uncomfortable rubbing.

Heel Insoles - these insoles take the pressure off the ball of your feet and keeps them dry to avoid sliding forward in your heels.

Ball of Foot Inserts - these inserts keep your foot in place and provide a cushion to make walking and standing for extended periods more comfortable and realistic.

What are the best undergarments for this open back dress?

There are limited undergarment options for this open back dress design. 

As with any dress you need support, coverage, and no seams. Adhesive cups and a seamless or no-show panty or a thong is your best bet. 

An adhesive cup will cover each breast and provide support via the wings or under support. The easiest way to find a seamless panty is to go for lace or soft materials.

We do not endorse any particular brand on this subject, but there are some we’d like to share with you to give you an idea of what is needed.

Neiman and Marcus have a plunge adhesive bra that supports and contours - which gives you the shape you need as well. Check our blog on What to Wear Under a Bandage Dress here.

Victoria Secrets has a vast selection of seamless panties and are often running specials if you purchase multiple pairs. Browse their collection here.

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