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Last updated on : November 14 2017

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Our Thoughts on Beauty & Makeup

Women either love makeup, they hate it, or they put up with it. It can be divisive. For us, it’s just another arrow in our quiver, another weapon we can use to dominate, influence and appeal. And so we embrace it, all the while knowing we are enough without it.

At least we have the option. Most men don’t, and we’ll use makeup to our advantage when we can. We know that women perceived to be beautiful have doors opened for them and new opportunities realized. We don’t believe this is correct or even fair, but it happens, and so we arm ourselves with the potential to take our turn. So yes, beauty and makeup can and does open doors for us!

We are also fond of makeup. For some of us, it is a rite of passage, our passing into womanhood. We remember the day we were first allowed to wear it. Or we associate makeup, particularly lipstick, with fond memories of our mothers and the precious times spent with her.

We also think makeup is an art. We can transform ourselves with it. Have different looks for different days or events. We look formal for the office or downright flirty when we want to. We find the act of putting on makeup meditative and love doing it. We do it for fun, with the girls and for other girls, not for men.

We own our makeup. And we can transform ourselves into confident sultry and precocious divas with it if we want to. Or we can go without it. We don’t let makeup own us; we own it, girl!

With this attitude, we set off to educate and inspire.

Section 1. Face and Skin

How to get Flawless Skin: Korean Skin Care Routines & More

skin blog

Our skin suffers from wear and tear of aging. It gets drier and thinner with wrinkles, large pores, age spots, and other concerns. What you eat, hormones, sun exposure, stress, alcohol, and smoking affects your skin. You cannot put a stop to aging, but you can improve the radiance of your skin. Proper care and positive lifestyle changes will help too.  

This article delves into the famous Korean skincare routine. It looks at the lifestyle changes needed to keep your skin flawless and glowing. And it provides tips on choosing the right skin care cream for you. Click on the heading above to read it. 

Top 15 Concealers and Makeup Primers for Everyday Wear

concealers and primers for makeup

Whether you stumble upon a tutorial on Instagram or search for instructions on how to apply the perfect smokey eye, finding the right concealer and primer is the foundation of a “pancake free” look that is natural, flattering, and balanced.

In this article (click on the title above to read it), we scour the web for insights into the best concealers and makeup primers on the market today.  

Review of ModiFace Virtual Makeover App

modiface beauty

Modiface is the ultimate selfie editing app and easily doubles as a facial style generator. Use it to remove blemishes and imperfections while smoothing and brightening your skin. Put on various looks. Try on more than 2,000 shades of eyeshadows, lipsticks, lashes, eyeliners, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, foundations, and more. Plus it packs a healthy amount of hairstyles to try.  

Click on the heading above to read the full review; we give it 5 out of 5. 

Top 10 YouTube Makeup Artists

youtube makeup artists

So we scoured YouTube for the top 10 makeup artists from around the world. Those that share "How To" makeup videos and skin care tips. The beauty vloggers that made our list are sexy, sophisticated, and most of all exceptionally talented.

Click on the title above to find out who they are. 

21 Foods That Prevent Breakouts

healthy foods to stop breakouts on skin

Breakouts are frustrating, irritating, inconvenient, and yet, ultimately controllable. While they may seem inevitable, the truth is that this nasty problem is easily controlled and prevented by choosing your foods more wisely. You may have heard this before, but it is still just as true—you are what you eat.

Adding specific food items to your diet helps prevent skin problems and acne. Take a look at what they are by clicking on the article title above. 

Section 2. Body

15 Secrets to a Natural Tummy Tuck

tummy tuck infographic

If you feel you can get by without real tummy tuck surgery, there are a few natural ways to beat a tummy tuck. The article covers general lifestyle changes (our secrets to a natural tummy tuck), exercises that will target your waistline and nutritional suggestions that will all improve your waistline.

Click on the title above to read more.      

The Best at Home Hair Removal Techniques

hair removal techniques

How you get rid of unwanted hair on your body is a matter of personal preference. Some of us prefer epilators and hot waxes while others consider it too painful to even think for the limbs - let alone the extra sensitive bikini area.

Here are a few of the very best home hair removal techniques for de-fuzzing that work, are comfortable, and relatively safe with a bit of care and effort. Click on the title above to see them all. 

Section 3. Eyes

Best Eyeshadows to Match Your Eye Color

eyeshadow infographic

When you are trying to accentuate your eyes with the help of makeup, your eyeshadow is a vital element. With the multitudes of shades available in the market today, it's important to know which one best complements your eyes, style, and look.

To help you find a color that flatters your face and brings out your natural eyes, we’ve compiled the following list of insights for you. Click on the title above to read them.  

The Inside Scoop on Sexy Fake Eyelashes

false eyelash infographic

Your eyes are the window to your soul, and fake eyelashes the curtains framing them. Many women swear by their falsies while several others are not sure where to start. This article is the definitive inside scoop on these sexy items.

Click on the title above to

How To Do Eyebrows - A Style Guide For Perfect Eyebrows

sexy eyebrows

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul. Nowadays your eyebrows and eyelashes are a big part of how others see your facial beauty - so it is essential to get your eyebrows as perfect as you can.

Click on the title above to read the full guide. 

Section 4. Lips

How to Choose the Right Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

dark skin tone

From bright and bold reds to soft and straightforward natural tones. The right lipstick can transform your looks, confidence, and face. The secret to pulling off a daring, mind-blowing color is to ensure that it matches your skin tone.  

Click on the title above to read the full article. 

Section 5. Nails

The Great Debate: Nail Polish vs. Nail Lacquer

nail polish

Whether you are in the habit of changing nail paints according to the trends or have a favorite color that you reapply regularly; nail polish or nail lacquer is a crucial fashion accessory that gives your overall look polish, style, and a touch of femininity.

Read all about these two exciting products today, click on the title above. 

Goodbye Manicures and Pedicures: Secrets to Natural and Healthy Nails

healthy nails infographic

Being sexy and attractive starts from the inside out. Healthy hair, a trim waistline, and natural nails complete your look and are all directly impacted by the food choices we make every day.

For stronger healthier nails click on the title above. 

Section 6. Hair

How To Match Your Hairstyle And Dress Neckline Perfectly

hairstyles and necklines

Every part of your look matters when putting on a sexy dress. From the top of your head to your toes, your overall look needs to compliment your style, bring out your personality, and give you feminine sex appeal. All this means finding the right hairstyle to match your dress, particularly its neckline.  

Click on the title above to find out more. 

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