The Adventure of Self-Discovery: Taking Time Off for Self-Care And Personal Growth

Last updated on : December 29 2022

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Self-care is the actions we take to care for ourselves during the process of self-love. It's any suitable activity that promotes your physical, mental, and emotional health and generally makes you happy.

Sometimes things get too much, and we need the world to stop, so we can literally get off, take a break, catch our breathe again, and recharge. When stress reaches these levels, the best self-care is often a total break, a holiday, and adventure-seeking.

These slightly more extreme self-care steps will help you gain perspective, re-energize, and find the strength to focus and deal with life's hardships again.

Take a look at the articles below for self-care inspiration and detail in this adventure-seeking range.  

A Digital Nomads Life: Are You Up For The Challenge?

A female digital nomad working in the countryside on her pc

As unlikely as it may seem, digital nomads are leading the change towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled global workforce.

Whether you’ve found a temporary home in a seasonal villa in the French countryside or you’re traveling down the Pacific Coast of the U.S. in a gas-powered motorhome, you can make a living doing what you love.

Take the ultimate step in self-care and become a digital nomad. 

Why A Dropshipping Business Is Great For Digital Nomads

View of Venice from window

A digital nomadic lifestyle is not out of reach if you consider your options and work hard on your goals.

One possible way to fund this lifestyle is through dropshipping, either by building your dropshipping business from scratch or by acquiring an existing dropship business for you to maintain and expand. 

7 Reasons Why Women Should Ride Motorbikes

Girl on a motorcycle posing on a motorway

Why do women ride motorbikes? For transportation, yes, but also because we look good on one, and want all the benefits that bike riding brings.

From a sense of freedom to weight loss, bike riding is a self-care activity we should all consider.

Top 10 Surf Destinations for Spring Break

 Spring break flip flops on the beach

Spring break is one of the most popular times to search for sand, sea, surf and a great social atmosphere.

This search is real whether you are a student of any age, or find yourself with some vacation time to spend.

How To Overcome Jet Lag

How to beat Jet Lag - Stop Jet Lag symbol with airplane and compas

Jet lag is a condition that occurs when your internal clock is not quick to adjust to a new time zone, holding on to its biological schedule for several days. 

Luckily, while you may not be a position to eliminate jet lag, you can minimize its effects with some simple strategies when traveling across multiple time zones.

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