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Are You Plain or Pretty?

Last updated on : January 06 2017

plain or pretty

It is often considered that being plain and looking pretty are two completely different things. But are they really different? Is it not possible to be plain yet look attractive and the other way round? The answer is yes, it absolutely is!

At The Kewl Shop we love the natural feminine profile. As we’ve grown we have worked to encourage women to embrace their natural curves because it is the best kind of beauty. So we focus on helping you do just that by covering various topics in our fashion blog and selling both sensible and racy style bandage dresses to give you confidence in your own skin.  

If you often find yourself feeling that you are the odd one out because you are too plainly dressed at a party, there are ways to work around it. And no, it does not involve piling on the makeup! Something as simple as just picking the right dress can do the trick. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can rock the plain-but-pretty look.

Choose the Right Outfits

Every woman has a personal sense of style. You do not need to let go of who you are just to ‘fit in.’ At the same time, there is no reason to wear only boring clothes. You can make conservative dress choices while also bringing on the sexy with strategic outfit choices like versatile bandage dresses or well fitting jeans.

Bandage dresses are built to fit and flatter various body types. While well fitting jeans can be dressed up or down with strategic shoe choices and hairstyles. It is not mandatory that you wear a mini, skin-revealing piece to pull off a pretty and sexy look. In fact, there are several styles to choose from to engage the silent yet sexy fashionista in you.

Here’s a look at some of our dresses that can give you a stylish appeal without going over the top. We love these dresses because they do a great job of blending plain with pretty.


Long sleeved dresses expose just the right amount of skin by showing off your lovely, toned legs.

Figure-flattering, stylish, and yet modest, long-sleeved bandage dresses are the perfect choice for times you want to look chic with a slightly conservative twist. Available in different styles, patterns, and colors, long sleeved dresses expose just the right amount of skin by showing off your lovely, toned legs while keeping the arms entirely covered.

If you want to achieve the perfect balance in your clothing, this is what you should go for. These dresses are also available in varying lengths and necklines, so you can choose one depending on the event you are attending and your comfort level.

Maxi dresses

If wearing long, chic dresses is more your style, you can go for a maxi bandage dress.

Who said wearing  bandage dresses was only for those who want to flaunt their legs? If wearing long, chic dresses is more your style, you can go for a maxi bandage dress. This style has also been seen on the runway and is worn by celebs to a wide range of events including red-carpet events and movie premiers. While maxi dresses are known for a more fitted bodice, the bandage fabric and length keeps you comfortable and covered. The look is both feminine and graceful.

Maxi dresses are also excellent staple pieces in your closet. Get creative by pairing them with attractive danglers, a statement necklace, or a chunky bracelet. Be careful not to go overboard and rely on one statement piece of jewelry and complimenting shoes. Also, choose pieces with interesting necklines so to balances out your look. Add a lovely clutch and you are all set to rock any event.

Two-piece bandage dresses

A two-piece dress is a great way to show a bit of skin but keep your dignity intact.

At times being plain is misunderstood. Just because you prefer clothing that is understated and conservative does not mean you don’t appreciate your natural and lovely feminine form. That is were two piece dresses come into play.

Opting for a two-piece dress instead of the usual short pieces is a great way to show a bit of skin but keep your dignity intact. There are several varieties to choose from. Plus, they are perfect for those who love wearing skirts. For instance, check out this adorable baby blue number – isn’t this the perfect combination of style, feminine grace, and class? You can wear it for a day outing, a formal event, or even a date. While the design on the back keeps things interesting, the crop top and knee-length style makes it appropriate to wear around family or colleagues.

If black is what you prefer but are looking for something beyond the LBD, take a look at this stylish peplum dress that spells elegance. The length falls below your knee, which makes the dress suitable for work and also stylish enough for an afterwork party or drinks with your love. The sleeveless design shows off your arms in a classy way and balances out the look. If you do not want to flaunt your arms, just pair it with a light shrug or a tailored blazer for a sexy-yet-smart style.

High neck dresses

If you do not want to flaunt too much skin, consider going for dresses that have a high neckline.

If you do not want to flaunt too much skin, consider going for dresses that have a high neckline. This way, you can keep yourself covered while also showing off the right curves. A good choice would be this simple yet lovely mesh bandage dress in a pretty shade of pink (do you love pink dresses), which makes it the right blend of cuteness, feminine appeal, and sexiness. You can also consider a lacy or floral-patterned one with a high neck and team it with nude pumps or strappy heels to achieve a perfect balance.

Flared dresses

Flared dresses are stunning enough to look good on their own.

If you want your outfit to look girly and flirty yet sophisticated, an A-line or flared bandage dress is just the thing for you. Flared dresses are both pretty and plain - which is why they are some of our best sellers. There are available in numerous styles, colors, patterns (see our jacquard dresses), and lengths. Choose a flared bandage dress style to suit any occasion and your mood.

Flared dresses are stunning enough to look good on their own or you can accessorize a bit to add a dash of glamor and personal touch to your look. If you have never worn a bandage dress before and do not want to go for the mini, short styles, a flared dress is the perfect way to start. You get all the visual appeal and comfort of a bandage dress with a touch of the conventional flare in the skirt area.

Pretty Meets Plain Style Tips

Pulling off or preferring plain and simple looks does not mean you have to compromise on style and taste. There are many style options that keep you covered while also showing off your feminine charm and natural beauty. The above mentioned bandage dress styles give you the flexibility and versatility to pull together looks that work for your style preferences.

Another big advantage of choosing these dresses is that you can use accessories to style them any way you want and completely transform your look as your moods change. Here are a few tips to looking good without having to spend hours doing your makeup, picking accessories, or fixing your hair:

  • If simple and plain style is your look wearing a bandage dress is just the way to go. A nice pair of shoes are all you need to complete the look.  You can keep your hairstyle simple too. Choose a high ponytail for elegant affairs, a side sweep for a hot date, or a bun for dinner with family.
  • You can stick to a minimalist look and yet add a stylish touch by just wearing a string of pearls or hanging earrings with hair freely flowing.
  • If you do not feel comfortable wearing a dress in metallic or pastel hues, there is no need to do it. Pick one in a darker shade like black, navy, brown, or gray to get a stylish yet conservative look. These hues also have an enhanced slimming effect. Comfort and confidence is the key to looking your best, and you can have that only when you are comfortable with whatever you are wearing.
  • Being plain does not mean that you should not look after yourself. In fact, taking care of your hair, skin, and health only means that you value yourself. So aim to stay fit and do whatever it is that makes you feel good. Also, women who are not obsessed with makeup or do not have any insecurities about their figure and taste in clothes are the ones who are truly beautiful.
  • Remember that no amount of makeup and expensive clothes can replace a pleasing personality. Stay true to what you believe in and have confidence in yourself – not opting for a caked face or revealing clothes will barely matter when you are brimming with self-confidence and dressed with a smile.

You do not need to be all dolled up to be the good-looking one wherever you go. It is true that social media and other factors have turned glammed-up, expensive-clothes-wearing women into the conventional idea of beautiful. But the truth is that being yourself and being comfortable in your own skin is the best way to let your beauty shine through.

Nothing is really ‘plain’; as long as you feel good, you can be sure you look beautiful too. As actress Ashley Tisdale puts it, “You can be plain and smart, or pretty and smart. You can even be plain and dumb! You just have to be yourself.”

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