A Lady's Guide On How To Look Great On A First Date

Last updated on : June 19 2021

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The First Impression Lasts, So They Say.

Most women experience anxiety (and stress) when dressing up for their first date. The pressure to "dress to impress" is on. So, you've got to look your best.

If your heart is pumping right now because you only have a few days left before your date, and you still haven't decided on what to wear, pause for a while. Breathe. Count 1, 2, 3.

It's going to be okay.

This guide will help you look great and give you the confidence you need on your first date.

Let's first tackle that thing you're most anxious about, your outfit.

Choosing An Outfit

Should you wear a dress or a pair of skinny jeans? Red or yellow? Boots or stilettos?

Choosing an outfit is the most challenging part of prepping up for the first date. But, it's something you want to ponder on first so you can pair it with the right makeup, hairstyle, and accessories.

There is no precise answer to the question "what should you wear on your first date?". There are so many things to consider, such as the location of your date, your personality, and your style.

However, some rules make the entire process of choosing an outfit a breeze.

Avoid Looking Frumpy

First and foremost - avoid looking frumpy. Hello? It's your first date! You want to create a positive impression. Simply put, you want to look your best.

It doesn't hurt to check out the web for some of the latest fashion styles to find something that matches your personality.

Outfits With Simple Patterns And Solid Colors Are Classy

Clothes that have simple patterns and solid colors project elegance and sophistication. A plain black dress certainly looks better than a dress that screams in designs and color combos.

You often have your first date in more formal settings, such as a fine restaurant. You want to wear something appropriate for the occasion.

Always remember that classy styling is timeless.

Say "No" To Overly Revealing Clothing

You want to make sure your outfit is appealing yet not overly revealing.

You don't want to spend the entire evening adjusting your neckline or pulling down your skirt because showing too much skin makes you feel uncomfortable.

Not only that, but research shows that men tend to link provocative women's fashion with sexual availability. Meaning they are likely to think that you are asking for "trouble." Even if, in reality, you only want to feel and look attractive.

Well, the thing is, you need not wear plunging necklines or skimpy dresses to look attractive and seductive.

Do you know what matters most? The fit.

The skin-tight silhouette works best for dates. Some no-fail pieces are straight-leg jeans or a slim button-down shirt.

Skip The High Heels

Don't get it wrong. Women look amazing on heels.

But the thing is - you'll never know where your first date is going to take you. 

Your date might ask you to stroll around the block, visit a museum, or have some street food at the farmer's market. You don't want to hobble along and silently cry with every step

So better skip the heels and wear something more comfortable.

If you want to wear heels, opt for a pair of block heels that aren't too high. Aside from being "more" comfortable, men can get self-conscious about a girl's height.

Shoes with not-so-high heels make a classy yet flexible choice for first dates.

Don't Wear Clothes That Aren't "You."

Every person has his or her style. It's something that we figure out ourselves and understand. When you find your style, you know you will look great and feel confident.

This rule is perhaps the most important - do not wear clothes that aren't you.

On your first date, you want the other person to know more about you. 

While you're dressing to impress, it doesn't mean you should force yourself to wear outfits that don't match your style. Impressing your date is more about showing your date the best version of yourself.

After all, he already asked you for a date. So that means he already likes you for some reason. Cheer up, girl!

Avoid Too Much Jewelry

The right accessories can level up your look. But be careful not to over-accessorize. Remember, the simpler, the better.

Avoid statement pieces. You can wear one or two classic pieces and look stunning. Subtle diamond jewelry is a perfect choice because it projects confidence and elegance.

If you like wearing diamonds, a pair of simple single-stud earrings work fantastic. What's important is the diamond's quality as it defines the brilliance and beauty of the piece.

Always strive for a balanced look. If you cannot decide between a necklace, an earring, or a bracelet, choose the piece that highlights your best feature. 

A slender, graceful neck deserves a stunning necklace, a pretty face gets prettier with a pair of stud earrings, and lovely hands will draw more attention with a beautiful ring on them.

Dress For The Occasion

For women, dressing for the occasion means wearing something fashionable that is suitable for the event. 

It's essential to match your attire with the setting of your first date. If you don't dress appropriately, it can be embarrassing and genuinely awkward.

If you know where the guy is taking you, research beforehand if it has a dress code. Some luxury restaurants require their guests to be in semi-formal attire. 

On most occasions, you'll be fine wearing something casual but not overly laid back.

Go Easy On The Perfume

While he can't see it, wearing lovely perfume can add to that "first impression." 

There's no denying that perfume boosts your confidence. Wearing your signature scent makes you feel at ease with your surroundings, and of course, your date.

Your perfume tells a lot about your personality, according to psychologists

Floral scents are often associated with sweetness. Citrus is linked to being strong-willed and dominant, while fruity aromas project fun and spunkiness.

However, you want to go easy on the perfume. Please don't overdo it or spray too much. You'll never know if your date is allergic to certain smells or strong scents. It might just make your date feel uncomfortable and turned off.

Keep Your Makeup Simple

Remember, it's your first date, not your wedding. Just like your accessories, you want to go easy on your makeup

For the past few years, trends in makeup have proved that "less is more." And fashion experts are leaning towards makeup application that enhances one's natural beauty.

Don't go overboard with eyeliner or shadow. A neutral shade of shimmery eye shadow is enough to make your eyes sparkle. When it comes to lipstick, avoid bold colors like red. Instead, opt for feminine colors like pink or nude shades.

Choose natural-looking blush, such as pink, peach, or brown. Make sure it complements your skin tone.

The best makeup is one that doesn't make you feel you're wearing one the entire time. You must be comfortable with your look. Otherwise, it's going to affect your mood during your date. 

Make sure you look like you.

Style Your Hair Depending On Your Face Shape

Your hairstyle should complement your overall look. When in doubt of how you should style your hair, base it on the shape of your face.

Women with round faces look great on hairstyles that add definition and shape, such as long layered cuts and choppy pixie cuts. Steer clear from single-length cuts and bobs if you have a round face shape.

Meanwhile, a square-shaped face has a broad forehead, strong jawline, and wide cheekbones. Selecting a cut or style that softens these features is a great idea.

If you have an oval-shaped face, opt for blunt bobs or long waves, or curls. 

Heart-shaped? You'll look stunning with waves or curls starting from below your ear.

Like with makeup and clothes, you want to go easy on your hairstyle. Fussing over your hair will make it look like you've tried way too hard.

Bonus Tip: Get A Second (Honest) Opinion

You might be feeling great about your look. Or, you could be feeling worse. It's a good idea to get a second, honest opinion from someone you trust. 

He or she could be your best friend, relative, parent, or sibling.

If you don't feel comfortable asking your family or friends' opinions, consider getting them from a wardrobe specialist. 

This idea might be over the top, but you can be sure you're getting professional tips and advice and that what you're wearing is going to bring out the best in you.

Summing Up

Girl putting on akeup

Your first date can be the first to many happy moments with that person. So it's normal to feel anxious (and pressured) about looking pretty on that day.

While it sounds like a daunting process, you can easily pull off the look that will highlight your best features and showcase your personality.

It all starts with choosing a fashionable outfit yet isn't over-the-top like you're about to walk on the Runway. Again, simple patterns and solid colors work fantastic.

Also, avoid overly revealing clothes. You don't want to give the wrong message to your date. Choose an outfit you are comfortable wearing. Most importantly, don't wear clothes that aren't you.

When it comes to jewelry and makeup, less is more. Choose a few jewelry pieces that highlight your best features. Wear makeup that will enhance your natural beauty. And style your hair according to the shape of your face.

Lastly, it doesn't hurt to get someone else's opinion about your look. Ask a friend, a family member, or someone who can give you honest feedback.

You are beautiful just the way you are, so goes a popular song. Remember this all the time. 

Best of luck on your first date!

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