A Complete Guide on How to Be Sexy

Last updated on : May 14 2017

how to be sexy and how to dress sexy

Being sexy is not just about throwing on an amazing bandage dress. It is much more than just following trends. It is about style, confidence, and loving how you feel and who you are every single day. The first step to being sexy is feeling it from within, and there are a number of ways to get you there. The next step is to take that feeling and transform it into your outer look, by dressing sexy. 

In this article we cover the essence of 'how to be sexy' and then with guidance and style tips 'how to dress sexy' even on those days you just want to be comfortable and easy in your own skin. 

How To Be Sexy

Bollywood actress Amisha Patel puts it best, “Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It's a state of mind.” Sex appeal and confidence begins with being comfortable in your own skin and loving what you see when you look in the mirror. To truly be sexy you must first return to the basics of self love. Once your confidence is steady and strong finding the right dress and styling it well is simply the icing on the cake.

Find Yourself

Confidence is not something that is natural for many of us however is the true foundation of how to be sexy. With the popularity of women who are seemingly flawless on various social media platforms, it is hard to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. To learn to be comfortable in your own skin you must first find your true self

The key to loving who you are and embracing your body type and facial shape begins with learning more about yourself. The next step is to redefine your own definition of beauty. These articles cover just what that means and how to go about it.

14 Things the Colors You Wear Say About You

One of the hardest things in a digital world is finding who you are. Studies have shown that the colors we wear say a lot about who we are and detail our most dominant personality type. You may not be completely aware of the symbolic meanings associated with different colors, but according to experts, at the subconscious level, there is a reason why you are drawn to particular colors. What your favorite colors say about you will help you understand how to be sexy. 

14 Things Your Dress Style Says About Your Sex Life

Your sense of style and the type of clothing you choose to wear is a reflection of who you are, your personality, lifestyle preferences, and confidence. All are key attributes of how to be sexy. What does your dress say about your sex life? Not only does your dress style reveal how you interact with colleagues, strangers, and family but it also sheds light on what goes down between the sheets.

15 Things Your Clothes Say About You

What you wear says a lot about who we are and is a key aspect of how to be sexy. In most cases our clothes reflect our mood and style. If we are feeling disappointed and down adding a bit of lipstick tends to lift our mood and give us a bit of cheer. If we are feeling happy and confident we often reach for our favorite pair of heels and pumps or even a bandage dress.

Define Your Sexy

Once you have found yourself and start to love what you see in the mirror it is time to define your sexy. One of the most challenging aspects of this is deciding just how sexy you want to be and how to balance that sex appeal with keeping your dignity. We pulled together a few guides to help cover some of the basics.

11 Quick Fixes to a Sexy Body

There is absolutely no need to worry about being caught off guard. Pulling yourself together in a jiffy just takes know-how and confidence. We also recommend carrying a little black dress in your car - seriously. Here are 11 quick fixes to help you pull off being sexy looks when time is not on your side.

How to Be Seductive

Kamand Kojouri, once said, “Seduce yourself first”. Being seductive takes confidence in who you are and embracing every inch of your body. It is not about putting on a persona that is not you or choosing one that you believe people are more likely to accept. The trick to being seductive lies in your attitude, poise, and confidence. All are pillars of how to be sexy. 

Choose Your Sex Appeal

Sex appeal is about pulling together a look that shows off your best attributes to give you confidence in your body. Once you have found your inner beauty and have a firm grasp on how to pull off your very own kind of sexy it is time to focus on harnessing the power of sexy style insights, tips, and tricks. These articles shed light on how to improve your feminine shape as well as dress and style your body well.

12 Bandage Dresses That Give You A Booty

Bandage dresses are popular because they allow you to show off your booty while keeping your dignity intact. The form-fitting style and fabric (which is also excellent shapewear) supports and shapes your feminine proportions. How to be sexy could very well start with a bandage dress. 

How to Match Your Bandage Dress With A Coat

When paired with the right accessories, a quality bandage dress serves as both day and evening wear in a heartbeat. Choosing the right accessories is of utmost importance. This means finding the right coat, jacket, jewelry, belts, tights, and shoes play key roles in pulling off certain looks.

How to Get a Bigger Booty

Being confident in your body is loving it enough to take care of it and target areas you want to shine. From eating the right foods to conquering how to do a proper squat, getting a bigger butt is within your reach. There is a common misconception that to get a bigger butt you must get implants or use specifically designed underwear. Naturally, we set the record straight.

How to Match Your Hairstyle With Your Neckline Perfectly

When we begin planning our outfits our hairstyle is often a second thought. However, sexy looks and captivating sex appeal is only achieved when your style has been considered from head to toe. As you work to find your perfect look and hairstyle consider the neckline of your dress. If you fail to choose the right hairstyle your look just may fall flat.

How to Choose the Right Cocktail Dress for Your Body Type

The goal of a flattering and sexy cocktail dress is to highlight your best features and balance your body’s proportions. This creates a look of perfect symmetry between your bust, waistline, hips, and booty. At the same time, the right cocktail dress works in a way to camouflage or draw attention away from problem areas that you do not want to emphasize.

How To Dress Sexy

How to dress sexy has nothing to do with the length of your hemline or the allure of your neckline. It begins with confidence and is enhanced by your poise and unique style. When you want to dress sexy you want the ability to show off your feminine proportions but maintain your dignity. The balance is a challenge for even the most accomplished stylists.

However with good style planning and an understanding of your best attributes you can be sexy in anything from a snug pair of jeans to a skin tight dress. Here are some tips on how to dress sexy.  

Go for Red

Studies found that men viewed women wearing red as sexier and more attractive than when they wore any other color.

Ever wondered why red is used as the color for paint signs and anything that needs to grab someone’s attention? It is because the color red stands out and demands attention. Don’t believe us? Put red to the test. Just try wearing a red bandage dress or even just red heels with a dress of another color, and notice the difference. You will not only make heads turn, but feel confident and sexy just by adding a dash of this color in your look. Even red nails do the trick!

In fact, a University of Rochester study found that men viewed women wearing red as sexier and more attractive than when they wore any other color. Now you even have proven research. So go ahead and splurge on that arresting red number and take your sex appeal higher by quite a few notches. How to dress sexy might just start with the color red. 

Try Lace

Lacey clothing has long been associated with looking sexy, and for good reason. Lace lingerie aside, wearing lace on your dress immediately grows your oomph factor. Lace turns you into that sultry siren that you always wanted to be. Wearing lace has an effect on your mind too, as it has the power to instantly make you feel more feminine and sexual. Therefore, lace is perfect for a romantic date or a passionate evening with the special lover in your life.

The advantage of lace is that you can style your outfit to be as revealing or as modest as you want. Depending on the occasion, go for an all-lace dress or just a top paired with a pencil skirt that shows off your curves. This looks is equal parts demure and magical.

Grab Seductive Lingerie

Wearing sexy underwear can boost your mood and make you feel sexy like never before.

Learn how to dress sexy with seductive lingerie. You do not buy lingerie only to please your lover; wearing sexy underwear can boost your mood and make you feel sexy like never before. Lingerie has this effect even if you do not intend to reveal it to anyone. So give a makeover to your lingerie drawer, and try those silky, lacy thongs and bras that you always looked at but never bought.

Just knowing that you have something slinky and sensuous under your usual clothes has a crazy ability to give you confidence and poise. It is also likely to make you feel beautiful and sexy, and this works as a big confidence booster.

Pamper Yourself

Pamper yourself unapologetically

To feel good and beautiful all over, pamper yourself unapologetically. Pampering yourself can be achieved in a variety of ways. Go for a mani-pedi every now and then, color or add highlights to your hair, or get a new hairstyle. How to dress sexy is also about wearing a sexy fragrance, painting your toes, or trying a new lipstick. All of these things make you feel sexy from within, which works wonders for your mood and shows in your confidence.

Embrace Sensual Hairstyles

Your hairstyle affects your sexy

If you have beautiful, long tresses that always earn compliments, the simple styling of sweeping it to one side instantly transforms your look. If you have shorter hair go for a “I woke up like this” messy hairstyle for the same effect. Use your hair to achieve sexy looks that are versatile, flattering, and easy to pull of.f as part of your how to dress sexy plan. 

Kate Bosworth, gives great insight into just how much your hairstyle affects your sexy. She shares, "it's so different when you change your hair color, you're treated so differently. It's a very funny experience. It's fun - I love changing up my hair." 

Put on High Heels

Wearing heels make your breasts and hips thrust forward in an appealing way

You probably already knew it – wearing a pair of killer heels is a sure-shot way to improve the appearance of your body. There is science behind it as well. Wearing heels make your breasts and hips thrust forward in an appealing way, thus making you look more seductive and attractive. One to remember when you are looking for how to dress sexy solutions. 

Heels also give you height which gives you confidence and a sexy feminine walk.  If you want a leg-lengthening effect, go for nude pumps closest to the color of your skin.

Hit the Gym

Sex appeal will take a major hit if you do not feel good about your body or comfortable in your own skin

You may be wearing your most sensuous dress, but your sex appeal will take a major hit if you do not feel good about your body or comfortable in your own skin. The way to fulfilling these needs takes just a bit of hard work and a lot of resisting temptations. Spending time at the gym and eating the right foods is part and parcel of how to dress sexy.

A toned physique is what we all want, and if you want to look sexy and feel confident every time you step out start a new exercise regime. Exercising is not simply about helping you lose weight. Exercise helps you sweat which gives you clear skin and also boosts your energy, and promotes improved mental clarity.

Remember to consult a professional trainer to work out an exercise routine specific to your body, so that you can derive maximum benefits from it.

Live Well

Since what you eat goes hand-in-hand with your workout regimes, a healthy diet is equally important. Here are some tips on adopting a healthier lifestyle and diet plan:

  • Go for a meal plan in which you eat unprocessed organic foods at least 75 percent of the time. These include lean meats and lots of organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Increase your daily intake of colorful vegetables and fruits to at least two servings for each meal. For snacks, keep nuts and chopped vegetables ready and have them with a delicious dip instead of going for unhealthy options.
  • Overhaul your kitchen and throw away all the junk food and then stop buying such items altogether. Steer clear of caffeinated drinks, deep fried snacks, and sugary treats and you will be able to see and feel the difference in your body in a short time.
  • When you are outside for work or travel, plan ahead and carry healthy snacks with you so that you do not have to resort to unhealthy foods.  
  • Keep yourself hydrated with ample quantities of water throughout the day.
  • Consult a nutritionist or a doctor and start taking the supplements that you need. There are several options for vegetarians too.
  • Quit smoking and limit your alcohol intake to the minimum (social gatherings and events where you simply cannot refuse a drink perhaps).

A healthy lifestyle is not difficult to achieve; all it takes is a bit of determination. Once you see the results you can achieve for your body, skin, and mind, you are sure to stick to it. So pay attention to your meals and fitness routine, and feel sexy like never before.

The Cardinal Rules of Sexiness

Irrespective of what you wear and the shape of your body, there are some cardinal rules that you need to remember when it comes to dressing sexy and finding your sensual self.

Showing skin does not always mean sexy

A barely-there piece of clothing is not the go-to rule of being sexy. In fact, if you are not comfortable, it will only translate to awkwardness and portray you as someone who is not at ease with themselves. Instead of showing too much skin, stick to what suits you the most and use your personality more than your clothes to ooze sex appeal.

Confidence is the key

Being confident is one of the sexiest attributes a woman can have. You may not be looking your best or have the right kind of makeup on, but the right blend of humor, confidence, and charm more than makes up for everything else.

Use your mind

Women who are intelligent and are up for challenging conversations are among the sexiest, irrespective of looks and makeup. A sharp, well-informed mind beats a skimpy outfit any day when it comes to being sexy. So do not shy away from speaking your mind and holding your ground, even when you are flirting and hoping to impress at the bar.


There is no single formula for ‘how to be sexy’ or 'how to dress sexy'. But these tips are sure to help you feel and look sexy not just for a date or an event, but at all times. Make sure you add your own twist to your look, and get ready to make hearts skip a beat when you walk by.

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