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  • 7 Ways Collagen Can Help Reverse Your Age

    Posted at: July 2020

    Whether from animal foods like fish, or vegan foods like tempeh, adding collagen to your diet can be a great way to improve the quality of the skin, heal your joints, and turn back to the clock, so you can look and feel like the "good old" days. 

  • Gamer Dating Made Easy: How to Date a Gaming Enthusiast

    Posted at: July 2020

    Dating a gamer, just like dating a person with any other hobby, can be a deeply fulfilling experience. Gaming is just an aspect of the individual’s personality. Understanding how to relate to them in that area can significantly influence the flavor of your relationship. However, it will not be the sole decider of whether you succeed in your relationship or not.

  • What is Sleep Deprivation and Why is it Bad for You

    Posted at: July 2020

    We’re all conditioned to sacrifice sleep for all kinds of things: work, socialization, pleasure, company. But the simple truth is that the less sleep we get, the worse we will feel.

  • The Nutritional Guide For Healthy Hair And Skin

    Posted at: July 2020

    Your diet plays a significant role in your health, and this is mainly visible in your hair and skin. If you want to have lustrous hair and healthy skin, it’s time to watch what you eat.

  • What Makes Nutrition the Most Important Aspect of a Fitness Routine

    Posted at: July 2020

    Exercising and nutrition are not two separate things, and you can't do one without the other. They are two sides of the same coin. Work on both. Develop competent, healthy habits, and understand the importance it has on your performance, and you'll soon see yourself taking off in ways you could never expect.

  • Tricks To Pluck Perfect Eyebrows

    Posted at: June 2020

    Fixing your brows at home seems like a big challenge, but remember, it helps frame your face and improve your looks. Not only does it save you more money, time, and effort, doing your brows at home also teaches you a new skill. 

  • How to Detox Yourself from Toxic Relations

    Posted at: June 2020

    Most relationships exit from the honeymoon phase into healthy long term connections defined by mutual respect. However, some partnerships that begin nice can rapidly turn into toxic ones. 

    If you find yourself in a toxic relationship, you should know that it’s time to let it go.

  • 12 Home Made Remedies to Naturally Rejuvenate Your Skin

    Posted at: June 2020

    People often go high and low to find the right makeup and cosmetic item to make them look and feel beautiful. However, listen to your body and try out something natural for a change. There are plenty of homemade natural remedies to try to rejuvenate your skin. 

  • 15 Unconventional Yet Effective Motivational Tips

    Posted at: June 2020

    Here you have it—fifteen proven tips to help you motivate yourself. Whether you’re interested in changing career, launching a new project, or just want to start working out at home, we hope this set of advice will make things easier for you.

  • Healthy Body in a Healthy Mind: The Importance of Mental Health (and Self Love)

    Posted at: June 2020

    No matter how you decide to go about it. By improving your nutrition, getting more sleep, meditating, taking a daily supplement, or talking to a therapist. You will find that paying closer attention to what you need, what makes you feel good, and finding ways to love yourself for who you are (and who you can become), is the best way to reach your highest potential in all areas of life.

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