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9 Girl Reasons to Lift Weights

Posted on October 11 2016

should girls lift weights

“I am not incorporating weight lifting into my workout routine because I do not want to look bulky”—does that sound like you or someone you know? Maybe you have tried your hand at a few lifting exercises at the gym. You refrained from going any further because you want to stay toned the feminine way, and not look masculine or muscular in your sexy bandage dress.

This myth has been going around for quite some time now, so let’s debunk it once and for all. Lifting weights is not going to turn any woman into a bodybuilder overnight (or even over a longer period). Bodybuilding is a form of exercise that incorporates a calorie packed diet, supplements, and rigorous training. Lifting weights builds your lean muscles and burns more calories.

There are certain scientific reasons why you do not need to keep yourself away from dumbbells for the fear of getting a masculine figure. The shape of your body or muscles is what you get owing to your genes and gender, and you cannot change this shape with an exercise regime. You keep yourself toned and healthy with the right kind of diet and lifestyle, and avoiding weights makes this decidedly more difficult. Lifting weights helps you achieve a sculpted body and stay in shape by working the right muscles.

Why Every Girl Should Be Strength Training

Here are some of the top reasons why you should go ahead and pick up the barbell (or whichever equipment your trainer recommends).   

Burn fat in a faster and more effectively.

Most of us hit the gym because we want to lose unsightly belly fat or stay within a desired weight range. However, cardio and aerobics are not the only ways to go about it, and these can actually be slower than weight lifting when it comes to blasting fat and protecting your waistline. Studies have found that strength training helps women lose body fat up to 40 percent faster than other workout routines!

This is because when you go for resistance training, your body continues to burn fat even after you are done exercising. Yes, you will be shedding calories even after you leave the gym! So if you are looking to shed some calories the fastest way possible, it is time to hit the weights.

You get to consume more carbs - seriously.

A big advantage of lifting weights is that you get to eat more carbohydrates as compared to other workouts. So if you have been dreading physical exercise just because you cannot give up eating all carbs, there is no excuse anymore! Strength training is rigorous, and you need to eat well to do it.

Adding some healthy balanced carbs means that your body uses those to work towards getting you toned muscles. However, remember not to go hogging on unhealthy food (keep those oily French fries at bay) all day just because you are planning to lift weights. One simply cannot undermine the role of a balanced diet in maintaining a sexy figure.

Build bone health.

There is no denying it—women are prone to bone diseases like osteoporosis since the body stops secreting estrogen as you grow older. But the good news is that you can use weight training to keep your bones strong and healthy. This form of exercising prevents the loss of bone mass in your body and keeps them dense.

In addition, it also helps tackle issues in the joints. So if you thought lifting weights only tones your muscles, you were wrong! Incorporate weights into your workout as early as you can for an increased chance of excellent bone health in later life.

Boost your energy.

Lifting weights while working out releases endorphins in your system, which gives you increased levels of energy the natural way. In fact, a study conducted by the National Institute of Health found that even a low-intensity session of strength training has a positive result on energy balance in the human body. So if you want to fight that always-exhausted feeling, ditch the cup of coffee or an energy drink and take to weights instead—a healthier and more effective choice.

Naturally energy is more sustainable for your body and you are able to avoid dips or falls which often spark a need for a “pick me up” sugar snack.

Keep your heart healthy.

Among the many health benefits of weight training, a significant one is the prevention of heart ailments and diseases. Yes, pumping iron does not just get you an enviable body, but also reduces your risk of developing more than a few heart-related conditions. Several studies conducted in different parts of the world have found that lifting weights is effective in maintaining a healthy heart and battle common problems like increased blood sugar, high blood pressure levels, and big waist circumference.

Maintaining heart health is also a way to fully enjoy cardio, zumba, and other high energy workouts.

Get curves in all the right places.

We all want a shapely, toned figure that shows off womanly curves at all the right places. However, this does not come easy with the regular gym routine. While workouts like cardio certainly help, lifting weights is an excellent way to get those curves and develop assets the way you always wanted. Weight lifting is a solid form of exercise for most celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and Halle Berry.

A lot of women have found that resistance training is effective in getting rid of cellulite and toning specific areas of the body like the glutes and legs. This is because weights focus on muscle development which goes a long way in achieving a well-toned, sculpted look. Pick up those weights and soon you may notice your developed hamstrings giving a lovely shape to your favorite leggings or a well-toned derrière making every skirt and dress look sensuous like never before!

Weightlifting gives you confidence and diva attitude.

Regular exercise helps in maintaining a balanced mind—that’s common knowledge. But lifting weights does much more than that. It not only helps clear your mind, feel naturally energized, and stay motivated, but works as an excellent tool of empowerment too. Since strength training is not the average walking-on-the-treadmill exercise regime, it makes you challenge yourself constantly and you may soon find yourself doing things that you could never imagine doing before.

An intense session of lifting gives you the confidence to achieve things outside the gym too—think moving furniture around or carrying heavy grocery bags, which perhaps you would usually depend on someone else to get done. Such a workout routine makes you stronger both physically and mentally, and the feeling of pride when you handle the barbell with confidence is pretty kewl!

Better beauty rest.

Losing sleep over weight gain and slow fat-burning methods will not keep you looking your best. This is another reason to go for weight training, as it has been found to significantly help people in sleeping better and quicker, and results in waking up less frequently throughout the night.

We all need our beauty sleep, and if lifting weights helps in achieving that along with a host of other health benefits, there is no reason to not try it out. After a good weight lift your body uses sleeps to rebuild your muscles and in turn gives you some peaceful shut eye.

Improved stress management.

All of us know it—stress is an enemy to both our body and mind, and adds to our weight gain issues. Yet, we seem to be able to do little about it. Well, there is nothing much we can do to reduce stress at the workplace or daily life, but lifting weights often comes to the rescue when you are struggling to keep your stress levels to a minimum.

We are not just saying it; researchers have found time and again that women who do regular resistance training are better at managing stress and keeping the mind calm as compared to those who do not exercise.

Since this kind of a workout routine keeps you physically fit and toned and boosts your confidence levels, you are able to deal with stressful scenarios in a calmer manner and prevent those mood flare-ups that we just cannot seem to avoid. That’s not all; studies also found that even moderate weight lifting sessions work on enhancing cognitive function and memory, particularly in older adults.

These are just a few of the reasons why women should let go of common misconceptions regarding resistance training, and just go ahead and pump iron already. You not only stay lean, healthy, and toned physically, but it does you a whole lot of good mentally as well. While it is true that like everything else, strength training also needs to be done in moderation and under the guidance of an experienced trainer, lifting weights is not going to make you lose your slender, feminine figure. Instead, there are a host of benefits to this method of workout, so shake off all those myths and hit the weights—you are sure to feel toned, sexier, empowered, and more kewl, all at the same time!

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