9 Best Facial Yoga Exercises For Glowing Skin

Last updated on : August 13 2023

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9 Best Facial Yoga Exercises for Glowing Skin

Gym and sports activities are a prominent part of the twenty-first-century fitness routine. But, one of the ancient arts of fitness that have still not lost its sheer importance in today's time is yoga. 

A large percentage of the population and eminent personalities in today's spiritual and fitness industry are exploring the benefits of yoga

But, the advent of time and recent studies have come up with exciting advantages of yoga practices that work like magic on facial muscles - the most delicate muscles in the human body which demand extra care. 

There is a range of solutions available in today's time to maintain healthy, tight, and glowing skin. But very few can compete with the positive effects of face yoga. 

Here are the top facial yoga practices performed for ever-glowing skin.

1. Ooze A Smile and Chant the 'Om' Mantra.

As per famous sayings, Om is the sound of the vibration of the universe. 

No wonder it can affect your health to a large extent. 

If you are familiar with spirituality, you must know that chanting 'Om' can help you calm your mental state a certain number of times. Put this at the top because it is one of the most straightforward facial yoga practices you can try.  

So, begin by smiling a little, closing your eyes as you visualize the point right between your brows. This visualization will help you balance the locus. Chanting 'Om' at least five times for seven seconds can help release toxins from your skin and leave a calming and fresh effect on your skin. 

If you like experimenting with natural skincare solutions, you can try out the Sunday Scaries CBD gummies. Because taking a cannabidiol supplement with facial yoga might amplify the skin results, their anti-inflammatory properties can help detox and relax your skin significantly, leaving it glowing and supple.

2. Do Fish Face Yoga

The fish face is an exciting and fun way to get your skin glowing. 

You can do it by sucking your cheeks inside, which is technically known as a model face. But if you suck it too much in, you will eventually feel your typical fish face. 

For a few seconds, hold this pose and make sure you keep your eyes open widely to ensure perfection. 

You can drop the suction down and relax the moment your eyes begin to water. Then repeat for ten seconds each at least three times. 

Fish face yoga helps you tone and firm both the cheeks and lips. 

3. Eye Squinting For Under-Eye Muscles And Dark Circles

Put their arms up

Under-eye and side-eye wrinkles are the most major problem that women and men experience after thirty. These muscles are the hardest to control, and wrinkle-free creams do not guarantee a solution.

So, if you want to keep eye wrinkles and dark, patchy eye bags in check, here is what you need to do. 

Shape your palm into a proper C and place it surrounding your eye. Your index finger must rest above your brow along the upper part of your eye bones. 

Also, make sure that your thumb sits above your nostrils on the side of your nose. Now exert pressure with your fingers downward and hold. 

Once done, press it again, but towards the outer side, which lifts the muscles of your eyes and forehead slightly. Then squint your eyes like the evilest character in your favorite series five times, relax for 8-12 seconds and repeat this three times. 

4. Yawning For Facial Blood Circulation 

Many of you might be surprised to read this, as yawning is mainly associated with tiredness or sleepiness. 

But experts say that it comes with many benefits, such as increasing circulation in blood in the face, which keeps the skin glowing. Besides that, it reduces ear discomfort and supplies more oxygen to the brain. 

Begin by dropping your jaw, just like when you yawn. You will instantly feel a tightening sensation in the area of your cheeks. 

Make sure you do not move your forehead much, and then try to shift your gaze anywhere away from the eye level. Move it as much as possible upwards towards the ceiling, locking your forehead muscles. 

Hold this position for precisely ten seconds keeping your breathing cycle regular. For best results, repeat this practice two times for thirty seconds. 

5. Tongue Curl for Flawless Lip Muscles

She is pushing her back

Loss of collagen is widespread among people above the age of thirty, which causes the lip area muscles to shrink eventually. 

The loss leads to fine lines, dullness, and marks around the upper and lower lip area. The tongue curl yoga will help you make your lip area skin more supple and slowly omit aging marks. 

Start by placing your index fingers on each corner of your mouth. Then pick on a broad smile that exposes the whole row of your front teeth. But ensure that the corners of your mouth are fixed and do not move. 

Now curl up your tongue a little and gradually move it from side to side. Take at least five seconds to do this. 

Make sure you repeat the exercise three times for thirty seconds each to get supple and flawless skin around your lip area. 

6. Yogic Breathing Exercises

Facial yoga is simply incomplete without the breathing exercises in yoga. 

Respiratory practices can create significant changes in the body shape and skin condition. You can consider breathing as one of the critical functionalities of the human body. If practiced with the proper techniques, it can bestow you with many beneficial aspects. 

Deep breathing with alternate nostrils can help relax, detox, and enhance the complexion of the skin. Press one nostril with your thumb and inhale from the other one. Repeat the same on the opposite side, and you can do this at least ten times a day for the best results. 

Stress and anxiety can interrupt the body's usual breathing pattern, adversely impacting the skin and your overall look. For restoring balance, breathing patterns must include alternate nostril breathing and abdominal breathing. 

7. Fifty Flying Kisses Every Day

This exercise will sound quite attractive to many, and it works when it comes to toning and brightening your facial skin muscles. 

Practicing a certain number of flying kisses (otherwise known as blowing a kiss) can help in boosting the levels of collagen in the facial muscles. 

You will get many options for collagen supplements in the market. You have to spend deftly on these supplements. But a flying kiss is one of the most natural and powerful ways to produce collagen in your skin. 

Collagen is undoubtedly known for tightening skin, but little do people know that flying kisses can also make your skin look flawless and unblemished. 

Make sure you do not frown when you do the exercise, as that can create wrinkles on your skin. 

Flying kisses don't involve much technique. Just blow a kiss as you might typically do. But you need to make sure that you reach a level of perfection while practicing the flying kisses, so put some energy into it. 

 8. The Giraffe Pose

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The giraffe pose is a less popular facial exercise than the above ones but highly effective. You can call it not only a workout for the face but also your jaw and neck muscles. 

If you have sagging skin with pigmentation and other skin problems around your face and neck, this can turn out to be an excellent exercise for you. 

As the name suggests, in this workout, you lift your entire face upward.

The chin is the area that undergoes most of the workout, which helps in reducing the jowls. While doing this, keep your chest broad and straight and shoulders static. 

You can perform the exercise by sitting tall on a firm surface and slowly lifting your chin towards the ceiling. 

Once you are done, stick out your tongue, but this time, don't move it sideward like the tongue curl exercise above. Keep it straight up and firm and stay like this for 5 to 10 seconds. 

You can perform this simple exercise to get youthful skin too. But do not think that it is not practical, just because it is easy. 

If you practice this constantly, you can see results in less time. 

9. Eyebrow Rising For Smooth Forehead Muscles 

Forehead creases can be annoying and an obstacle to your beauty regime. Wrinkles on the forehead are often called frown lines which nobody wants. 

Mostly these creases are horizontal, and you want them to be smooth and plain. This yoga practice, along with an anti-wrinkle cream, can do you a lot of favor in making these lines disappear. 

Start by placing the tips of your fingers above your brows and at the center-right above your pineal gland. 

Hold this position and try raising your brows as high as possible and hold for six seconds. 

Repeat five to ten times. 

Final Thoughts

Studies say that yoga is a blessing for your physical health and a mental health booster. And many people, irrespective of gender and age, are putting their faith in yoga. 

Facial yoga practices will not take up much time. You can perform them efficiently and quickly when doing your usual yoga practices, taking a walk, or just watching television. 

Try them out from today and see the result yourself. But make sure not to overdo things as this may harm your skin instead of doing any good. 

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