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8 Dress Styles To Tease Your Love

Last updated on : August 07 2016

dresses that tease

In a world that bombards us with sexual images and relationship fantasies it takes dedication, passion, and fortitude to keep your relationship strong. At The Kewl Shop we are dedicated to helping you keep the sexy in your relationship with taste, dignity, and class.

Check out our article from leading relationship experts for tips on how to unplug from your devices to keep your love alive.

Foreplay and teasing is the best way to flirt and connect with your love throughout the day. Teasing is defined as an act of deliberately annoying or confusing other people, done with the intention of having fun.

Make no mistake, teasing is never about manipulation or game-playing when it comes to love. It is mainly about being unpredictable and playful when trying to attract attention to yourself shamelessly. Inserting a little teasing into your relationship is akin to injecting a bit of fun and humor in your love life. After all, what good is a boring love? Humor and playfulness is necessary to keep the spark alive in any relationship.

One of the best ways to tease your love is to dress in a way that draws their attention. Dressing up is always fun, and when you are dressing to tease, it is a chance to step out of your comfort zone and put on an outfit that your normally steer clear of.

Not sure where to get started? Here is a list of 8 dresses to get you started and give you some inspiration.  

Deep Plunge

When you want to grab the attention of your love wear a deep plunge dress. A deep plunge dress is any dress that has a neckline that is very low, so as to accentuate your girls. If you are worried about this type of dress being perceived as “too much”, there are various ways of incorporating this kind of dress in your wardrobe without going all out such as choosing V necklines. No matter what body type you have, there is a variation of a deep plunge dress that works for you.

Whether you wear a deep plunge maxi dress with front buttons or a deep V-neck bodysuit, both of these dresses have their own sexual appeal. One thing to keep in mind when you are thinking of wearing a deep plunge dress to tease is that a double-sided tape is your best friend as well as advanced under garments.

Here is a post about the best undergarments for this dress style as well.


Another sensational dress for teasing your love is a high-quality, well-made bandage dress.  Made from the same material that is used in shapewear or foundation garments, the fabric of bandage dresses consists of rayon, spandex, and nylon. The fabric is designed to be figure hugging and flattering. It shapes your body and supports your feminine proportions so you are able to get sexy without worrying about bloating or other problem areas. Quality bandage dresses fit like a second skin so when you and your love touch - you both feel the connection.

Bandage dresses are the perfect dress for teasing because they accentuate your entire figure. They come in various styles and lengths to satisfy any fashion palate. Prefer something that traces rather than hugs your curves?

Read this article on bandage vs. bodycon dress styles for more insight


Lace is feminine, transparent, and the ultimate form of teasing with your clothes on. Lace enhances the appeal of any dress. Whether it is a black dress with a lace overlay, or a dress with a lace fringe, it is bound to attract the attention of your love. Tease your love by flaunting your best assets, for example, if you have long legs, wear a short jumpsuit with lace sleeves or lace detail and trim. No matter what body shape you are, there is a lace dress out there that is perfect for you.

Lace often brings to mind lingerie and seduction. When you put on a dress that features lace detailing or overlays you awaken the senses of your lover and keep your efforts of seduction at the forefront of their minds all night long.


When you want to look chic, appear slimmer, or enhance your curves while you are trying to tease your love, pencil dresses are perfect. The best thing about pencil dresses is that no matter what body type you have, you are able to pull of the look. Pencil dresses are designed to give you shape by accentuating your waist. For example, if you have full hips and thighs, wear a pencil dress that slightly tapers to simply provide more shape and support.

The high waisted design of pencil dresses also give your body the illusion of appearing more proportional. The longer hemline keeps you covered while the style of the dress is revealing and sexy. These dresses are ideal for teasing your love at more upscale events such as galas and black-tie weddings. The dress is constructed to show off your shape which gives your love glimpses of what to expect when you get back home.  

Little Black Dress

Apart from being one of the must-have dresses in every woman’s wardrobe, the little black dress is timeless, versatile, and iconic. Symbolizing effortless elegance, a little black dress is perfect for teasing your love. No matter what your body type or your taste in dresses, there is a little black dress that is perfect for you.

Dress your little black dress up or down, depending upon the occasion. Black is a neutral color that gives a slimming look naturally. What’s more, because of its versatility, it pairs well with any other color and accessories. Black is simple and straightforward. Add bold red lips, sky high stilettos and a sexy up-do to your dress for the ultimate sexual invitation to your love.


A sweetheart dress is known for the soft dip in the neckline that defines the top of your bustline. Your options are endless when it comes to this neckline. Opt for a skin tight bandage dress or a flared skater dress with a sweetheart neckline or settle for something in between. When you are looking for a neckline that is both bold yet demure and naughty yet nice, your search ends with a sweetheart dress.

This dress is designed in a way to give shape and structure to your bust line, therefore, you are sure to fall in love with how this neckline shapes your bosom. This is a perfect dress for teasing because it shows off enough but still leaves plenty to the imagination.

Little White Dress

It may sound like an idea from the Middle Ages, but white dresses do have a certain virginal quality to them, which is why this color if often used for wedding dresses. While a little black dress is an essential piece in your closet - a little white dress is a new classic for your spring and summer wardrobe. 

Just like its cousin, a little white dress is very versatile and pairs well with anything. Do not shy away from white dresses—when you find one that is the perfect match for your tastes and body type, pick it up. The color white signifies purity and innocence, so use it to your advantage when you are teasing your love. There is just something about a woman comfortable in her skin, flaunting a white bandage dress or a white deep plunge dress, with pure mischief in her eyes that keeps sparks blazing.


A bodycon dress or a body conscious dress is defined as a figure-hugging one-piece garment that clings to your body, right from your bust to your thighs. Sounds similar to the bandage dress, doesn’t it? However, the difference between the two lies in the fit and the fabric of the dresses. While the bandage dress controls your figure and enhances your curves, a bodycon dress is designed in a way that only traces your silhouette.

Bodycon dresses are typically made from a fabric featuring polyester and Lycra, which gives them the elasticity to hug your figure. When you are extremely comfortable with your body, wear a bodycon dresses to tease your love by flaunting your natural shape. Bodycon dresses simply scream, ‘You got it, you flaunt it’. They are visually stimulating because the fabric often simply traces your curves and look very appealing as you move on the dance, walk, etc.

These are just 8 styles of dresses that are easy to wear and are sure to drive your love crazy. The key, however, is to be unpredictable so as to catch their attention. Find a dress that fits you well, brings out your best features, gives you confidence, and is very comfortable so you are relaxed as you explore and tease your loves sexual appetite.

After all, you need to be at home in what you are wearing if you want to engage in a little playful teasing. Irrespective of what body type you have, there is an ideal dress out there that is designed just for you. All that is needed on your part is a little effort to try on a few dresses and find the perfect one. Once you are armed with the perfect dress, put on a little perfume, slip on your favorite pair of heels, and give you lips a kissable shine. Then simply let the dress do all the teasing.

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