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A Comprehensive Guide To Sultry Eyelashes

Last updated on : March 05 2016

sultry eyelashes

Every aspect of our style is touched by our ability to put on the best makeup, pull together a style that rocks, and put on confidence like a new baseball cap.

A very intricate part of our style is our face and its lovely features. From our eyes to our lips we aim to present a face that is exquisite in detail and ultra feminine. In honor of International Women’s Day  (March 8th) we are celebrating feminine beauty all month long. This guide covers everything you need to know about presenting doll-like lashes.

Your eyes are known to be the window to your soul. For most women, our eyes are the most expressive assets we have. Ensuring that your eyes are free of unsightly dark circles and applying the right makeup to present them center stage unashamedly is the number one priority of every woman. Irrespective of the shape, size, and color of your eyes, there is an enigmatic quality that only long and full eyelashes lend to you.

Making your eyes attractive is not just about adding dollops of eyeliner or shadow. Your eyelashes play an important role in ensuring that you nail that sultry look you see on the Kardashian clan and other socialites. While a single sweep of mascara changes the look of your eyelashes at the very first attempt, we each suffer when the result is spidery, clumpy lashes now and again. If you love long, thick, and sensuous eyelashes, here is a comprehensive guide on how to achieve sultry eyelashes you crave.

Curl your eyelashes for a sexy lift

Working with your lashes is a big deal. Do not just bank on your mascara to get your eyelashes in perfect date night glory. An eyelash curler is a simple, no-nonsense device that actually goes a long way in ensuring that your lashes are perfectly lifted. Place an eyelash curler at the base of your upper lashes and just squeeze and hold for at least 20 seconds. Work your way to the end of your lashes as you pump a few times. There is a reason why women all over the world swear by an eyelash curler – the effects speak for themselves. A few seconds with a curler leaves you with fuller lashes, every single time.

Primer is not just for your face

Sometimes the best results begin by tackling the very beginning of our process - hence the need for an eyelash primer. Before you reach for your mascara or any powder, treat your lashes to some clear mascara primer. If super thick and sultry lashes are your goal, this is a step you should never miss.

Press the eyelash primer into the base of your lashes and pull away gently. Eyelash primer was created to thicken the base of your lashes and give your lashes more volume and effect. Adding an eyelash primer to your makeup routine is particularly important if you have thin or weak lashes. Many women steer clear of mascara because they find that their lashes break during makeup removal, however, a primer helps to prevent such breakage. Think of a primer as though it is a conditioner for your lashes. 

In addition to adding volume and restructuring your lashes, a primer is also designed to help your lashes take on mascara properly. When mascara is applied with a primer it adheres and closely bonds with your individual lashes to prevent clumping.

Tightlining is an eye makeup must

When you want to give your lashes the illusion of being more voluminous and your eyes the appearance of being a mysterious pool of desire consider various tightlining techniques. Stylist and cosmetologist everywhere encourage tightlining to give your eyes lift, pop, and definition.

Dana Oliver, executive fashion and beauty editor at The Huffington Post, explains, “made famous by industry luminaries Kevyn Aucoin and Laura Mercier, tightlining is the technique of drawing eyeliner inside the lash line, on the waterline. It provides an imperceptible definition and structure to the face by filling in any gaps in the lash line and creates contrast with the irises, according to celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein.”

Tightlining involves filling in the spaces between your lashes in the upper water line with an eyeliner. While this technique may sound complicated, it really is not. Just lift your upper eyelid with a finger, and trace the waterline with a black eye pencil. Jiggle the liner to reach those elusive spots, so as to completely fill in the space between the lashes. This gives your eyes plenty of definition and depth you often have admired on other women.

Use your mascara properly

So you know that mascara is the way to getting sultry eyelashes but do you know exactly how to go about applying this miracle-maker? One of the first cardinal sins to avoid when applying mascara is to take too much of the product. Excess mascara needs to be wiped off the wand if you want eyelashes that do not look clumped up and unsightly. Blot the mascara wand gently on a piece of dry tissue to shake off that excess product or use the rim of the tube to remove excess.

If you have left the mascara brush untampered, you may find it difficult to reach the small inner lashes, as well as the thin lower ones. A mascara trick worth recommending is to bend the wand so that it is perpendicular to the handle. This gives you better control and reach when applying the mascara.

Do not pump the wand into the tube again and again. This causes air bubbles to get pushed into the tube, and thereby, causes the formula to dry very quickly. It is a better idea to move the brush in circles while it is still inside the tube so as to get all the mascara you need on the brush without pumping.

It is a commonly accepted practice to sweep the brush across your lashes, either horizontally and vertically. However, this technique leaves much to be desired. While applying mascara, start at the base of your upper lashes and begin wiggling the brush in a left to right motion. Keep zig-zagging the brush all the way to the top of your lashes. This ensures that all the parts of your lashes are evenly covered. Use whatever products you have on the wand for the whole of your upper lashes. The wiggle technique means you do not have to go back for more mascara.

Powder between layers of mascara

You may have heard that applying multiple coats of mascara is a good idea. It is, but only if you do it right as too much mascara brings about clumps. If you let the first coat dry before applying the next layer, you likely end up with spidery lashes.

Apply the second coat while the first one is still wet. This ensures that your lashes look plush, long, full, and clean. Also consider dusting some baby powder over your lashes before applying the mascara, and between the coats to plump your lashes even more.

Comb your lashes

We always run a brush through our hair before we style it and we should aim to do the same with our lashes. 

An important step to getting sultry and flirty lashes is using an eyelash comb. Keep one handy in your makeup kit. The trick is to comb out your eyelashes before you apply mascara. This separates your lashes to avoid clumping when you do apply the primer or mascara. After you have applied dual coats of mascara, run the comb through your eyelashes once more.

While it is true that combing after applying mascara may take some of the product off, the result is more defined and voluminous lashes.  

Add an extra dimension with “minking”

Minking is a mascara technique that involves using two different colors of mascara - one after the other. 

Use one color as the base and mink it with the other color. This adds depth and dimension to your eyelashes and gives you a dreamy look that keeps everyone guessing whenever you blink. 

Another trick to nailing the lash game is to use a mascara that is designed to add volume to your lashes along with one that lengthens them.

Tips to condition your lashes.

We take particular care of the hair on your head by making sure we shampoo, condition, and deep condition regularly. Your eyelashes should get the same treatment as they may be dry and damaged. Giving your eyelashes the same kind of TLC goes a long way in getting naturally fuller and healthier lashes.

  • Olive oil is a perfect natural remedy that boosts the growth of your lashes, while making them stronger. Gently apply a little bit of olive oil to your lashes before you go to sleep as a beauty treatment for your lashes. Applying a mixture of olive oil and castor oil is also a growth booster.
  • Pure petroleum jelly or vaseline works just as well to make your lashes thicker and stronger.
  • Your diet plays a role in the health of your lashes. Follow a balanced diet, and add a few lash-loving foods such as apples, guavas, eggs, fish, and leafy green vegetables.

how to get sultry eyelashes

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