How to Find Your Style Using Your Zodiac Sign (Part 2)

How to Find Your Style Using Your Zodiac Sign (Part 2)

Posted on February 22 2016

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Zodiac signs provide an interesting flair in life that is entertaining and exciting to explore. Many believe that your birthday offers clues and insights into who you are as well as how you love, live, play, and work. What does your birthday say about your style? According to several psychics and fortune tellers your astrological zodiac sign is universally able to predict what characteristics you are likely to exhibit throughout your life and offer insights into what you wear, what you believe, and your life's goals.

Whether you were born in January or December is not a big deal when it comes to everyday living but your actual birthday affects your more intimate details and life’s preferences including relationships, sex, and fashion sense. In this article we cover what it means to be who you are (according to the sun) and possibly what that means for your style (according to us). In How to Find Your Style Using Your Zodiac Sign (Part 1) we explored Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo women. In Part 2 we look at Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces women.


September 23 - October 22

Libra women are honest and seek justice like a flower seeks the sun. She is balanced in most areas of her life. She pursues truth, oozes peace, and cultivates harmony. For her truth is the only way and beauty is found in all things if one just takes a closer look. She is represented by the scales because balance is air to her life and fairness is the blood that runs through her veins. She’s an excellent communicator and flows well with a variety of crowds. She is loyal and tends to be all-seeing and all-knowing without arrogance.

She’s the girl that is always patient with you as you explain your position. She’s the girl that challenges you to protect your differing values but welcomes you to share them with charm and finesse. She believes in reason and common sense and has an appreciation for natural beauty beyond just what we see. Very rarely does a Libra woman succumb to loud and argumentative disputes but rather she settles for quiet remarks, understanding, and common ground. Kim Kardashian West, Lilly Singh, and Gwen Stefani are Libra women. 

I’m Libra. What is my style?

celebrities who are libra

Your natural ability to balance and harmonize is often displayed in your choice of attire. You embrace crazy patterns, have no reservations in pairing plaid with stripes, and you live to mix textures and fabrics. You are always well put together because beauty is at your core. The clothing you choose is reliably bold, demanding, and requires more than sexy curves to pull off. Your closet is full of questionable yet trendy items and you wear them just as easily as jeans and a crop top.

Our Sexy Blue Hip Dress is everything to you but our Elegant Striped Bandage Dress is your staple because it mixes matte and shiny fabrics. The Printing Black Rayon Bandage Dress is a dress style you tend to stand behind because of its texture, neckline, and snug fit.

What an expert has to say about Libra style... 

"You favor good taste, moderation and symmetrical designs. You are well-groomed and immaculately turned out, with an eye to fashion and a hairstyle to match that may or may not feature, a center parting. Your jewelry is discreet and your lingerie is luxurious..."

Paul Wade, Astrologer, Astrology Wizard 

To sum your style up in three words we’d pick: crazy, amazing, and impressive.

stunning bandage dresses


October 23 - November 21

Sexy, independent, and purposeful are blood to a Scorpio woman’s veins. She’s the most lovely woman in the room hands down. She’s exotic, magnetic, and filled with defiance in all the ways that matter. She is bright, intelligent, sharp, and sees most things vividly. She is expertly intuitive and embraces life and all its components. Her ability to navigate tough situations and stick to facts without tiptoeing into being a know-it-all is what makes her one of the most rock steady and assured women you likely know.

She’s the attorney that is protecting the innocent. She is the co-worker that is always helping the rest of you understand new procedures. She is stubborn when it matters, self confident without a hitch, and prefers verifiable facts rather than assumed opinions. She’s not easily shaken, is most likely to succeed in your graduating class, and often very private when it comes to sharing her secrets. Scorpio women in our midsts include Katy Perry, Ciara, and Gabrielle Union.

I’m Scorpio. What is my style?

celebrities who are scorpio

You are showing skin - no matter what. You live for the deep plunge necklines and low back dresses. The more slits and splits the better. Although your style is bit more sexy and edgier than most you tend to always pull it off without looking like a hussy or “loose woman”. Your closet is full of snug fitting jeans, lovely revealing yet flattering clothing, and your hair is often pulled away from your face because you have nothing to hide. You tend to stick with basic colors and are not particularly fond of too much color and texture mixing.

One of your preferred styles is our Black Mesh Off Shoulder Bandage Dress because it gives you cover without the cover. You are also fond of our Daring Straps Bandage Dress and our Maggie Q Sideless Bandage Dress.  

To sum your style up in three words we’d pick: sexy, confident, and unique.


bandage dress styles


November 22 - December 21

Sagittarius women provide a breezy and warm mood to every situation. She’s more likely to explore a question than actually answer it. She is profoundly well versed and is often considered the queen of conversation and philosophy. She’s fascinating, open minded, and is never afraid to seek truth even if it's controversial, unsafe, or not pleasant. She’s the go getter and finds answers anywhere and at a moment’s notice. She’s intellectually stimulating, lovely, and unusually refined.

Her ability to find answers in the least likely places give her a candid exterior that is attractive and alluring. She is flexible, rarely sticks to a schedule, and finds gypsies to be inspirational. She sets her own path, makes her own way, and takes great pleasure in pursuing them in her own time. She’s the flirty soccer mom that is also happily married. She’s the assistant that is always one step ahead. She’s the woman at the party that floats between conversations and groups like a well choreographed dance. Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Taylor Swift are Sagittarius women.

I’m Sagittarius. What is my style?

celebrities who are sagittarius

You prefer an understated boldness that tends to walk a fine line between trendy and traditional. You are often seen in a chic ponytail that tames your tresses into sweet submission with twists, braids, and pin-up enthusiasm. You favor sweetheart necklines, softer colors, and bold lips. You’ve likely worn short hair for a period of time and enjoy awkward styles that are flirty, fun, and endearing. You live for light and breezy fabrics and prefer chiffon to taffeta and silk to satin.

Our Silver Spaghetti Strap Bandage Dress gives you wings with it texture and shine. Our Front Zip Long Sleeve Bandage Dress and our Black Classic Bandage Dress are your staples.

What an expert has to say about Sagittarius style...

"The Sagittarius fashion sense is a charming and energizing combination of casual creativity and comfort. As one of the Fire signs, Sagittarians are not new to blazing out a new trend, or applying their individualistic sparks of fashion sense to standard ensembles. Shades of purple (e.g., lavender, indigo, violet, byzantium) best suit the style of Sagittarius, as these colors call to mind the harmony between red's passionate fierceness and blue's stable independence, a blend that describes Sagittarians well."

Tana Hoy, The World's Foremost Psychic 

To sum your style up in three words we’d pick: feminine, trendy, and vibrant.

shiny bandage dresses 


December 22 - January 19

A Capricorn woman is the biggest and strongest personality in the room. She’s determined, sensible, and a bit stubborn. She’s a feminine yet tough powerhouse and certainly a force to be reckoned with. Her ambition is unshakable, her compass is squarely set, and her path is sure footed. She’s not easily provoked, keeps her cool, and leans on a softer touch to resolve issues. Although she’s impressively tough she is also kind, handles disappointment with grace, and remains calm in the midsts of a storm.

She’s the executive at the head of the table. She’s the leader of your women’s group and the lady police officer your boyfriend has the hots for. She’s considered a touch traditional and avoids meaningless flirtations. She’s the head nurse at the hospital and the cousin that just made partner. Zooey Deschanel, Diane Keaton, and Dolly Parton are Capricorn women.

I’m Capricorn. What is my style?

celebrities who are capricorn

You are simple and to the point. Your power always merges effortlessly with your femininity and lovely curves. You always opt for style that says everything with the least amount of effort. Your closet is full of simple closet staples and a healthy selection of statement necklaces, bracelets, and rings. You prefer elegance over glam and find that clean lines and small details warm your heart. You are often found in blazers, blouses, or cardigans but never shy away for a V or scoop neckline.

Our Black Long Sleeve Bandage Dress is your everything. Our Blue Midi Simple One Color Bandage Dress and our Ombre Red Bandage Dress are your favorites to pair with blazers and sleek stilettos.

To sum your style up in three words we’d pick: audacious, heroic, and feminine.

bandage dress styles


January 20 - February 18

Aquarius women are like the clouds in the sky: beautiful, unpredictable, and spectacular to watch. She never molds into a stereotype, exceeds expectations, and is difficult to pin down or put in a box. She’s insightful and easily manipulates anyone to her will. She’s clever, resists conforming to any ideas, and is committed to be her original self. Her core is her strength and rarely changes.

She’s independent, lovely, and thought provoking. Aquarius women always have a vision and the means to pursue it. Her efforts are grand and elaborate. She shines brilliantly and sizzles with intelligent that is both attractive and fearless. She’s a tad quirky, resists being told what to do, and prefers to make her own choices. She’s a gentle soul when need be, demanding when required, and tends to know which is needed at the right time. Famous Aquarius women include Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, and Kerry Washington.

I’m Aquarius. What is my style?

celebrities who are aquarius

You are simply lovely. Everything about your closet is sweet, sincere, and feminine. You aren’t afraid of free flowing tresses, have several go-to lipsticks, and prefer chic style with laces of sex appeal. You are always wearing something that screams class, sophistication, and femininity. You have a healthy selection of feminine power suits and an entourage of shoes that feature delicate beads and cozy patterns. You live for the softer parts of fashion, accept the bolder aspects, and aren’t afraid to explore a lovely mixture of the two. 

You simply adore our Figure Hugging Pencil Dress and find our Love Me Choker Midi Bandage Dress to be a sensible wardrobe staple. You likely have our White Midi Bandage Dress Open in all of our colors because this style pairs great with your shoes.

To sum your style up in three words we’d pick: fluid, chic, and sophisticated. 

bandage dresses made from rayon


February 19 - March 20

Letting one’s imagination run wild is what lies at the heart of Pisces women. She’s free flowing, gets lost in her thoughts, and prefers to react rather than invoke. She’s a mermaid in a sea of wonder, always up for exploring her environment, and caters to a tender and gentle heart. She’s a mystery, a sober hearted romantic, and has a crisp and sharp mind that is often a shock to those she meets. She’s a delicate sponge that observes everyone and everything in her path. She’s not easily provoked, is naturally spiritual, and rests confidently in her own dreams and thoughts.

A Pisces woman is a born motivator and uses her unique ability to perceive what others need to gain their trust and loyalty. She’s strong without a need to burn and gentle yet commands respect. She’s the artists that sketches intricate fashion designs, the dance teacher that knows how to teach you the steps, and the mother that bakes a special cake for your imaginary friend. She’s always soft, everlastingly warm, and embodies what it means to be a woman. Elizabeth Taylor, Carrie Underwood, and Drew Barrymore are Pisces women.

I’m Pisces. What is my style?

celebrities who are pisces

You tend to take the more sensible paths of fashion. Your hair is always brushed, your lips always painted, and your clothes always tailored. You prefer classic jewelry that stands the test of time and beauty that is well versed and appreciated in a variety of cultures. You explore trends but prefer to honor the classics. Your closet is full of denim, summer dresses, and breezy blouses.

Our Serenity White Lace Dress, Alluring Bandage Dress, and Criss Cross Midi Bandage Dress are your closet staples.

What an expert has to say about Pisces style...

"Pisceans prefer colors of the sea with soft, flowing fabrics such as chiffon and silk. Ethnic patterns used creatively are favorites as are shawls, ponchos, robes, and kaftans."

Jude Cowell, Neptune's Silver Screen

To sum your style up in three words we’d pick: feminine, timeless, and soft.

feminine bandage dresses


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