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Tegan and Lindsay's Treasures and Travels

Posted on February 14 2016

Lifestyle blogs are becoming our ultimate obsession at The Kewl Shop. We love fashion and style bloggers but find great inspiration when we explore blogs that offer insights into creative and quirky DIY projects, recipes, beauty, and hair.


That’s why when we stumbled upon Treasures and Travels we just had to ask sisters Tegan and Lindsay to sit down with us for a chat. The blog is a lovely inspiration to us all. Through artistic photographs and casual and inspiring posts the blog features everything ladylike and charming.


Tegan is the oldest and resides with her husband and daughter in Vancouver. She and her husband share a passion for music and record sometimes. How romantic! Lindsay is a free spirit people person that sparkles and shines. She enjoys writing and playing music and considers Seattle her second home. Who doesn’t?


Together these sisters entertain and inspire us to create the unexpected without busting the bank. Their creations dabble in just about everything from hairstyles to recipes and we loved them all. Tegan and Lindsay were a joy to interview. Here’s what they had to say.


Treasure and Travels is such a quaint and lovely lifestyle blog. How did you get started?

Tegan and I have been blogging for about 5 years now, and just started working full time when we got our studio in the heart of Gastown! We actually started our business making and selling feather earrings through a Facebook page, and from there it grew and transitioned into a blog, which turned into a full time business. We love being able to share DIY's, recipes, fashion, and we enjoy collaborating with different local businesses!


Are there other fashion bloggers you love and follow that inspire you?

We are constantly inspired by Design Love Fest, Denise Bovee, Taza, Bleubird, and our friends at Local Wanderer.


Collective inspiration is often the best. What has been the one thing on your blog that’s made you super proud?

We really enjoyed working with Free people  on a Glamping Trip on the West Coast a couple years ago. We have also really enjoyed working with many incredible and talented small businesses in our Treasures Shop project! We decided to collaborate with all of these companies in creating and designing exclusive products with them that we would sell in our online shop. We went and featured each company and documented the process of them making each product, we went all over from Seattle to Nelson BC to capture these small businesses / friends of ours. It was such a great opportunity for collaborating, and we had such a blast.

Excellent! It seems to have provided you both with the opportunity to give back as well. So who are some other people you’ve met while working on your blog?

It is honestly one of our favourite parts about blogging. A lot of the time we are in our studio, or behind our computer screens, but we are grateful that our connections are genuine and real. We do a lot of in-city collaborations and whenever we do, we meet up with the beauties behind the businesses and find ways to work together. From people with successful small businesses, to brand new startups and even friends looking to launch a business, we love meeting and collaborating in whatever way! Connecting with others is what creates the most magic with our blog.


Tell us more about your blog. How do you pick which beauty care ritual makes your list?

Anything that is natural! We are all about taking good care of your skin and being aware of what you put on your body. It is so important, so it is always a must! We have loved Pink House Organics, and Face of Dignity - Both amazing companies promoting a healthy self image as well as natural products that are good for you!


Blogging is a challenge. Aside from picking which beauty rituals make the list you have to do so much more! What do you wish you knew when you first started your blog?

Consistency is key. It is important to know how much work, and how many posts you can produce in a week and stick to it. Also to make sure you are able to produce quality content that you are proud of - If it becomes too overwhelming, don't be afraid to cut back on a day of posting! Less is more when it comes to having higher quality posts :).


Agreed. What advice would you give to up and coming bloggers?

Don't be afraid to do a lot of posts for free at the start. It is hard to find the balance between promoting free things, and getting paid. It is important to build connections with brands and building trust with them by showing how well you can promote their products while being genuine to your readers and your blog.


It is definitely possible to have a blog and work full time. We just started doing this, but it has taken us 5 years of building a brand and building connections that have provided a foundation for our business. These days I think you can definitely do it a lot faster and in more strategic ways than we did, but I think balancing other jobs and trying to blog at the same time is the biggest struggle most people starting a blog face. Working hard, finding your unique voice, and producing quality content to a group of people that trust you is the key for building your blog.

We have a strict timeline of posting 5 days a week. Although, we do allow ourselves to be flexible with that based on the quality of content we are able to produce in the amount of time we have to work that week. Scheduling a month ahead, and planning new things every season, and finding new people to collaborate with is what keeps us going! We love new flavour and not sticking to the same old things. Collaborating keeps things fresh and fun.


tegan and lindsays bloh


Love it! I couldn’t agree more. We love all the influencers and relationship experts that collab with us and we’ve learned a lot. So tell me what do you do outside of your blog?

Tegan and I are sisters, so we actually do a lot of our work and real life together! It is fun and makes it really easy to naturally incorporate our real life into our lifestyle blog. Tegan has a 7 month old daughter named Hazel and she comes with us to the studio every day. Outside of work, I (Lindsay) love to play music and do lots of travelling back and forth to visit friends in Seattle, Portland and random road trips here and there. Tegan loves spending time with her husband Dan, hosting documentary nights at her apartment and cafe hopping!


Treasures (family) and Travel (Seattle and road trips). The name suits and fits perfectly. I noticed that each of you have wonderful chic style. What inspires it?

Lindsay: I would say that I struggle with colour, haha. I love black, and tend to feel more comfortable dressed a bit more grungy. At the same time I love throwing on some shiny shoes and dark lips, and my closet is filled with grandpa sweaters. The pieces I can’t live without: shiny shoes and cozy socks.

Tegan: I love anything stripes, one pieces, overalls, and turtlenecks. The pieces I can’t live without: onesies and stripes.


Nice. Trendy yet relaxed. That always works and is very versatile. What are some of your favorite places to travel together?

We looooove California. Any excuse to get into the HEAT we are 100 percent always ready for it. We also love just hitting the road and seeing where we end up. We really enjoyed our trip to the Oregon Coast last Spring!!


How do our readers stay in touch with you and is there anything we should keep an eye out for?

You can follow along on our blog Treasures & Travels, as well as our Instagram, pinterest, and our Youtube Channel - We love to do Let's Talk videos to update our readers on what’s going on in our lives.

We are so excited to be hitting the road quite a bit!! We are working with Glamping Hub, and have lots of fun adventures up ahead.

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