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How Much Make-Up is Too Much?

Posted on March 30 2013

too much make up

Leaving the house without make-up is a big no-no (see last para of this article now). Even if it’s only a little eyeliner and some lip-gloss, it shows that you care about your appearance and take pride in your beauty. But, how do you know when you’ve crossed the line between the perfect and the horrible make-up?

Too much make-up is definitely a more tragic sin than no make-up at all. There’s never an excuse for leaving the house caked in cosmetics like you’re headed for the circus instead of a party. Here are a few ways to identify when your make-up is just too much.

Pick One Feature to Highlight:

Before you put on your make-up, choose one feature on your face that you want to draw attention to. You don’t want to be caught with bright red lips, smoky eyes and pink blush! If you decide to go heavy on the eyes with liner and mascara, stick to a neutral or subtle lip shade. If you want to draw attention to your lips with loud shades of reds and pinks, keep the eye make-up to a minimum. Slathering your face with an excess of cosmetics is never a good look for anybody.

Your Face and Your Neck Should Match:

A lot of women make the mistake of putting their foundation on up till the jaw line and stopping there. Doing this makes it look like you’re wearing a mask of make-up, and no one wants that. Make sure you apply your foundation along your neck so that it matches your face. When picking the right foundation color, don’t get one that’s darker than your skin to fake a tan, match the foundation to your neck instead of your face and use bronzer to give your skin a warm, tan glow.

Leaving Stain Marks is a Bad Sign:

Do you dread wiping your face with a tissue when you’re out with friends? Are you scared of smudging your make-up? If there’s more make-up on your friend’s clothes than on your face, after you hug her, that’s a sure sign that you are wearing too much make-up. No one likes a cakey made-up face, especially one that swipes off onto everything that touches it. Find make-up that goes on light and has staying power; it’s worth investing in cosmetics that do not pile on. You don’t want to get a reputation as that girl with the fake orange tan that stains everything, do you?

Less is Always More:

When you’re in doubt about how to put on the perfect make-up, go for a minimal look. Don’t try to hide your face under layers and layers of concealer, blush, and eye shadow. Make-up is meant to enhance the features you have, not turn your face into someone else’s! Minimal make-up looks good on everyone and can be worn all day, and is perfect with almost any outfit.

Check Your Face in Natural Light:

A lot of people forget this important rule. Sure, your face looks stunning in the lighting of your bathroom mirror, but you’re not meeting people in there! Once you’ve done yourself up, check your face in a mirror where natural light can show you how you’ll look to other people. Sometimes, the bright eye shadow, which seemed fabulous in the bathroom, just looks silly in sunlight.

Find What Works for You: 

Another big mistake girls make, is trying to emulate our favorite stars without thinking about what suits us (check out this amazing video).

Sure, a bright red lip and cat eye works for Taylor Swift, but does it really do it for you? Finding out what make-up suits your bone structure, skin tone and skin type can go a long way in keeping you looking pretty every day. It doesn’t always work to buy the same make-up your friends do either. Every woman is uniquely beautiful, and finding out just the right way to highlight your best features is one of the most rewarding things you’ll do in your life. Once you find a look that works, don’t forget it! Experimentation is great, but at least you’ll always have a look to fall back on.

There is a fine line between the perfect make-up and total disaster, and it’s hard to know when we’ve taken it too far. What’s the best thing to do when in doubt? Ask your best friend. You’ll get an honest opinion and know what mistakes not to make again. After all, we girls have got to have each other’s backs, don’t we?

Make up is a standard fashion subject, but there are two sides to every story. And while I love my make-up I never want to be a slave to it and I also don't want any of you to do the same. Keep it light and easy on these things and don't let it become an obsession or a confidence issue ok! 

And here's the rest of that look, notice how much heavier the make up looks against the flowers. Had I known :)

how much make up too much

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